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Baby Hell T Shirts

baby hell t shirts
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baby hell t shirts - Hell is
Hell is Empty (Black) Fine Jersey T-Shirt, Baby Blue, M
Hell is Empty (Black) Fine Jersey T-Shirt, Baby Blue, M
Hell is Empty (Black) Fine Jersey T-Shirt, Baby Blue, M by Solid Gold Bomb

Solid Gold Bomb (SGB) is back! Printed on the American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton (Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester), this lightweight fine jersey is exceptionally smooth and tight-knit, making it just as opaque as a much heavier fabric but smooth on the skin. Made in Los Angeles, California - a superior color fastness, minimal shrinkage, fabric weight 4.3 oz/sq. yd. (146gsm).

Sizing Instructions - The following measurements are displayed in both inches and centimeters. A half chest measurement can be made with an existing garment, flat on a table, measured across the chest from the base of the under arms.

Sleeve Length - XS: 8"/20cm; S: 8.25"/21cm; M: 8.5"/22cm; L: 8.75"/22cm; XL: 9"/23cm; 2XL: 9.25"/23cm; 3XL: 9.5"/24cm
Half Chest - XS: 16.5"/42cm; S: 18"/46cm; M: 20"/51cm; L: 22"/56cm; XL: 24"/61cm; 2XL: 26"/66cm; 3XL: 28"/71cm
Front Body Length - XS: 27.375"/70cm; S: 28.375"/72cm; M: 29.375"/75cm; L: 30.375"/77cm; XL: 31.375"/80cm; 2XL: 32.375"/82cm; 3XL: 33.375"/85cm

75% (9)
Disclaimer: I was asked to do a hard task. The grandmother pulled me aside and asked me to film some shots of the baby so they could make some necklaces to remember her. To have her photo, all dolled up. I am going to post some of them because I am proud to have had her in my life as long as I did. Some might find it "morbid" that I was asked to do this, or that I'm even posting shots of her and other random things from the day (a cross, the setup), but this is my way of coping. There is nothing bad about them really but I know some might not want to see her. Later as everyone was leaving Marla knew something was up because I was still there cleaning up with her mom and she said "You're going to take photos aren't you?". I told her yes that Anne Marie had asked me and as she went to hug me she said, I'd never want any other photographer on this entire earth to photograph my baby than my best friend, thank you and i love you". She walked out and that was that. There I sat all alone to photograph this angel. In my life I separate my art time from my pain and struggle it is my release. This was the first time I truly had my art and lens cause pain. I cried the entire time I was taking these photos. I've not stopped crying almost all day. How the day went: Stumbled to the phone stubbing my toe, I had finally fallen into an almost impermeable slubmer. Faces of angels and cries alike flowing through my lobes and I felt sullen. Sullen girl, still looking back and living in the now like you strive to. Running from now. I could not scope the gravity of my sadness. My daughter was everywhere, my best friend was in pain and there was energy from her angel to. Saying works in a foreign language to stop the pain in my toe I was told "The viewing/funeral is at 4-9pm today. I was also given the OK to come regardless of exposure more every single person had the chicken pox and from what we have gathered last night not two days from now is the last day of worry for exposure. My mom looked in her diary to when she first saw bumps appear to when the pain actually started. Maybe she said that but Marla and family said they didn't care if I was doused in them they wanted me there. My mom was in to much pain to go and very sick. Big man was left home with her to get her drinks and stuff when she needed. Only thing she had to do was get her own medicine. Little man dressed in his best outfit, pressed khakis and a dress shirt, we got his hair cut yesterday (free woo!) and he looked sharp. I remember fixing the knot on his tie and thinking. One day I will do this for his wedding, fix his tie already done and he will say "AWW MAH STOP IT"S FINE" and smile large. Next to him I pictured a little girl dancing in a beautiful pink dress, bow tie in the back at her waist, a sun hat atop her head. And I perched my ear real big to try to hear the laughter that was not there. My heart was already breaking. In the car we go and on the way there I try to explain to him the severity of what he is about to see, feel, hear. How do you tell your child about these things without crying? I wiped tears and told him my heart was bursting with sadness and that I loved him. Tears welled up in his eyes as I spoke of the little angel departed. I told him to not be afraid of what he sees and while she might not look like a "normal" baby, normal is overrated and that she is a precious being. Beautiful no matter what. That he not say the words "I'm sorry the baby died, instead to say I'm sorry Ms. Marla and I love you". Pull into the LOVE funeral home; I see Marla's Expedition and grandpas car (her dads). For a while my brain wanted to believe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, that I was making this all up in my head and I'd wake up soon. Seeing their cars made it real. It took me four tries to actually park the car right. Two tries to lock the car and one try to get little man out of his car seat. In order though, my brain was the one rattled. Fifteen steps to the brass doors, and the violent red/green rug that just screamed funeral home. It took me to memories of the day we had my daughter's memorial, the day my grand mom died. The hushed dreary music flowing through the halls. Hallway was so long I wanted to run in the opposite direction no matter how hard it was to push my marshmallow feet to find the right room. Anne Marie (Marla's mom) walked out and gave me a huge hug, Marla was walking to the bathroom in the background and had not seen us yet. I asked how she was doing and she replied "I'm being the strong one, but Marla has not spoke a word to anyone". Little man hugged her tight and said he was sorry and loved her. Just like i said, and he meant it. She picked him up and walked him into another room and I went to find the bathroom. Turn the corner and Marla is sitting on a bench staring at a wall. For a split second she was me I was looking at and I was about 8
15/365 – ROCKSTAR
15/365 – ROCKSTAR
Day 15 of the 365 Journey. Kind of goes hand in hand with my Sugar Free Rockstar! Now that would have been a cool promo shot huh!? Maybe next time! What was I thinking here? Hmmmm, I bought this guitar on ebay a few years ago for a penny. That’s right, a penny, 1 cent, uno pence, one lil’ Lincoln, fountain fodder. Of course I had to pay $12 for shipping, but hell I got a guitar baby! I figured if I didn’t take it up like I thought I was going to, it only cost me $12.01….right?! So I learned a few chords, played a few tunes, and now it worked perfectly for my ROCKSTAR debut. 1….2……3…… Have a great weekend! Strobist: One Flashpoint monolights 1/8 power about 4 feet camera left at an 80 degree angle to subject Shutter speed 1/80s Aperture 6.3 ISO 800 Focal Length - 28mm White Bal – Auto

baby hell t shirts
baby hell t shirts
Artsmith, Inc. Organic Baby T-Shirt Southern Motorcycle Rider Hell On Wheels Rebel Flag - 3 to 6 Months
Product Number: 030-565718561 Feel safe putting this ultra-soft organic cotton tee next to your baby's skin. Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, this comfortable, earth friendly baby t-shirt is made from 100% certified organic cotton. Made in the USA by American Apparel * 100% organic cotton jersey * 5.8 oz ring-spun baby-rib organic cotton * Unisex design looks great on boys & girls * Cleverly-constructed neckline designed for easy on-and-off * Made in the USA, by American Apparel * Available in 3 - 6 Months, 6 - 12 Months, 12 - 18 Months, and 18 - 24 Months