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3 Wheel Motorcycle Plans

3 wheel motorcycle plans
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Aprilia SL 1000 Falco (#3)
Aprilia SL 1000 Falco (#3)
Strobist info: 1) SB-24 @ 1/2 power (maybe full power...) in shoot through umbrella at camera right, just out of frame; 2) Sunpak auto 36 FD @ 1/2 power in shoot through umbrella at camera left and slightly behind the subject 3) Minolta 5600 HSD @ 1/4 power on the ground, bare and pointed a bit upwards towards the front wheel (see the shadow of the direction indicator - this makes it pretty obvious) All 3 flashes triggered by "eBay triggers" PT-04, all manual settings. High-pass filter applied in GIMP, otherwise this is what came out of the camera. Shooting with Konica Minolta 7D at 1/125 (that's the x-sync time...), and since it was still quite bright, the aperture had to be F13, asking thus for a lot of power from the strobes. My bike as my subject of shooting. I was trying to balance the cloudy sky with strobes. In the end, I had to use three of them, although I was planning to use just two in shoot through umbrellas, however, the front wheel and the part under the front fairing ended up a bit too dark, so I put another strobe on the ground just between the camera and the bike. Thanks for looking, any comments appreciated.
scavenger 7 3 wheeled motorcycle
scavenger 7 3 wheeled motorcycle
I happen to change my shopping plans today and made a right turn. One mile down the road this 3 wheeled motorcycle turns into the bank parking lot. I follow and they are in the drive thru. I park at the business across the street to get a picture as they leave. What does he do, he pulls into the parking lot I'm in. He sees me with my camera and I get nervous. So I pretend that I'm still taking pictures in the direction he just came from. I felt like a private eye on a job!

3 wheel motorcycle plans
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