Soil and Plants

Subject/Grade Level: 3rd grade Science
Students learn all about plants, soil, worms, and composting! This WebQuest is meant to be used before adopting worms as class pets. First students answer some questions about what they know about soil, plants, and earthworms. Then they have to write a story about Ernie the Earthworm to share with other students. To help the students learn information about plants and soil for their story they go on an underground adventure, learn about worms from The Adventures of Herman, and visit The Great Plant Escape. There are a variety of resources for students to use, and lots of fun learning adventures related to soil and plants. For the teacher there are links to lesson plans, quizzes, poems, stories, instructions for creating a worm bin, and much more!
Reason Selected:
I chose this WebQuest because it is fun, interactive, and informative for students. I like that it teaches students about soil, plants, worms, and composting so that they are able to create and take care of worms in a real compost bin in the class. I also liked all the teacher  links to useful resouces for teaching an entire unit on plants and soil.
Rating: 33 out of 35
I love this webquest because it not only teaches the students about plants, soil, and worms but it teaches them to compost which is very useful knowledge for teaching students to be environmentally friendly! I took off a couple of points because one of the links didn't exist anymore and the WebQuest may seem a little confusing and overwhelming for a 3rd grader because of all the information.
~ Sheena York