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Wireless Adapter Network

wireless adapter network
    wireless adapter
  • A wireless network interface controller (WNIC) is a network card which connects to a radio-based computer network, unlike a regular network interface controller (NIC) which connects to a wire-based network such as token ring or ethernet.
  • A wireless adapter is a device that allows your computer to communicate with a Sky Broadband box without using cables. If a computer is not wireless enabled, either a card that fits into the machine or an external USB device, such as the Sky wireless adapter, will provide this functionality.
  • Connect as or operate with a network
  • Link (machines, esp. computers) to operate interactively
  • Interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, esp. to further one's career
  • an interconnected system of things or people; "he owned a network of shops"; "retirement meant dropping out of a whole network of people who had been part of my life"; "tangled in a web of cloth"
  • communicate with and within a group; "You have to network if you want to get a good job"
  • (broadcasting) a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programs; "the networks compete to broadcast important sports events"

linksys wireless adapter
linksys wireless adapter
GREAT FOR OUTDOOR USAGE!!! NEW IN SEALED BOX!!!The easy way to connect your desktop or notebook to a high speed wireless network Connect your USB equipped desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network at incredible speeds with the Linksys Wireless G USB Network Adapter. By incorporating two new, blazing fast technologies USB 2.0 and Wireless G the Adapter delivers data rates up to 54Mbps (5 times as fast as 802.11b), without the trouble of opening up the case of your desktop computer. To install, simply plug the Adapter into any available USB port. (It's compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports, but 2.0 will yield the fastest speeds.) It gets its power through the USB connection, so no power cord is necessary. Nw selling at $40 only.
[ 538 ] New Network...New Problems!
[ 538 ] New Network...New Problems!
Got some new networking equipment. Everything seemed to work fine for a while...until I couldn't get on the Internet from my office. Then the others couldn't get onto the net from their computers. I spent most of the day trying to solve the problem...but to no avail. Ultimately, I had to hook up a computer by network cable to the router and do some searching on what the problem might be. Turns out the router shipped with flawed firmware. Downloaded new firmware and installed it. Problems solved...at least for the time being. Sorry I haven't been around on everyone's streams as of late. I'll try to get on as I solve my problems...or I take all the new equipment back...whichever comes first.

wireless adapter network
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