The game of 42

This site is to provide information about 42 tournaments, the game of 42, tournament history, a bio of how I got started doing tournaments, upcoming tournaments, and results of previous tournaments.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About 42:
  • Learn to play (and more):
  • Purchase dominoes:
  • Player Directory:
  • Skills & Strategy book: "Winning 42"  by Dennis Roberson 
  • Game Download/Internet Play:
  • Tournament Play Online:
  • Live Tournament Schedule:
  • Strategy Questions:  Review of your answers   
  • Join the facebook strategy group:   Share your comments, questions, & suggestions.
  • Interested in organizing a 42 tournament: Details on how to begin, downloadable score sheets, rules, various formats, How to get a facility for FREE!  Best way to get sponsors, Best Fund Raisers.  
  • Go to:  How to organize a 42 Tournament on this site 
    updated:  2/26/18

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