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Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 55 and 60 days;
Cross: Querkle x Cheese
Bred by: TGA Seeds (Subcool)
Mixing Querkle with Cheese, Cheesequake marijuana is a strain that delivers a double punch of Sativa alertness coupled with excellent pain relieving abilities. Smoke some of the Cheesequake cannabis strain any time that you need to be taken out of the blues, taken away from pain, want to be more energetic or are just getting together to party with some of your friends. Whatever the case may be, Cheesequake marijuana will set you free from pain and stress and allow you to enjoy your day.

When you toke out on some Cheesequake medicinal cannabis, you may get more impaired than you intend to. She does have the power to make you stupid at times. So in fairness, she may not be the best strain to choose if you're going to be in the midst of heated debate. She is more of a partying, laid back, trippy strain. Most experts medical cannabis reviewers agree that Cheesequake is more effective and potent, on both Sativa and and Indica levels separately, than either of her parents compared alone.

Think about grape cheese to begin to understand the smell and taste of Cheesequake marijuana. She grows heavy and fast and does best indoors with plenty of air circulation, humidity control and intense lighting. She's a big eater too; so make sure to give her plenty of quality nutrients. Flush her for the final two weeks of her flowering phase in order to purify her and help to begin creating the smoothness that she is so famous for. Just remember when you smoke the Cheesequake strain of cannabis, it may well be more potent than you are thinking it will be. Enjoy it!