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The Pythagorean Theorem

Grade Level: 9-12
Subject: Geometry, Algebra | Pythagorean Theorem
Description: Students use interactive websites indicated by the WebQuest to explore the Pythagorean Theorem. In addition to exploring properities of the theorem and examples of it online, students are instructed to also complete paper-and-pencil tasks based on what they discover. The advantage of this WebQuest is that students can learn through a hands-on approach, and there is some amount of room for creativity within the process.
Reason Selected: Of all the WebQuests I viewed that explored the Pythagorean Theorem, only this one would be something I would use in a classroom. Unlike all the other WebQuests I viewed, which were constructed by students and had multiple mistakes and sometimes lack of clarity, this one was constructed by a teacher and was free of errors. It used a variety of methods to promote interest: a historical example, interactive websites, and real-world application.
Rating: 28/35
Explanation: The main place this WebQuest loses points is in credit: none was given for the pictures/clip art used. Its rubric could also have been more detailed. Lastly, the teacher page was lacking: it discussed the standards aided by the WebQuest and connection to a particular textbook, but no resources like more websites, student work, and etc were included.
~ Tyler Baxter