Fun and games with a 3View PVR.

3View is a Freeview HD PVR with additional online and media player features. It's an interesting little box with potential for user tweaking. Under the hood is a basic, but functional, Linux system. As shipped the underlying OS is not exposed to the end user (though a telnet daemon is running by default).

The manufacturer 3view CE Ltd has apparently all but vanished, and their websites and customer support are no longer available. Thus owners must now fend for themselves if anything goes wrong.

Around the 23rd August 2012 changes were made to the Freeview EPG that apparently cause the 3view to crash while decoding the DVB SI tables. For most owners this has made their 3view effectively useless.

While there is some effort within the user community to try and find a long term fix for this issue, none is available at this time.

This site exists to document a hack that works around the problem, but does not fix it. 
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