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Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike

specialized rockhopper mountain bike
    mountain bike
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  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country
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specialized rockhopper mountain bike - Topeak MTX
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX with Side Panniers
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX with Side Panniers
Made of 2520/840 denier, insulated main compartment, MTX rack compatible.
1500 cubic inches
Black cloured bag
Expandable panniers
Insulated main compartment

This is Topeak's largest MTX trunkbag featuring a new process that marries rigid molded panels with flexible 600 denier fabric to make it the stiffest, most weather resistant MTX bag yet. The divided main compartment features a two-stage expanding top plus side panels that zip open into full panniers for even more capacity. Compatible with all MTX QuickTrack racks with attached side frames. Features a divided main compartment with multi-stage expandable top, two side panels with expandable panniers, an elastic top bungee that helps secure items within easy reach, protective and water-repellent panels, and compatibility with all Topeak MTX QuickTrack system racks. A 3M reflective strip and RedLite mount offers increased visibility after dark and in low-light conditions.
Topeak's QuickTrack system makes mounting any QuickTrack equipped bag or basket to a Topeak rear rack incredibly easy. Simply line up the composite QuickTrack base with the channels on any Topeak rear rack and slide forward until it clicks into place--there are no tools, no straps, and no hassles. To remove, simply push the yellow release button and slide the bag or basket rearward until completely disengaged.
1 divided main with multi-stage expandable top
Two side panels with expandable panniers to maximize load capacity
Elastic top bungee helps secure items within easy reach
Limited to rack maximum load rating
Dupont Teflon coating
MTX QuickTrack System compatibility
Includes shoulder strap for off-bike use
Carrying handle
3M reflective strip for increased nighttime visibility
RedLite mount for increased visibility after dark
Elastic top bungee helps secure items within easy reach
Optional rain cover provides additional protection
Material: 600 Denier Polyester
Insulation: Molded EVA foam
Capacity: 750 cubic inches
Size: 14.1 by 9.8 by 8.5 - 11.4 inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 2.53 pounds

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Specialized Rockhopper
Specialized Rockhopper
Specialized Rockhopper 2007 model. I didn't like the paint jobs on the 08's. Has a Tora fork, upgraded from the Dart 3 it came with. The pie plate is also gone now. New grips, seat, pedals, and a few other things to come.
Mountain bike fenders
Mountain bike fenders
This is my Specialized Rockhopper. Over the winter, I added fenders to my mountain bike. They are made from corregated plastic yard signs. They work quite well.

specialized rockhopper mountain bike
specialized rockhopper mountain bike
Rockhopper Copper
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