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Regiment's Colours

The Regiment's Colours
The Original Regiments Colour which the Regiment brought with them to Australia in 1852 that now hangs in the Warrington Parish Church (England).
Our Regiment's Colours

Battle Honours on the Regiments Colours
 Egypt, Monte Video, Rolica, Vimiera, Talavera, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse, Peninsula, ,
and a Sphinx superscribed Egypt was permitted to be borne on the colours
Candahar 1842, Ghuznee 1842, Cabool 1842,
New Zealand



Details on the Battle Honours & Medals


Egypt Campaign 1801 (Coys from the battalion, 40th Foot) and the Peninsula War 1808 - 1814   (1st Battalion  of the Regiment)

Ensign Donald MacDonald of the 40th also received Corunna and Fuentes d' Onor for earlier service with the 92nd Regiment, The Gordon Highlanders.

Battle Honours:  40th: Rolica, Vimiera, Talavera, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse, Peninsula and a Sphinx superscribed Egypt was permitted to be borne on the colours

Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814

   1st & 2nd Btns            
 clasp:  Egypt  Roleia  Vimiera  Talavera  Busaco  Albuhera  Ciudad Rodrigo
 number:  25  51  114  135  101  35  126
 clasp:  Badajos  Salamanca  Vittoria  Pyrenees  St Sebastian  Nivelle  Nive
 number:  116  137  210  146  8  83  27
clasp:  Orthes  Toulouse  total medals  max clasps     
 number: 125  176    373  13     



 Battle of Waterloo 1815  1st Battalion, 40th Regiment

Photography Jan Starnes© Dix Noonan Webb Ltd  Waterloo Medal 1815 (names on roll, includes died, missing etc)  






Casualties 16th, 17th & 18th June 1815 (extracted London Gazette 8/7/1815 & "Medals of the British Army and  how they were won" T. Carter 1861*)

Officers: 1 Major and 1 Captain,  Killed.  2 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, and 2 Ensigns wounded.

*Sergeants, Trumpeters, Drummers, Farriers and Rank and File:












 Died of Wounds

 Suffered Amputation


 Transferred to Veteran or Garrison Battalions

 Rejoined the Regiment

 Remaining in hospitals in April 1816


 Rejoined the Regiment

 Not since heard of, supposed dead










*Carter's figures are in turn extracted from the return prepared by the Adjutant-Generals office, 13th April 1816
Battle Honour;  Waterloo
First Afghan War 1839-1842  40th Regiment
Candahar Medal 1842





Ghuznee Cabul Medal 1842



 Candahar Ghuznee Cabul Medal 1842



Battle Honour: Candahar 1842;  Ghuznee 1842 Cabool 1842



Gawalior Campaign 1843  40th Regiment

Gawalior Campaign Maharajpoor Star 1843



Battle Honour:  Maharajpore


Maori Wars, New Zealand 1860-1866   40th Regiment

New Zealand Medal 1845-1866











 total medals












Battle Honour: New Zealand
Colour-Serjeant John Lucas
Victoria Cross:  Colour-Serjeant John Lucas
Date/Location : 18th March 1861  Near Huirangi, Taranaki, New Zealand
Citation/Notes: LG 19th July 1861:

Colour-Serjeant John Lucas

On the 18th of March, 1861, Colour-Serjeant Lucas acted as Serjeant of a party of the 40th Regiment, employed as skirmishers to the right of No. 7, Redoubt, and close to the Huirangi Bush, facing the left of the positions occupied by the natives. At about 4 o'clock P.M., a very heavy and well-directed fire was suddenly opened upon them from the Bush, and the high ground on the left. Three men being wounded simultaneously, two of them mortally, assistance was called for in order to have them carried to the rear: a file was immediately sent, but had scarcely arrived, when one of them fell, and Lieutenant Rees was wounded at the same time.
Colour-Serjeant Lucas, under a very heavy fire from the rebels, who were not more than thirty yards distant, immediately ran up to the assistance of this Officer, and sent one man with him to the rear. He then took charge of the arms belonging to the killed and wounded men, and maintained his position until the arrival of supports under Lieutenants Gibson and Whelan.