Metal Bistro Table Set. Stainless Steel Work Table. Wood Table And Chairs For Children.

Metal Bistro Table Set

metal bistro table set
    bistro table
  • Term conventionally refers to a round table about 40" in height designed for small spaces and intimate dining. It is common for people to also refer to bistro tables as pub tables. Find a pub table.
  • small, usually round table used for smaller meals and/or bar use. Taller versions of this are called bar tables and their heigh accomodates bar stools. Bistro tables are usually only large enough to crowd four people around them and doesn’t have room for full meals without serious crowding.
  • A Bistro Table is a small, well designed table that is perfect for small spaces such as your kitchen or closely seated restaurants.
  • metallic: containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal; "a metallic compound"; "metallic luster"; "the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades"- Ambrose Bierce
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  • Broken stone for use in making roads
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  • cover with metal
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metal bistro table set - Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Patio Rose 3-pc. Metal Bistro Set
Outdoor Patio Rose 3-pc. Metal Bistro Set
Oakland Living 3pc Tea Rose Bistro Set. 3705-AB. Patio Bar & Bistro Sets. Transform your outdoor setting into the perfect place to sit back and relax. The Oakland Rose collection is perfect for flower lovers. Both comfortable and sturdy, this value-priced bistro set showcases a durable cast iron frame with a beautiful hardened powder coated finish that is sure to impress your guests. Each piece is hand cast with detailed designs that are crisp and stylish. This 3pc bistro set is the perfect addition to your patio, balcony or outdoor entertainment area and great for any small space, or to accent a larger space. Dimensions (In Inches): Table - 26. 5H x 23. 5Dia, Chair - 33. 5H x 15. 75W x 17L, Seat: 14. 5W x 16. 5H

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Front Porch
Front Porch
Target door mat inspired me to spray paint old plastic chairs and table in two shades of blue. Used left over paint on the metal circle hanging bought from a thrift store.

metal bistro table set