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World Of Wheels Minneapolis

world of wheels minneapolis
  • Midway Station is the Amtrak train station in Saint Paul, Minnesota, so named after the Midway area which is roughly halfway between the downtowns of St. Paul and neighboring Minneapolis.
  • Minneapolis , nicknamed "City of Lakes" and the "Mill City," is the county seat of Hennepin County, the largest city in the U.S. state of Minnesota, and the 48th largest in the United States.
  • An industrial city and port on the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota; pop. 382,618. It is a major agricultural center for the upper Midwest
  • largest city in Minnesota; located in southeastern Minnesota on the Mississippi river; noted for flour mills; one of the Twin Cities
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground
  • (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events
  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
  • (wheel) change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"
  • universe: everything that exists anywhere; "they study the evolution of the universe"; "the biggest tree in existence"
  • people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest; "the Western world"
  • The earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features
  • Denoting one of the most important or influential people or things of its class
  • All of the people, societies, and institutions on the earth
  • global: involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; "global war"; "global monetary policy"; "neither national nor continental but planetary"; "a world crisis"; "of worldwide significance"

Hell on Wheels
Hell on Wheels
While I think Segways are kinda dorky cool, I believe the rental place in St. Anthony Main takes too many people out at a time. I've seen 30+ at a time and only 3 or 4 staff with them. They also have a tendency to ride in the road (which is not legal) with the potential to cause traffic problems. Instead of standing up and riding on 2 wheels we should stand up and walk or run on 2 feet. We are the fattest people in the world and could use the exercise. I do believe these are great for people who have a condition that prevents them from walking but only these people (well, maybe a mall cop).
Wheels for WWPD 2008
Wheels for WWPD 2008
Sunday was World Wide Pinhole Day. After taping my favorite pinhole turret onto the front of a Speed Graphic 4x5, I made my way down the track in the cold and the rain. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Or is it the other way around? Exposure 1:30, Fuji Acros 100, 10:30 in DD-X 1:4 - scanned contact print

world of wheels minneapolis
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