3 Wheel Dollies - Used Komatsu Wheel Loader.

3 Wheel Dollies

3 wheel dollies
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3 wheel dollies - Badger Basket
Badger Basket Three Wheel Doll Jogging Stroller - Pink/White
Badger Basket Three Wheel Doll Jogging Stroller - Pink/White
Style from all angles! Our three-wheeler is sure to be noticed. . .especially because of all the features such as the padded handle (height-adjustable), canopy, seat harness, and footrest.
Overall size of 24 inches long x 15.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches high. Height of 30.5 inches if the handle is adjusted to the highest, vertical up position. Foam rubber handle cover for comfort.
For dolls up to 20 inches. Storage basket beneath the seat is 8 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 3 inches high (6 inches high at front of the stroller).
Fixed (non-swivel) wheels are 7.5 inches in diameter. Seat bottom is 10 inches wide x 7 inches deep. Seatback is 10 inches wide x 12 inches high. Folding, non-removable canopy.
Three point seat harness keeps Dolly secure. Fabric leg flap between seat front and footrest. Plastic footrest measures 6 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep. Height adjustable handle.
Seat and basket can be removed for cleaning (machine wash cold, gentle cycle, non-chlorine bleach, air dry). Spot clean canopy.
Stroller folds flat for travel and storage. Folded size of 25 inches long x 15.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches high. Minimal adult assembly required. Illustrated instructions included. Metal frame with plastic components and fabric seat, basket, and canopy. Safety fold lock to prevent collapse or finger pinch. All measurements approximate.
Product features and/or appearance may vary slightly from shown/described due to continuous product improvement. This item is a toy only and is never to be used with real infants or pets. For children from three years old and up. Doll not included.
Measures 24"L x 15.5"W x 24"H.

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FOCUS35.COM FOLDING TRACK DOLLY $199 SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA vimeo.com/11779971 This is our new Folding Track Dolly. Frame is made of sturdy aluminum. The wheel trucks are fabricated out of 1-1/4" SOLID aluminum. They are cut, drilled, and tapped to allow for a smooth and sturdy ride. The dolly will run on 3/4" to 1-1/4" pvc. The wheels also fully rotate to accommodate for any imperfections in the track. All wheels have sealed bearings. This dolly will work with any tripod. It has adjustable leg locks that secure the tripod and dolly into one unit. When you're all done the dolly folds right up with the push of two buttons and has a carry handle for easy transportation or storage.
IMG 0702
IMG 0702
I got this Raleigh 3-speed cruiser for free at a garage sale. Here you can see my ghetto homemade repair stand, which consists of a piece of 2x4 with a groove cut into it (to rest the top tube in) clamped to a two-wheeled dolly with a C clamp. This has since been replaced by a nice Park Tools model.

3 wheel dollies
3 wheel dollies
Grip-On Tools 3-Wheel Movers Dolly - 160Lb. Capacity
This Grip-On 3-wheel movers dolly is specifically designed for moving furniture, appliances and more. It features a depressed center that makes moving items with legs easier. It also includes a padded surface that protects objects from damage. Rolls on three 1in. swivel plastic casters that provide easy mobility for oversized objects. 2 1/4in.H; 3in. base width; 160lb. capacity. Load Capacity (lbs.): 160, Base Dimensions (in.): 3, Wheels (qty.): 3, Roller Wheel Size (in.): 1, Wheel Type: Plastic swivel caster, Handle Included: No, Single, Pair, or Set: Single