Antique pine drop leaf table : Antique bench table.

Antique Pine Drop Leaf Table

antique pine drop leaf table
    pine drop
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antique pine drop leaf table - Hand-Carved Secretary
Hand-Carved Secretary Desk
Hand-Carved Secretary Desk
Hand-Carved Secretary Desk. Hand crafted and carved from solid camphor wood, this pecan stained secretarial makes a lovely addition to your home. The front and sides are covered in ornate hand carved floral patterns that give depth and personality to this wonderful desk. One large drawer, capable of functioning as a filing cabinet, spans the entire width of the front. Centered and directly above the filing cabinet are two small drawers that provide extra storage. The real feature however, is the drop front that creates ample desk space and provides a removable organizer for all of your bills, letters, and postage supplies. This elaborate secretarial is sure to make your life more organized. 25.25" W x 11.75" D x 40" H Warm Pecan finish Exquisite hand carved detail Drop front design Assembly required

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Old antique drop leaf walnut table
Old antique drop leaf walnut table
This table was a dirty mess when we got it...We thought it was pine, but turned out it is solid walnut...My husband cleaned it up and now it sits in the dogtrot of our cabin.
#4540: Miniature drop leaf table with drawer, pine Size : 21 1/8” L x 12 1/2” D x 16 1/4” H Circa: 1760-1780 From: Province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain

antique pine drop leaf table
antique pine drop leaf table
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