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Spin Bike Rims

spin bike rims
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Spin art whirligig
Spin art whirligig
Chain-driven painting canvas whirler, with 9 feet of space between the one who whirls and the painter/applicator. 2 hours to build with a crankset/bottom bracket linked by an 8 foot 1"x1" steel door jamb to one bike front suspension forkleg.+.deraillieur and 4 lengths of chain. Doubled 20" rim with two 3 foot sections or shelf angle welded on. Sam helps keep the rig stable. The base/ pedestal is a Nordic Trak re-purposed with 2 fold-up uprights to support the horizontal looong chainstay. The red post is from a bunk bed rail, the white and blue post is a ski pole. Stores vertically in @ 1' wide x 3' long x 9' tall space. Made for our local Emerson Jr. Hi. art instructor. Got paint?
the delivery bike
the delivery bike
The retro-urban delivery bike is ready for a ride! Some specs: - 29" retro rim (like from a dutch cycle, westwood profile) with fixed gear hub in the back - 27" retro rim in front (westwood profile) - cleaned 26" mtb fork (removed brake studs) - custom painted in beige,gray and orange - custom made advertising plate - bicycle basket in front - custom basket mounting - spinning bell - running on Schwalbe "delta cruiser" black wall tires

spin bike rims
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