Side Table Sets : Mission Style Coffee End And Sofa Tables Plan : Bamboo Coffee Table

Side Table Sets

side table sets
    side table
  • Small accent table used for display, which is usually placed either against a wall or aside from the principal table. (See table)
  • A table placed at the side of a room or apart from the main table
  • Any table designed to stand against a wall.
  • Any table built with the intention of displaying only one side. Side table normally have one unfinished side that is meant to be placed against a wall or another piece of furniture. They are often semi-circular or rectangular in shape.
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side table sets - All in
All in One Clamp A-50 50-Inch Grip Clamp Guide w/T-track
All in One Clamp A-50 50-Inch Grip Clamp Guide w/T-track
All in one clamp 50-inch grip clamp guide with T-track is the best straight edge made T-track accepts all the accessories, router plates, saw plates stop blocks dowel jigs pocket hole jigs All in one clamps are all the same height the thickness matches 3/4 plywood Scale ruler available in metric or inch Jaws holes accept tall jaws, wide jaws, and story sticks accessories

With the E. Emerson 50-Inch Grip Clamp Guide with T-track, you will experience a rugged, easy-to-use tool that helps you make clean, precise cuts without side shift. Commonly used as a guide with circular saws and routers, this versatile clamp comes with a convenient T-track, adding functionality for use with a variety of tools.

The E. Emerson 50-Inch Grip Clamp Guide with T-track offers:
A click lock sliding jaw and a scale ruler for precision
Zytel nylon components for durability
Compatibility with routers, table saws, drill presses, and shop jigs

Adjust the click lock sliding jaw with a few simple steps. View Video Demo.

The grip clamp offers a full range of compatibility with tools from table saws to homemade shop jigs. View larger.

Clear, easy-to-read measurements add ease and precision to any task. View larger.
Highly Versatile and Efficient
Whether you're cutting dados for a bookshelf or simply trimming a door to size, you'll find this clamp a highly capable addition to your shop. Compatible with circular saws and routers, table saws, and drill presses, this tool can even be paired with standard homemade shop jigs. And with the included T-track, you can tackle jobs requiring accessory saws, router guide plates, and stop blocks.
Click Lock Sliding Jaw for Precision
With an exclusive no side-shift design, this versatile 50-inch clamp will get your cutting, sawing, and drilling to an expert level in no time at all. With the exclusive Click Lock feature, the sliding jaw adjusts easily and clamps firmly into place to eliminate side play. It also unfastens easily to allow swift adjustments required for more complex projects, helping you to create flawless lines and ensure safe conditions.
User-Friendly Setup Saves Time
Praised for its quick, intuitive setup and flawless results, the 50-Inch Grip Clamp saves you time and energy. It is designed with ergonomic features like wide-lever, easy-grip handles, making it easy to work safely and comfortably. And with its clear measurement markings, such as the full-color scale ruler, this tool makes precision work easier, giving you the satisfaction of a job well done.
Weighing in at only four pounds, this tool is built for easy and convenient portability. But despite its lightweight, slender frame, it's also designed for durability, boasting clamping components that are engineered with resilient Zytel nylon, which includes 9-percent glass content. The clamping components are backed by a lifetime warranty.
About E. Emerson Tool Company
E. Emerson Tool's innovative approach to manufacturing is based on a persistent commitment to improvement. With the company's devotion to quality, it's no surprise that the All-in-One Single Clamp--now on its sixth revision--is E. Emerson's most popular line of straight edge clamps among expert craftspeople and hobbyists.
What's in the Box
Emerson 50-Inch Grip Clamp Guide with T-track

Especially handy for complex projects, the sliding jaw adjusts easily and clamps firmly into place to produce quick, flawless work.

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Bed and both side tables
Bed and both side tables
It's a kingsize bed with a memory mattress and matching side tables. All yours for ?500 (I paid over ?1,000 for the set at the end of last year!) Clock, phone and bin not included :)
breakfast table setting
breakfast table setting
Breakfast table setting with white glass cereal bowls and white glass charger plates and white side dishes

side table sets
side table sets
Quik - Fold Side Table, DESERT
Indoor, outdoor, light, portable, comfortable anywhere! Quik - Fold Chair, Cafe Table and Side Table! This indoor / outdoor Furniture folds flat, moves easy, feels great and sure doesn't cost much! For the patio, RV, game room, wherever, this is furniture that works. Made of sturdy, weather-resistant resin, designed for comfort. Easy cleaning, stays looking great. Use them for card games, parties, whatever you're up to. Check 'em out and get yourself set up now! 17 1/2 x 15 1/4 x 20"h. Weighs 3 lbs., 2 ozs. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Quik-Fold Chair; Quik-Fold Cafe Table - word search in our store for 'Quick-Fold Furniture'. Quik-Fold Side Table