Forty Plus Cycling Club: Surrey Kent Sussex Borders Section (SKS)
Section Secretary: Richard Nainggolan
 Phones: 077 61 107 905  /  01293 786 126

SKSB secretary

Section Secretary Richard Nainggolan.

This Section is part of the Surrey & Sussex Section Group which consists of the parent Section Surrey & Sussex, the Surrey & Sussex Sunday, the SW Sussex, and the Surrey, Kent & Sussex Borders.  The Section was formally established on 16 April 2011 but had been running for a considerable period before then, demonstrating viability in the riding territory east of the central riding area of Surrey and Sussex.  Mapping and Venues for this section are a common resource to the Group, whilst the Runs List for SKS Borders is specific to the section.

Rides will be planned for the first and the third Wednesdays, of each month, throughout the year.  Whilst there are no hard and fast rules the Section encourages the practice of group riding from the morning cafe meet to pub lunch and onwards to an afternoon tea stop as desired by the riding group.  There remains nothing to prevent riders joining at the pub lunchtime venue, and of course all 40+CC members and prospective new members are most welcome to join in.

As is common throughout the Surrey&Sussex Group, the quieter and most scenic country lanes are used for riding in preference to the busier main roads.  Surrey Kent Sussex Borders, are blessed with an extensive network of country lanes and the territory is as varied as most riders would wish.

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SKS Borders Runs List

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Recent Pictures

At Bough Beech Reservoir

One of the many delightful venues in the Surrey, Kent, Sussex borders area

SKS Borders 21 Sept 2011. Riding the Forest Way, between East Grinstead, and The Huntsman, Eridge.