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Greenfish Sports S/S Club Cycling Jersey, Large, Grey/Black
Greenfish Sports S/S Club Cycling Jersey, Large, Grey/Black
We've teamed up with Louis Garneau to create one mean looking Jersey! Let all your friends know you're down with the Fish - Wear it on the road, the trails and the podium. Features Garneau's legendary moisture management and breathability to keep you cool, dry and ventilated. Available in ProFit for race days, and semi-relaxed Club fit. * Micro-Airdry fabric is breatheable and moisture wicking * Raglan Short Sleeve * 3-Back Pockets * 15" Invisible Zipper * Elastic at hem * Silver Fade, Greenfish Green * Pro Fit - Anatomic cut (Racer Fit) or Semi Relaxed Club Fit

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Forest "If it has two wheels, I'm game!"
Forest "If it has two wheels, I'm game!"
Where are you from? I'm originally from Louisiana, but I grew up in the greater Phoenix area, also having spent my last five years in Tempe, Arizona. What got you into cycling? When I was 21 I was going through a bit of a rough spot and decided to quit drinking and straighten my life up. I knew this one guy who seemed to have everything together and he rode his bike everywhere and always seemed to be super happy, so I figured it'd be worth a shot to try to do the same. I bought a busted old ten-speed Schwinn road bike and a few days later I heard about a party in my neighborhood that was a fundraiser for a brand-new cooperative-run bike shop in the area. After meeting the people in charge, they taught me how to work on my own bike and I loved it so much that I ended up joining them and spending a few hours a week for the next three years volunteering at the shop teaching other people how to fix their bikes and enjoying my new lifelong partnership with bicycles. How long have you been biking in the Northeast? I moved to New York back in the summer of 2009 and quickly realized that riding a bike is the cheapest, most convenient, and often times fastest way to get around the city, not to mention by far the most fun. Where is your number one location and why? I used to find myself missing the wide, relatively car-sparse roads around Phoenix and the convenient mornings spent riding around them, but lately I've really been into the easily-accessible bike routes and highways just upstate and into New jersey. They might be a bit of a hassle to get to sometimes, but the escape from the city and the rolling hills make it worth the trip just that much more. What is your most common mode of transportation out of the city? The Metro North/LIRR are nice if I need to get reasonably far out of the city, but more times than not I'll just ride my bike to my destination and consider it my warm-up ride. Favorite Northeast biking experience that sticks out above all else? Every outdoor enthusiast New Yorker gets asked the same question: Why do you live in New York. Why do you live in New York? I initially moved out here to follow my girlfriend at the time so she could try to get into school. After just a few months she ended up moving back home and I decided that I needed the adventure and just kinda stuck around. I found out that my story is actually pretty common. I think I made the right choice, either way.
Wawayanda 05
Wawayanda 05
Once upon a time I was an enthusiastic mountain bicycle rider. Every Saturday morning, I'd join a group of far more experienced (and better conditioned) men (and women) for a trip to one of New Jersey's mountain-bike trail networks. Frankly, I was completely unaware, until I stumbled onto this merry band, that New Jersey had such amazing parks. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm surpassed my ability one time too often, and I largely gave up the hobby while recovering from injuries sustained while inadvertently body surfing a rock garden. However, I still enjoy more mellow trails and single track. Wawayanda State Park features some rolling hills and trails, along with some more challenging segments that were a good introduction to the sport. (It was Ringwood that ultimately kicked my ass.) This photograph was taken with a cheap disposable loaded with 800 ISO film that was poorly scanned by CVS.

cheap bicycle jerseys