Small Accent Tables. Folding Dining Table Set. Half Moon Dining Table.

Small Accent Tables

small accent tables
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small accent tables - Small Accent
Small Accent Table Lamp from Destination Lighting
Small Accent Table Lamp from Destination Lighting
Table lamp with drum shade. This vibrant purple, gourd-shaped lamp adds a fashionable trend-setting accent to decor. Not only does this cheerful lamp make an impression on the eyes, but your fingertips will surely enjoy its fuzzy texture. The base features an integrated night light, making it perfect for a kid's room, living room or bedroom. Takes a 40-watt medium base bulb (not included), and 7-watt C-7 bulb for the base light (included). Offering unique collections from a consortium of designers, Design Classics features more than 1,300 elegantly styled yet affordable priced items; many of which are exclusive, signature designs. As a direct importer, the company provides the most competitive pricing without compromising quality or innovation. Hallmarks of Design Classic products include Energy Star-rated fixtures and the patented Clever Lever SwitchTM. Design Classics is an exclusive line of Destination Lighting. DL # 242197.

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Orange Square Dining table
Orange Square Dining table
Designed by an impossibly chic French designer friend, this great orange table is perfect for the small spaces many of us Singaporeans face. only 60 by 60 cm! The shape of the legs and details on the underside are accented by great hand-distressing. The drawer just adds to the convenience; cutlery can be stored inside, making setting the table a cinch!
Accent table
Accent table
Small accent table features a crotch mahogany top panel, and is supported by three simple columns which flow into square, tapered feet. Gilded accents complete the elegant look.

small accent tables
small accent tables
Suncast DCP2000 Prep Station
The neat coordinated look and clean lines of Suncast outdoor serving station make them a great addition to any yard, deck, or patio. All boxes are made from durable, maintenance free resin that will not rust or fade. Makes a handy greenhouse shelf. Features: · Provides 40" wide counter space for serving · Upper cabinet stores included serving tray · Lower cabinet below for accessories and supplies · Easy snap-together assembly · Durable, decorative top withstands elements · Casters (2 locking and 2 non-locking) for portability Item Specifications: Size: 23" W x 22" D x 34 H" (leaves down) 40" W x 22" D x 34 H" (leaves up) Model Number: DCP2000 Instruction Manual: Click Here