Black gloss coffee table : Oak pub tables.

Black Gloss Coffee Table

black gloss coffee table
    coffee table
  • low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served
  • A coffee table, also called a cocktail table, is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa, to support beverages (hence the name), magazines, feet, books (especially coffee table books), and other small items to be used while sitting, such as coasters.
  • (Coffee Tables) While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.
  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa
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black gloss coffee table - Chinese Five
Chinese Five Ladies Black Coffee Table
Chinese Five Ladies Black Coffee Table
LCQ-TB-COFFTB Chinese coffee table perfect for any home! This beautiful black lacquer table with hand carved legs, foo dog faces at apron corners, ball and claw feet has a tabletop inlaid with exquisite hand carved mother- of- pearl figures and scenery in a Five Ladies design. Finished in a rich, clear lacquer, the apron of this coffee table is hand painted and also inlaid with mother- of- pearl. The lower shelf and under surfaces are finished in black lacquer. Bring this breathtaking piece into your home and add that hint of oriental flare to your home's decor! Features: -Five ladies theme -Chinese coffee table -Handmade -Solid elm wood construction -Black lacquer finish -Mother of pearl inlays -Hand painted -1 Shelf -Overall dimensions: 18''H x 39''W x 19''D

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IMG 0569
IMG 0569
Matching set of coffee table and corner table (x 2). High-gloss black polyester finish and gold trims. Minor dent on coffee table; corner tables in great condition. $80 for set of three.
My Friend the Rain Man
My Friend the Rain Man
Chris came over and before he arrived you could barely see the wood of the coffee table. He likes to organize things and sometimes doesn't even realize he's doing it.

black gloss coffee table
black gloss coffee table
Koverton Parkview Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table - K-260-2548T-04-36
Shop for Tables from! Additional features:Table weight: 30 lbs.Requires minor assembly10-year structural limited warranty on frame when used in a residential setting3-year limited warranty on frame finish when used in a residential settingPerfect for keeping your appetizers and beverages handy when you're relaxing on your patio the Koverton Parkview Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table will make a great addition to your patio. Characterized by subtle curves graceful lines and a slatted table top this coffee table features a durable welded aluminum frame in high-gloss black or white powder coat finish with black or white woven resin wicker inserts along the sides. Have fun matching or contrasting the frame color with the wicker color to create a unique look for your outdoor seating area! Combining an updated design and lasting function this coffee table is designed to withstand regular wear-and-tear and the harshest elements season after season.Recommended care for metal frame: Simply hose off to clean metal frames or wash with a solution of mild soap and water rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly. To all metal frames apply a fine clear automobile max for maximum protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure and salt air. For best protection perform this maintenance two or three times per year in low pollution areas or more frequently in high pollution areas. These durable materials can be safely cleaned as often as desired. To prolong the life of furniture and keep it looking its best store or cover it when not in use for an extended period of time.Recommended care for resin wicker inserts: Woven inserts are made of durable weatherproof extruded polyethylene resin. Light stains and soils may be removed with a solution of mild detergent and water rinsed with clear water and dried thoroughly. Mildew and heavy stains can be removed with a quality commercial outdoor furniture cleaner and protectant.About Koverton A leading manufacturer of quality