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The 42nd Mississippi is a family oriented company in which each member becomes a part of one big family of friends.  We take great pride in our hobby and how we portray the history of the Civil War, the soldiers of the 42nd Mississippi.  We are an active infantry unit involved in both re-enactments and living history programs.  We are always in search of new members and all interested are welcome to apply!  We are a proud member of the 1st Legion, Provisional Army of the Confederate States! (PACS) Visit PACS here: http://www.1stlegionpacs.com/

SEPT.  6 & 7 
Gettysburg Heritage Center
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For Kids interested in the Civil War, visit "Civil War for Kids" by clicking the image above!  Great information and fun history for youth of all ages!

As a guest or as a member of our company, please feel free to explore the website and all the information available to help inform, educate, and bring to life this wonderful hobby we all love and the history of an era we find fascinating and enthralling!  As you look around, take note of anything that you feel would improve our website, additions that would be useful and whatever would make this resource for our great company I a better place online to visit by sending us your suggestions on the form located in the "Contact the 42nd" page.  We appreciate your constructive input and thank you for visiting with us!

42nd Mississippi Co. I
1833 - 1904
Read a little bit about this man who fought for the Company we represent on the "Bark Juice and Jawings" blog found on this site!