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42nd Co. I By-Laws


2013 BY - LAWS:

1.  Donations: Any money coming into the unit from a paid event or from donations will be placed into the company checking account.

a.   The money maybe used to purchase certain items for the company such as Tents, Equipment, Caps, Gun Powder, Food, and Registrations to events & Christmas Party items..

b.  If any member needs cash to purchase an item for the betterment of the unit please contact Matt so that the Company can reimburse that member.

c. All receipts must be given to Matt Vandewater for checking account records.

2.  DUES: Our company members pay NO DUES to this organization, but MUST pay the required dues for PACS Insurance for themselves and or there families each year.

All members (Military or Civilian) who decide to participate with the 42nd Mississippi, Company I, in either camping or taking of the field must have up to date & paid PACS INSURANCE for the 2014 season. 

** Any Member who has yet to purchase PACS Insurance for the 2014 season please talk to Captain Matthew Vandewater for the proper paperwork and information.

3.  Alcoholic Beverages: Drinking is allowed in camp.  Please do so responsibly.  All alcoholic beverages must be kept in period cups or in your tents at all times.  It is also to be kept away from the public eye at ALL times throughout the weekend.

A. If this rule is broken, the ranking Commander or 1st Sgt. will escort the offender to their tent and will be asked to stop drinking for the day and/ or event.

B. If the ranking Commander and/or the 1st Sgt. feels that a member is intoxicated too much to take the field, that member MUST stay back in camp.  This is being done as a SAFETY PRECAUTION for everyone on the field, including themselves.

a.  Second offense could mean dismissal from the company.

C. No one is allowed to consume alcohol before a battle.  If any individual fails to obey this rule, he or she WILL NOT take the field that day.


4.  Language: Profanity in camp is to be kept to a minimum at ALL times of the event. We ask this due to the number of younger members and the ladies within our camp. There is no real need to use it. Violators will be warned and if they persist, they maybe asked to leave the Company, pending a company meeting to discuss the matter.  We keep the camp in the time period as accurately as possible at all times throughout the entire event.

5. Shooting Rules:  Members 16 years and older are allowed to fire muskets, pistols and /or artillery.  Members under age 18 and over 16 years of age must do so in full accordance with rule #8 (Age of Participation) below.

a.   Members will use 2 or 3 FFF Black Powder for making their rounds.  ALL members use no more than 80 grains of powder per round.  Members are to load only 1 charge per shot, unless otherwise told by the Company Officer.  In which you'll hear LOAD A DOUBLE.

b.   The only percussion caps to be used are the 4 wing caps or the new wingless caps. The 6 wing caps are STRICTLY  PROHIBITED at all times for safety reasons.

6. Coordinators & Rank:  The 2013 Event Registration Coordinator is Matt Vandewater; The 2012 Civilian Coordinator is Lisa Wiley.  Military Officers are Captain Matthew Vandewater and Lieutenant Todd Wiley.  The rank of Ordinance Sergeant/Safety NCO is Patrick Williams.  The ranks of 1st Sergeant and 1st Corporal will be appointed by the Captain and / or Lieutenant.

7. Smoking: Whenever in formation or on the battlefield smoking within the ranks is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless previously authorized by the commanding officer.

8. Age of Participation: Anyone under age 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian present with them at all functions of the unit at all times, and that parent or legal guardian MUST also be a member of the unit.  Said parent/legal guardian must remain with the minor at all times during the event regardless if the minor is camping overnight or staying for just the day.  If the minor wishes to take the field in a reenactment battle, parade, drill, so too will their parent/guardian.  Both of which need to be in Full Uniform.  The Parent/Guardian accepts FULL responsibility for the welfare of the minor legally & medically.  A separate parental permission form and waiver must be filled out and signed for EACH event a minor participates and does not excuse the parent/legal guardian from the requirement of being in attendance 100% with their child.  Minor must travel to and from an event with parent/legal guardian.  No member of the 42nd Mississippi may "act" as a legal guardian unless that member is directly related to the minor and at least age 25.

No member under the age of 16 shall touch, hold, load, clean, nor discharge a firearm at any function and may only serve as a color bearer, musician, ice angel, courier/runner, stretcher bearer, and must still have a parent/legal guardian participate on the field in some capacity as a member.

9.  Company Attire: All Company members both Military and Civilian need to be in period dress during all public viewing hours, unless previously authorized by the commanding officer of the unit.

A. After the last battle on Sunday, members may change into regular clothing and begin to pack up their belongings unless otherwise stated in event regulations.

10.  Helping Out: Any member who would like to partake in a meal with the company will help out with cooking, preparing the meal, or cleaning up and doing dishes.

A. Members are also responsible to help the cook (s) with getting firewood (split if needed) and /or get water or food items that are needed.

B. Any member who fails to help out with ANY of the above listed will not be allowed to eat with the company at that meal.  We all work together as a family.  If a member fails to volunteer for these duties, then the 1st Sgt. or the Commander in Charge will appoint someone to do it.

11.  Food: The Meal Coordinator or the Commander in Charge will be in contact with every member at least 4 days prior to let them know what FOOD items they will need to bring to share with the company for a meal.

A. All members are to take small portions of food during meal times to ensure that every member will have chance to eat.  No one will be allowed to have seconds until everyone has eaten.

12. Suggestions:  Any members (military or civilian) who have any questions, thoughts, concerns, ideas and/or problems with something or someone within the 42nd Mississippi Company I, please contact the Captain, Lieutenant, or Civilian Coordinator with your issues immediately so that we will be able to help or fix the issue (s) at hand quickly and easily.


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