Dining Room Tables With Storage. Standard Folding Table Dimensions.

Dining Room Tables With Storage

dining room tables with storage
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dining room tables with storage - Hagerty 19920
Hagerty 19920 35-By-59-inch Table Leaf Storage Bag, Burgundy
Hagerty 19920 35-By-59-inch Table Leaf Storage Bag, Burgundy
Store and protect your table leaf with the best table leaf storage solution by Hagerty. The table leaf accessory not only protects your table leaf, but also maintains the sheen of your wood leaflet. The table leaf storage bag is quite soft as it has a 100-percent cotton flannel construction. There won’t be any dusts, scratches or fading of wood on this table leaf storage bag. With an easy-to-use slip over design, this table leaf bag also has a sturdy zipper which offers full safety. Measuring 35-inch width by 59-inch in depth, the table leaf storage bag has a fine burgundy color that adds to the elegance of your table leaf.

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Love sparkles
Love sparkles
Latest home project in the never-ending saga... the dining room. I always wanted a formal one. I found the furniture I wanted, (vintage '30s mahogany duncan phyfe double pedestal table with shield back chairs and a sideboard and china cabinet with so much storage space to boot). I know, I know the hip designers are saying "don't match", "use a formal antique table with a metal locker type sideboard and plexi-glass chairs", but I know what I like, so there. Then, I found the traditional crystal chandelier I was looking for. I went a bit big, wide versus tall... and funny enough, it makes the just ok-sized room look bigger. The Mr. spent every spare moment over 4 days grappling with the electrical and a ceiling medallion that wouldn't cooperate and the former owners strange set-up. Finally it was wired and then as I drifted to sleep, he stayed up late to dress it with the crystals, wanting me to get up "like Christmas morning" and see it all done. But like most Christmas mornings and birthdays, he didn't want to miss me seeing it so when I rolled over at 3 am with one bleary eye open, I heard him whisper "do you want to see it?" and of course I did. The room is still not complete, there is a Venetian mirror to be found and now I'm thinking wallpaper and new dupioni silk drapes, but still, so far, on this gloomy, grey and cold Sunday, love sparkles. Have a ¦lovely¦ Sunday, Everyone! xx
Dining room tree
Dining room tree
Our dining room hosts the artificial tree - this year bedecked in silver and gold. Note who is sitting at the head of the table ! - When I first moved in with Laura she brought this happy chappy out of the roof storage and, in my excitement, I couldn't remember who he was and exclaimed - "Oh, it's Christmas Man" .... and he has, henceforth, been known by no other name ! ! !

dining room tables with storage