Toys for girls age 6. 907 big boy toys

Toys For Girls Age 6

toys for girls age 6
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Meet Salwa in Candle Land
Meet Salwa in Candle Land
Hi, this is Salwa, my favorite doll, she’s 22 years old now, I’ve got her when I was 4 !!!! isn't she cuuuuute !!!!!! :D I’ve been tagged several times, and here is 9 things about me for the new year 2009, hope you won’t feel bored, hehe ! 1. I love antiques, wood boxes, candles.... decoration stuff, and toys !!!! ..... so Ma always reproach me for buying a lot of them !!!! :D..... but I’m not interested in jewelry and beauty things, I don’t use make up, I love the natural beauty as made by God :) 2. I’m 171 cm tall (5.6 feet), I don’t use high-heels shoes, that would make me look like skyscraper !!!! :D.... I prefer sport boots !.... as I use sport boots I always steal socks from my brother !!! hehe :D 3. I love children so much, I have so attractive personality to them that they get to love me from the first sight !!!! I don’t know why, I just talk to them and give them some toys to play with !!!!! :D 4. I’m a very good listener, I can speak all ages and I love the wisdom and spiritual knowledge from elders, so they love me too !!! :D 5. My favorite sport is swimming, and I used to play basketball as well in school. 6. I dream in going to Africa, or at least a place with a lot of animals I can play with !!! the most interesting animal for me and I really would love to meet is the penguin, but I think it will be in my dreams to go to the South Pole !!!!! :D ...... and whales, dolphins, all kinds of birds, tigers, lions, elephants,..... oh my God... sorry the list is too long !!!!! :D 7. I love learning languages, I try to take every chance to learn some words... I love Italian so much, I don’t know why but I just love it !!!... I’m interested too in French, Spanish, Urdu.... etc etc etc !!! :) 8. I love books and movies of fantasy, adventures, detectives, any thing with middle-ages and Renaissance touch, social, stories with elevated and spiritual meanings....... I love many of them the list is too long, but my favorite one of all times .... of course you know .... “Lord of the Rings” !! .... and I don’t like “Titanic” !!!!!! I prefer cartoon movies, the best of them ever is “The Lion King” and “Finding Nemo”. I love documentaries so much, almost of all kinds, historical, animals, medical..... etc. 9. things that really upset me: - I HATE nudes pictures !!!!!.... they are meaningless and just spoil the scene or the movie !!!!! I HATE cheap jokes with bad dirty and meaningless words !!!!! .... Any thing that hurt the sight and ears and soul !!! - I get really so irritated by those guys who think themselves cute when they spray a lot of perfumes, or drive their cars with the stereo music at its loudest volume that can be heard in the next country, or chew gums, or tell silly things and do silly behaviors to draw girls attention to them !!!! ooooffff !!! ...... I see people with their brains and hearts not bodies !!! - Bad internet connection or slow computer !!! :D Thank you for being a great audience !!! wake up now !! :D
I Was A Good Girl At The Vets:)
I Was A Good Girl At The Vets:)
I had my first checkup with the super kind lady who will be my "forever vet" earlier this evening! I went right into my carrier all by myself and had Mousy & Munk ride in it with me....I hardly made a peep the whole way there. When it was time to be weighed I jumped up on the scale all on my own....I weigh 6 1/2 pounds already!!! My vet says I am a big girl for my age (just 5 months old) and I am very cute and sweet!!! I did not even blink when they took my temperature, and politely put up with the gentle hands checking my belly and teeth. My favorite part was when the nice lady let me play with the strange toy that she used to listen to my heart and lungs....that was fun!! Again I was told how cute I was!! She and my Mom were talking about Nikki and Mom got a bit teary eyed, and sad for a moment....after all, we were in the same room were Nikki passed over to the Rainbow Bridge so it must have felt a bit strange for my Mom. The nice lady told my Mom that this is a new beginning and that she is so happy for her that she found me:) She knows how much my Mom loved Nikki....she was also with Nikki and my Mom when Nikki crossed over. I know my Mom will never forget the kindness and compassion that she showed to Nikki during her last moments on this Earth. I now see why my Mom wanted me to meet her and have her as my primary vet. I was at ease with her right away!! On my report card she wrote that "Tasha is a beautiful girl...congratulations!!! This made my Mom very happy:) Oh....I also met my first dog up close when we were checking out!!! He was a super cute reddish brown poodle and I let him come up and sniff me through the bars on my carrier.....I did not hiss or puff up at him...which I guess is a good thing!! I am a very healthy & happy girl now....I even received a new present when we got home....a Skineez rabbit on a stick!!!! Thanks for listening about my big day:)

toys for girls age 6
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