"Nigerian 419 scams": Information and a Live Sample

"Here at 419.411, we're turning the tables on Internet scammers."

 B., putting the om in Wyoming


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"I am pleased to introduce a business opportunity to transfer to your overseas account the sum of ..."

      — A scammer (acting the part of credit union director Tafsir Mbaye)

"I am happy that i hear from you."

      — Me (acting the part of disabled widow Jameela Bailey)



Does anyone really fall for these?

According to the National Consumers League, the average victim of a Nigerian 419 scam lost $3,741 last year.

Mission statement

The primary purpose of the 419.411 project is to waste the time, energy, talent, and resources of the bad guys, so that they have less time, energy, talent, and resources to expend on their victims. Secondarily, this activity provides information and entertainment to the author and to the site's visitors.

419 information

FTC: Consumer alert

Wikipedia: Advance-fee fraud

PDF about "419" financial scams

Directory of other scam baiters

Fake checks: Are you at risk?

>>> Somebody needs to rent a place to live. He wants to pay with a certified cashier's check. How could this possibly be a scam? Read about Samuel's adventures with Marsha and her friends. The story has just begun.

(In progress. Last updated Nov. 15, 2007.)

Sorry, everybody. I've had to take a break for funerals, moving, etc. I'll be back. -- B.


>>> We’ve all seen Nigerian 419 scams before. Nobody would fall for this obvious nonsense. Except, maybe, for naïve Jameela. Read about Tafsir's adventures with Jameela and her friends. It's a story of romance, intrigue, murder, and broken promises.

(Game ended Nov. 9, 2007.)


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