Colonial Re-enactment Society and 40th Regiment of Foot Reactivated

Welcome to the webpage of

The Colonial Re-Enactment Society Inc.

Melbourne, Australia.

Formerly "The Historical Re-Enactment Co. Op. Ltd"

A Word From The Colour Sergeant

Welcome to the Home Page of the Colonial Re-enactment Society and 40th Regment of Foot reactivated in Melbounre, Victoria, Australia.

The Colonial Re-enactment Society "Living History under the Southern Cross" , besides performing Colonial Re-enactments in general, has recreated a unit of the 40th Regiment (2nd Somersetshire) of Foot. This unit represents the period from 1852 with the arrival in Australia of the original Regiment, to 1855, which was a very colourful time in Victoria with the discovery of gold, and the huge influx of gold miners seeking their fortune, and for the 40th Regiment, their involvement in the incident of the Eureka Stockade.

Living History under the Southern Cross

Historical Re-enactments and Living History Displays from 1788 to 1880.

Who are we?

We are a non profit Historical Re-Enactment Society Inc., who's aims are to recreate history by means of Re-enactments and Living History displays for the entertainment and education of the general public.

We had been operating for over 20 years as a Co. Op.( since Dec. 2000 as Society inc.).

Most of our activities take place as Street Theatre, there for our outfits have to be as accurate as possible because our audience gets a close look

Why do we re-enact?

· to educate the public by bringing history alive, as we provide an Institution for persons interested in historical re-enactments, carried out as authentic as possible, depicting incidents, times, lifestyles, dress, equipment, tools, weapons etc. of various periods throughout history.

· the mutual assistance, instruction and education of it's members.

· to organise Re-enactments, displays and exhibitions of clothing, equipment, photographs etc. and any other things that are conductive to the objectives of the Society, also to encourage participation by all people and as a result create a very real awareness of the conditions of the time.

· is entertaining to watch and fun to participate in.

· Sparks the awakening of national pride and establishes a national identity.

We are a group of people who take pride in our Australian heritage with the hope that we will be encouraged by our achievements and will learn from our mistakes.