Dear Friends,
I felt tremendous admiration for those two-hundred folks who started this year-long journey back in January.  And now, if you are among those who have completed the journey, I want you to know how especially impressed I am by you!  Well done!
If you have made Bible reading a daily habit, keep it up.  The best way to make the word of God a part of our daily lives is to make it a part of our daily schedules.
Meanwhile, I am offering two different year-long Bible study opportunities in 2013, and you are invited to take part in either one. 
First, if you feel that another trip through the whole Bible is what you need, please sign up for The 3x5 Club again.  We'll be doing it a little differently during the coming year.  I have created a better web site for the process, which will be launched on January 1st.  It will be an entirely online experience for 2013 participants, and I am confident that it will be exceedingly worthwhile.
Second, if you would like a different sort of daily study, the Daily Devotional Journal might be just what you're looking for.  Through daily Bible reading and reflecting, we will work our way together through a variety of major themes in Scripture.  It is certain to be a year of tremendous learning, insight, and spiritual growth. 
Please email me (DKalas@fumcgb.org) to let me know of your interest, and I'll register you for whichever 2013 study you choose.
Meanwhile, if you took the Bible test at the beginning of the year, you have the opportunity to take it again now and get a measure of how much you learned.  Just click on the Bible Test link here or on the side menu above, complete the test, and click submit. 
Finally, thank you for an outstanding year!  It was my pleasure, and I will always remember it with great fondness.  Plus, I look forward to what we will do in 2013 together!



Progress Report