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Fresh Fish Recruiting




With no end to the war in sight, this company is looking for new recruits, to help fill the RANKS…. New enlisted men will depart on a historical adventure within the Confederate Army. Three meals a day, a place to sleep and the chance to shoot as many Yankees as you can. We are involved in Battles within 5 states.

Enlist now and you will be in time to start your first season of reenacting.


If you have an interest in camping outside in tents, cooking over an open fire, the history of the American Civil War, Military Drilling and Socializing with your fellow comrades at arms, then we are the Company for you. Were looking for military soldiers, civilians or musicians. If you are interested in joining our company, please keep in mind that we have many experienced members who are willing to show you all that you need to know to start & enjoy reenacting as a Confederate Soldier.

All you need to start is Enthusiasm…


Membership Information:
Please note: This is only a contact information form, not our official registration form which must be completed in person after review and approval of your membership, along with your membership/insurance form and insurance fee for PACS.  

42nd Mississippi Co. I Membership Request Registration Form