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Rectangular Accent Tables

rectangular accent tables
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Dining Room
Dining Room
Empty! I have picked out Thomasville Hills of Tuscany furniture - the big heavy china cabinet and the rectangular dining table. I also am thinking about adding white wainscoting in rectangular boxes around the whole room. Something pretty traditional. Ceiling height is 14' so perhaps do the wainscoting pretty high? I am also toying with the idea of painting the ceiling the pale dusty teal color that's in the rug and is an accent color in the ajacent living room.
Linen and Lace Pincushion
Linen and Lace Pincushion
Here is a lovely pin cushion you'll be happy to leave out on your craft table! This rectangular pincushion is made with cotton and linen fabrics in beautiful brown tones and accented with a piece of ivory lace, inspired by Japanese craft books. It measures approximately 3x6 inches and is firmly stuffed with poly fil. Available in my shop. See profile for details.

rectangular accent tables
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