Table for small kitchen : Wood antique table.

Table For Small Kitchen

table for small kitchen
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  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .
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table for small kitchen - Honey-Can-Do SHF-01503
Honey-Can-Do SHF-01503 Commercial Side Table Small Wire Chrome Night Stand With Shelf
Honey-Can-Do SHF-01503 Commercial Side Table Small Wire Chrome Night Stand With Shelf
This commercial chrome table features a basket and helps create a visible, accessible storage space instantly with this versatile shelf. Brilliant chrome finish and contemporary design makes this unit the perfect blend of good looks and functionality. Its sturdy, commercial quality frame has a grid-style thick wire top and handy lower storage basket that gets you organized. Store books, cds, towels, or anything you'd like to keep accessible. It is simple to assemble and knocks down to store or move easily. Stackable by design, this modular unit can be combined with other pieces in the line for a customized storage solution. Assembly required. Size: 14' L x 15' W x 16' H. Color: Chrome.

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My shooting table
My shooting table
Here it is my "shooting table" (when it is not used as kitchen table) for small objects. The lamps are 4 power saving lamps, cheap, with a "corpse white" color. The lamps supports ("abat-jour") came from the supermarket. They are cheap, too (11 euro each), but they are easily bendable. The background is an advertising panel I recycled from the local pharmacy (on the back it states "better sex, better life": you can guess the advertised product). ___
Kitchen Table
Kitchen Table
This is our kitchen table. I just recently sanded it down and re painted it. It was an off white color that was all chipped and dirty. This was my grandma's old kitchen table and she gave it to us when we moved in in 2004. It has 6 chairs but two of them are very weak so we don't use them for fear of one breaking. haha I plan on sanding and repainting the chairs too until we can afford to buy new ones. I also plan on taking some stain and making the table legs look old.

table for small kitchen
table for small kitchen
Small World Living Toys Country Club Sandwich
Mix and match realistic-looking sandwich fixings to create a fun, healthy lunch! Kids get creative with our stackable 20-piece set that includes (8) slices of bread, (2) pieces of lunch meat, (2) slices of cheese, (2) slices of tomatoes, (2) slices of cucumbers, (2) lettuce leaves, a tuna can, a margarine tub and a plastic knife. The sandwich pieces have Velcro on both sides for easy and secure stacking.

With this pretend-food set there won't be any need for mud pies, leaf-and-pebble casseroles, and other outmoded play-food creations. With 21 pieces of realistic looking plastic food and grocery items, "Playmoms" and "Playdads" have the stuff to play house 21st-century style. The food pieces fasten together with hook-and-loop fabric to create sandwiches that'll last through the longest fake-food fight. The sandwiches even tear apart with an amusing ripping noise. The set contains plastic lettuce, cheese, meat slices, tomatoes, cucumbers (two pieces of each), one can of tuna with a fake pop-top lid, a margarine container, a play-safe plastic knife, and a loaf of bread with eight slices. --Ava Natov