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Minoura Bike Trainer

minoura bike trainer
    bike trainer
  • A trainer is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to ride a bicycle without moving forward. They are commonly used to train for races, or when riding conditions outside are not favourable.
minoura bike trainer - Minoura B60R
Minoura B60R Tiredrive Trainer
Minoura  B60R Tiredrive Trainer
Minoura Mag B60 Remote - 38mm diameter steel tubing is durable enough to support up to 265 lbs 29mm diameter legs are foldable for storage, rust-proof black paint, 7 levels of resistance are available via the remote control shifter, The flywheel is made from twin steel discs and weighs 1.54 lbs. Remote, Black, each.

Get fit without leaving the home with the entry-level Minoura B60R tire-drive bicycle trainer. The B60R is outfitted with a U-shaped frame that holds your bike's rear tire firmly in place.

The trainer's mag resistance unit offers 7 resistance levels.
Once you've clamped down the hub handle, your tire will be in position to drive the trainer's resistance unit, giving you an invigorating workout every time. The B60R is made to last, with 38mm diameter steel tubing that supports up to 265 pounds. The 29mm diameter legs, meanwhile, open wide for stability, but also fold up compactly for easy storage.
The B60R's mag resistance unit coordinates with the twin disc-type 1.5-pound flywheel to create seven levels of resistance, all controllable via the remote control shifter (included) on your bike's handlebar or stem. Whether you want to ride fast and lean or simulate an uphill climb, the B60R delivers. The trainer concludes with a rustproof black ED paint finish that won't crack or fade.

Resistance: 7 levels
Remote: Yes
Flywheel: Steel disc, 1.5 pounds
Usable tire range: 24 to 29 inches x 2.10 inches
Max load: 265 pounds
Dimensions: 24 by 15.7 by 18.5 inches (W x H x D)
Weight: 13.2 pounds
Warranty: 1 year (mag unit), 5 years (frame)

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I had to drop my YMCA membership due to financial burdens so I spent much less than the cost of a family monthly membership and picked up this Minoura Mag 500 trainer via Craig's list yesterday. It's been a while since I even sat on my road bike let alone broke a sweat. So for now I can work out in the comfort of my home and wait for warmer days to get out on my bike and put some honest miles on it. Look out world... strobist: sb800 high above and fired in commander mode. Is anyone else having a problem with commander firing their strobe and having the on-camera flash off --- and it still seems to be illuminating the subject? I have to block the on camera flash to get a proper exposure from my sb800s. I have version 1.10 of D300 firmware.
Wind Trainer - Day 359
Wind Trainer - Day 359
Not really a wind trainer - it's the magnetic resistance type. I'm expecting a lot of sessions on this thing over the Winter. Our weather is rarely bad enough to stop a determined rider, but there are definitely days when it's nicer indoors. I have ideas about software to do this sort of composite semi-automatically, but this is just a cut-and-paste by hand.

minoura bike trainer
minoura bike trainer
Minoura  RDA80D Rimdrive Trainer
Minoura RDA-80 Trainers.

A good option for MTB riders and road racers alike, who want to avoid the noise and vibrations caused by knobby tires on a tire drive trainer (MTB) or who want to warm up or cool down on a trainer without wearing down their expensive race tires (road racers), the Rim Drive Action (RDA) Trainer from Minoura drives the bike's wheel without ever making contact with the tire. The Minoura exclusive patented RDA80-D Trainer system drives the bike's rear wheel by contacting rubber rollers to the wheel rim's side wall, so that it doesn't touch the tire at all, eliminating tire wear, noise, and vibration caused by the tire tread pattern. With the RDA80-D Trainer MTB riders can train indoors with their bikes to build up their muscles and increase their cardiopulmonary function--without the hassle of having to replace their knobby tire for a slick for use with a tire drive trainer. And--the RDA80-D system allows road bikers to warm-up and cool-down at a race events without worrying about wearing down their expensive race tires. Equipped with a magnetic resistance system that offers 7 resistance levels, the RDA80-D is a system designed for endurance, strength, and fitness training for cyclists of all stripes.

The RDA80-D boasts a sturdy double-wall steel frame and can hold up to 264.44 pounds.
How the RDA System Works:
The basic mechanism of the RDA system is a pair of rubber rollers that pinch the rear wheel rim from both the right and left side. Each rubber roller is pushed toward the rim by a spring so that both rollers chase the rim automatically. The system's resistance unit is driven through the left side via a V-belt while the right side roller supports the rim to avoid the damage to the wheel. Damage to the rim is avoided because the rollers don't push hard enough to effect the rim surface. In addition, the rubber rollers are constructed of a similar non-damaging rubber found on a standard brake shoe.
Durable Double-Layered Steel Frame:
The RDA80 uses a durable and stylish double-layered steel Ergo-style frame. The frame's main pillar is designed with multiple dimensions that change from rectangular to hexagonal gradually in order to be much stronger than plain tubing. The backside plate of the main pillar is an independent part, creating the frame's two layers for lightweight durability and sturdy design. The RDA80's frame has a pair of brackets on each main pillar with long holes in which the Mag unit and the assistant roller are installed. By adjusting the roller position up and down, the frame can fit a wide variety of wheel sizes from 26-inch to 700c. The maximum load of RDA80 is 264.55 pounds / 120 kilograms including bike weight.
Quiet and Controllable Magnetic Resistance System:
Minoura pioneered the use of magnetic resistance on indoor bike trainers as an alternative to noisy fan resistance, uncontrollable roller pressure resistance, and fallible fluid resistance systems. The patented Minoura system offers smooth and quiet operation through a simple mechanism: one fixed and one movable magnet face each other and push or pull against each other depending upon the position of the movable magnet. Lines of magnetic force get stronger when the magnets pull each other. As the force builds an alloy disc located between the magnets cuts the lines and generates the resistance power. The resistance level is easy to control from low to high power by changing the angle of the movable magnet.
Resistance adjustability: 7 levels
Resistance system: magnetic
Flywheel weight: 1.76 pounds / 0.8 kilograms
Compatible bike wheel sizes: 26 to 27-inch, 700c (29-inch tires are not compatible)
Dimensions: 63 by 46 by 39 centimeters (WxDxH)
Net weight: 17.64 pounds / 8.0 kilograms
Maximum load (including bike weight): 264.55 pounds / 120 kilograms
Compatibility Limitations:
The RDA is not compatible with the latest disc brake specialized rim such as Mavic CrossMax Disc that doesn't have 8-millimeter or wider vertical area on the rim side.
The couplings are specially designed to fit the supplied quick release skewer. Minoura strongly recommends replacing your existing skewer with the supplied one before using the trainer. Minoura will not guarantee the stability if you use your own skewer on RDA80.
Any bike with internal transmission type hub cannot be used.
Hub nut type bikes can fit RDA80.
RDA80 is NOT compatible with Watt-Master.
Note on Tire Compatibility:
The compatible tire diameter size (edge-to-edge) on the RDA80-D is from 510 millimeters to 660 millimeters. However, the truly usable size of the RDA80-D is 540 millimeters or larger due to the bent bracket design where the Mag unit is mounted. Because the wheel/rim size on bikes differs depending on manufacturer and design, Minoura recommends measuring the actual size of your bike's rim to check for compatibility, especially when using a 24-inch wheel.
What's in the Box?
RDA Bike Trainer, instruction manual, special quick release skewer, warranty policy card