Solid wood counter height table - Broken patio table glass - Mahogany pedestal table.

Solid Wood Counter Height Table

solid wood counter height table
    solid wood
  • Solid wood means that it is composed of wood with no particle board or wood fiber. It's the resulting board milled from the tree. Au naturel, if you will. Solid wood may be hard (as from walnut) or soft (like pine or fir).
  • Solid wood is a term most commonly used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood, but it also refers to structures that do not have hollow spaces.
  • Generally refers to furniture that is constructed using solid wood and does not include the use of engineered wood products.
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solid wood counter height table - Comfort Seats
Comfort Seats C1B1R-18BN Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat with PVD Brushed Nickel Hinges, Round, Dark Brown
Comfort Seats C1B1R-18BN Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat with PVD Brushed Nickel Hinges, Round, Dark Brown
C1B1R18BN Finish: Dark Brown Pictured in mahogany Features: -Designer solid round toilet seat. -Available in: -Dark brown finish. -Mahogany finish. -Walnut finish. . -PVD brushed nickel hinges. -Molded wood, metal and plastic construction. -Hand-selected premium grade wood for beauty and durability. -Factory installed hinges ensure perfect alignment between the cover and seat. -Simple to install, corrosion proof, self-aligning hardware. -Stainless steel hinge screws eliminate rust. -Multi-coat surface finish provides a beautiful, long-lasting and durable finish. -Clean with warm soapy water. -Color coordinated bumpers. -PVD plated hinges for corrosion resistance . Specifications: -ISTA 3A Certified. -Comfort Seats provides warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. -Overall dimensions: 2.5'' H x 14'' W - 14.375'' W x 16.5'' D - 17.5'' D.

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Florence Solid European Oak Wood Flooring
Florence Solid European Oak Wood Flooring
The solid wood flooring is constructed like a tradtional hardwood floor out of one peice to timber. Each of the planks has bevelled edges (V Grooves) on all four sides resulting in very distinctive groove between the planks, adding more depth and dimension along with giving an individual definition to each plank. The rustic grade of this oak hardwood floor is a very vibrant colourful floor full of character and excitement.
New Dining Set - Vertical
New Dining Set - Vertical
This table is exactly what I was looking for. It is solid wood and expands to a square to seat eight. It is counter height. All eight chairs are rustic and solid wood. It was a steal on craigslist.

solid wood counter height table
solid wood counter height table
Mundial Solid Wood Cutting Board, Medium
The perfect accompaniment to a set of Mundial knives, this medium sized cutting board is extremely versatile! It is the ideal size for chopping vegetables and fruits as well as carving meat and poultry. Measuring 15 3/4 by 11 3/4 inches, this board stands approximately 1 1/4 inches off of any countertop. A grooved channel and large reservoir catch juices when carving meats. Rubber feet prevent the board from slipping while carving and chopping. Comfortable yet unobtrusive handles are built right into the board on each side for easy transport. Attractively designed with round edges, the board is hand finished with the utmost care for a lifetime of use. The Mundial logo, burned right into the wood, signifies the highest quality and craftsmanship.