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Best Toys For Five Year Olds

best toys for five year olds
    five year
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I kissed your face, I kissed your head.
I kissed your face, I kissed your head.
When I see shots of my boys (Son and grandson in middle frame) I think of what parents go through raising kids in this day and age. It’s got to be tough, I mean with all the things you need to do and know there is just so many things an ABC After School Special will do for a family. Case in point: Visiting the local grocery store the other day for winter provisions and foodstuffs, I’m in the produce lane looking at some sort of squash and thinking how nice it is that as an adult I don’t have to eat that crap anymore when all of a sudden this kid lets out a wail that stretched like at tight wire through the air. We’re talking the brat from Toy’s R’ Us – you know the one: he wanted some sort of toy that venders hang just about kid eye level to make that extra $4.98 for something that won’t last the ride home and apparently his authoritive unit said “NO”. He wails. She panics. So she pulls him to the side and says: “Now, Thaddeus, no need to act out, if you can’t behave then it will be time out for you and this time no PlayStation, just TV. WTF. Well let me tell y’all right now. When I was a kid there were two women in my life that had things in control. One was The Blessed Virgin Mary, the other was my Mother. You could get away with a lot from Virgie but you didn’t mess with Ma. MA would issue on the spot what I knew as Special Time Therapy – this basically consisted of picking up whatever was near and giving us kids a swift smack on the ass right then and there, no matter who was watching. In fact if there were other kids in the market they too would remain on the best of behavior in our presence. Oh, yeah, it wasn’t all that bad if we were in the bread aisle but you HAVE no idea how much damage a bag of vitamin enriched spaghetti can do to a seven year old’s posterior. So the next time you see a crushed package of pasta on the shelf just think “Old School” So pasta parenting aside, I can tell you we never, and I mean never acted out in the frozen or canned food lane. Well, not after my brother took issue with wanting a certain frozen dessert and started screaming. Boy that was a Kodak moment. His hearing is a lot better today and he rarely eats anything cold but other than that us kids are grateful for his daring exploration of mis-wants and even as adult I still cringe at the disquieting tick of plastic wrap. But that’s another story, for another time. Oh things are so much different today. As a parent myself, I slapped my daughter on the hind side once and felt bad for most of a month thereafter. I just couldn’t find it in me to go about administering instructional methods with bodily contact; even yelling seemed to be out of place. It just wasn’t me. We left most of that up to my ex. Of course I have resorted to threats in the past - a few years ago my two grand boys were totally out of control. Their mom was out for the day and so finally being fed up I sat them on the table and said. “One more time and you won’t be able to sit down for a week” Well kids being kids they looked at each other and then back at me and said, well if you spank us we’re telling mom. I looked them square in the eye and said. Your MOM is my Daughter, and I will say I didn’t do a thing, now who in the hell do you think she is going to believe? They have been good ever since. But there are other ways to handle mayhem, for instance: when my son would go “bratlistic”, instead of time out I would promise him that on the following weekend I would teach him how to spit from a bridge and then we talked about the bridges around town, different kinds of spit and how sometimes it would disappear before hitting bottom. Well for a five year-old we’re talking Steven Hawkins stuff here. So all in all I’m sure time out has its merits, I know pasta does. But then again, stepping inside your child’s imagination is the best tool ever. ============================================================= Title of Photo from "Just Like Heaven" Lyrics by Robert Smith and The Cure. ========================================== Glendale Skate Park.
NES Games
NES Games
About three years ago I finally figured out how to hook up the old NES again (I needed a new AC for it), but to my dismay I could only locate maybe four of the eight games we had. A scratched up Zelda AND the other classic, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Ranger, were there, thank God. Then one day my mom came home from a garage sale with a box that included another NES system and about 15 games, many of which I later learned could make a shit ton of money on ebay. I mean, who has a pre-rape Mike Tyson's Punch Out? My mom's the best shopper...she got it all for $20. I bet the kid of the parents who sold it wishes he never went away to college. And a side note, I think I was about five years old when my parents bought an NES system. It came with Mario/Duckhunt and included the gun, but my mom is super anti-her-kids-knowing-what-a-gun-is kind of mom and traded them both for I think Super Mario Bros. 2. When she got that stuff at the garage sale, I was stunned to see the gun, and surprised she'd let me have it at the young age of 18. Sadly, I still had this idea in my mind that I would go to hell and never ever used it. SB-600 on TTL, handheld just to camera left, but three feet from the pile o' good times. Triggered by built-in flash on Commander Mode "--" Disabled Auto FP in order to sync a shutter speed higher than 1/200th

best toys for five year olds
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