Single Drawer Refrigerator

single drawer refrigerator
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single drawer refrigerator - Chicago Cutlery
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Chicago Cutlery 1063947 Magnetic Knife Storage Strip
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Hoarders fridge
Hoarders fridge
This was insane. It took over 20 bags to clear it out. And it doesn't even show the freezer or the bottom drawer. I easily threw out over $1000 of rotted food. caviar, crab meat, shrimp, gourmet sauces from the farmers markets, pounds of goat cheese, brie, blue, pounds of butter, solid containers of rotted cream, cranberries that had turned into freeze dried puffs of air. I was wearing gloves, but couldn't help washing them over and over every time I had to fill another bag. My hands are now raw. There wasn't a single thing we were able to save, it all got tossed. Things were smashed into the fridge so hard that there were crushed and broken bottles in the back, and lots of liquid in the catch-all under the produce drawer.
#27 Our Fridge
#27 Our Fridge
We just went shopping last night so it is stuffed. I was so exhausted, mentally and physically, from work that I all I did was to take stuff out of the bags and put it on the counter. Then I put myself to bed. This is how hubby puts things away--he stuffs the shelves from top to bottom in the order he grabs the item. There's no sense of order or "like things with like". I can't complain because at least it got done!

single drawer refrigerator