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Wireless Internet For Home Computer

wireless internet for home computer
    wireless internet
  • Wireless Internet Protocols are the suite of wireless protocols after Wireless Application Protocol 2.0 (WAP). It includes XHTML Basic, Nokia's XHTML Mobile Profile, and future developments of WAP by the Open Mobile Alliance.
  • Provides shared access to the Internet with up to 128 Kbps or greater (depending on service purchased) of throughput via a Wireless Local Area Network connection. It comes with a single Private IP address (DHCP) and provides a single connection to a single computer.
  • Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance that manufacturers may use to brand certified products that belong to a class of wireless local area network (WLAN) devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. 802.11 the most widely used WLAN technology.
    home computer
  • a computer intended for use in the home
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Desktop Computer Workstation
Desktop Computer Workstation
27" iMac | i7 Quad Core | 8G RAM - The iMac is used for most of my work (internet, photo, video). - I keep the iPad around for other stimulation (videos, news, etc...) when I am at home. However, it is my primary computer on the go (for most situations). - MacBook Pro is used only for professional level work on the go. I use the BookArc as a stand when its not in use to save space (and be protected from coffee spills). - One External hard drive is used for RAW photos and video content. (I keep these things off my computer). So when I load Aperture or Final Cut, it imports and saves content to the harddrive. The second hard drive is for my Time Machine backups. - Keyboard and mouse wireless. The less wires the better :)
Rob was hooking up wireless internet in my lab and... ended up accidently dropping his ibook on the hard floor. I was sure the screen and harddrive and everything was completely busted. It took him forever to even close the screen to take the thing home. but he managed to put it back together okay. Haha I couldn't even hook up a simple router. And for the people that think you can't open up a mac? Obviously you can. I replaced both the harddrive and ram in my macbook too with no problems. Just upgrading them, not because there were any problems.

wireless internet for home computer
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