5 Pc Espresso Finish Dining Room Table Set : How To Paint A Wooden Table : Glass Metal End Table

5 Pc Espresso Finish Dining Room Table Set

5 pc espresso finish dining room table set
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5 pc espresso finish dining room table set - 5pc Cappuccino
5pc Cappuccino Finish Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools Set
5pc Cappuccino Finish Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools Set
5pc Cappuccino Finish Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Bar Stools Set This is a brand new 5 pieces Contemporary Style Counter Height Table Set. The set is designed in a deep cappuccino finish wood with 4 matching high chairs padded with beige color fabric. This elegant dining table and chairs set will complement the most sophisticated to casual decor. Make this item yours today to beautify the decor of your home. Item may require simple assembly. Dimensions Measure: Table: 40"SQ x 36"H, Barstool: 17"W 20"D 41"H

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Dining Room
Dining Room
The dining room is furnished with our friend Darren's furniture. His dining room table and chairs look amazing, as well as his glass liquor cabinet and the very bold Trevor McDonald painting. Todd and I picked out the light fixture, but Darren's partner Chris wired it in.
Dining room
Dining room
I grabbed this from the house's listing because I somehow forgot to take a picture of the dining room.

5 pc espresso finish dining room table set