Native American Life on the Plains in the 1800s

Native American Life on the Plains in the 1800s - WebQuest

Grade Level:  5th

Subject:  Native American Studies - Early U.S. History

Description:  Focus of study: Native Americans – This is a WebQuest adventure on the plains of North America to discover just what kind of life a student would have led if he or she were born to a Plains Indian tribe in the 19th century. Students will learn and journal about their daily life and experiences after choosing a persona and exploring the links.

Reason Selected:  This WebQuest does an excellent job of keeping students engaged, while providing them an adequate number of images, links and pages. The WebQuest offers differentiation by providing a choice of persona gender and offering links that display information in images as well as extensive text. The WebQuest also engages the higher thinking skills of students as the task encourages creative thought and synthesis. Lastly, I selected it because it represented the most extensive use of the key components of a WebQuest, as outlined by Bernie Dodge and Tom March on how to create a real WebQuest on “The WebQuest Page". Additionally, the site creator addresses the gaps in learning found with treasure hunts and WebQuests and explains the premise of iAdventure here.

Rating:  28/35

Explanation:  The WebQuest is well put together, however it is an older HTML site with two broken links. The author also fails to cite the sources for images and clip art used on the WebQuest.  Overall the site earned an 80% or a Grade B – If author had citations and more supportive teacher content, the grade would have been an A-.

~Kirstin Briefs