Enjoy Your Marijuana Vacation At Our 420 Friendly Hotels

In recent times, marijuana vacations have become quite the hype in Colorado and the ease of law on marijuana has influenced the decisions of many to take a vacation in Colorado. Permitting the consumption of weed has proved to be one of the main factors that have resulted in an increase of trips to Colorado. The marijuana law has not only made Colorado more popular but has said to influence decisions 49% of the time.

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People who have worked in the tourism board of Colorado are stating that the permission granted for use of marijuana or weed has resulted in Colorado take a major turn in a path of positivity as a famous vacation destination. Furthermore, along with permitting it, the state has spent more than 5.3 million dollars on the “Come to Life” campaign by advertising on television, print, billboard and digital platforms. This proved to be very successful and a survey that was done to study the success of the campaign shows that this campaign attracted 2.1 million leisure trips which generated an economic impact of 2.6 billion dollars. In 2015, the return per dollar spent on this campaign was 490 dollars which is a significant improvement from the 344 dollars per dollar spent that was recorded in 2014.

Enjoy Cannabis Tours In Colorado With Our Best Hotels

With marijuana tourism gaining more popularity in Colorado, cannabis tours are now a popular attraction in order to go behind the scenes and have a look at how the industry operates. There are many 420 tour companies now that sell visits to commercial marijuana grow operations, glassblowing demos, recreational dispensary visits and more. Here is one cannabis tour company - https://herb.co/marijuana/news/colorado-high-life

The companies all offer special tours with their own twist on the cannabis scene in Colorado, make sure that you do your research well and choose the one that will entertain to you up to or beyond your expectations. Different companies have different focuses. Some tour organizing companies focus on arranging large group tours in a large limo bus, which usually take place on Friday – Sunday. However, there are other marijuana tour companies that focus on organizing packages for smaller groups or groups that prefer more privacy and personal space. Colorado has a great range 420 friendly activities. Whether you are in search of cannabis-infused massage, marijuana cooking session, 420 friendly art classes or any other activity to add fun and eventfulness to your day, your time will not be wasted doing anything. That’s for sure. Along with these activities, there are also many events such as industry expos and hemp harvest parties where you will surely have a great time! 

Marijuana Friendly Hotels To Rejoice

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The marijuana friendly hotels in Denver are well known for being the best option when planning a cannabis vacation. There are many hotels in Colorado that accommodate guests of the cannabis tourism market and have approved policies and license to be 420 friendly. However, although there are other hotels who encourage this activity, people still tend to not choose them as they do not follow the same policies as they are still not in a position to be called a marijuana or 420 friendly hotel. Due to this reason, many people are opting to book their private bed and breakfast accommodations to marijuana-friendly guests.