Class Resources

Bruce Cantrall has a video of our November class session available here:  
Bruce Cantrall has posted a video of our September 3x5 session here:
Bruce Cantrall has completed and posted the video recording of one of our August class sessions.  You'll find the link here:  Once again, we're indebted to Bruce for providing this additional resource for us!
A video of one of our June class sessions is now available.  Thank you to Bruce Cantrall for providing this service for us!  If you missed all of our June opportunities -- or if you just want a helpful review of what we covered in our discussion of the Psalms -- we have the video for you:
Bruce Cantrall has completed his video production of our May class session.  If you were unable to attend one of our sessions in May -- or if you need the review -- click on this link: .  Many thanks to Bruce for his work on our behalf!
We have finished our reading of the Old Testament history books.  And so, too, we have completed our "Alphabetizing Old Testament History" device.  Here is a link to the summary that David provided during the May class sessions:
Bruce Cantrall vide0-recorded our first April class session.  You can watch that video here:  Many thanks to Bruce for providing this resource for us!  
Bruce Cantrall video-recorded our final March class session.  You can watch that video here:  This video will help bring folks who missed March's classes up-t0-speed.  It will also provide helpful review even for those who attended. 
During our February class sessions, we introduced a method for keeping straight the chronology of the Old Testament.  Watch this video for how to alphabetize Old Testament history.

Alphabetizing Old Testament History

Based on some of the material we covered in our January class sessions, here is a very simple presentation to provide an overview of the Bible's Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Meanwhile, here is a presentation that aims to summarize the fundamentals of the Old Testament geography survey that was part of our January class sessions.

Old Testament Geography