Shakespeare in Motion!

 1 Shakespeare Solos: The Guardian recently published  this article where leading actors perform key Shakespeare speeches in a set of videos that capture the romance, tragedy villainy and magic of his plays. 

 2 Shakespeare in Motion! An article about an interesting experience that can inspire other teachers. Spark Media Project helped five 12th grade English classes re-imagine the works of William Shakespeare during a week-long animation residencyStudents adapted scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth by writing original scripts using characters and themes from the plays that were then turned into animated projects.

 3 The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Short and funny versions of Shakespeare plays. 

 4 Video Sparknotes

 5 Shakespeare_The Animated Tales for children produced by the BBC:

 6Shakespeare with Lego Stop Motion


Anonymous Movie Trailer Official. My friend Mª del Mar suggested me to introduce this trailer as this film can be a good start for a discussion about Shakespeare and because of the value of Derek Jacobi's English accent and intonation.