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Portable Electric Room Heater

portable electric room heater
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"my" space, that is. Since TSAM commented on the last b&w picture saying it was an "interesting living space", I am uploading this full-coloured one. This, by the way, is the desk I hope to finish "The Great Afghan Novel" on, one day. And here are the 10 things you might not notice in this picture (drag mouse over photo for corresponding numbers): 1. Shoes. In all of them. Two in each, in some cases. A girl friend once remarked that I may be that rare species of a male with a shoe fetish (right word?) She also by the way once complimented me as a metrosexual, but since I had no idea at the time of what it meant, I was taken aback. (yes, she explained.) 2. The portable Chekhov. I have read and reread some of these stories since I was 9 years old. (Two volumes of Ayn Rand that I hope to read below it.) 3. Five small square oil-paintings of men in straw hats on bikes that I bought from downtown Yogyakarta and that I hope to put on a wall somewhere and thereby rescue my room from its current, intolerable lack of posters, paintings and art. 4. Something will go in here. Something that deserves to go on such a prominent place right in front of me. I have no idea what, yet. And until I figure it out, it will remain blank like this. 5. Collection of Sohrab Sepehri's poetry. Dog-eared, torn, and proud of it. 6. Mini-Divan of Hafez, in equally dilapidated state with torn and dog-eared pages. I feel sorry for people who are in possession of books that look like they have just been taken off a bookshop's shelves. 7. Yes, that is i-tunes playing Shajarian's "Meykhane -o- Masjid" on repeat. 8. The missing string. 9. PS2 games I am hiding from my 12-yr old brother because they are too violent. 10. Electric heater. On. It is cold in Kabul nowadays.
Our Room
Our Room
This is our room in the old slave quarters. There wasn't any central heat and the fireplace didn't work, but there was a small portable electric heater that we put in the fireplace and plugged into an outlet in the wall. It made the room comfortable even though it was down right chilly outside.

portable electric room heater
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