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Welcome to the world of three verbs in a universe that was not made by a big bang. This is a very special world in a very special universe. This makes you a very special person living in it; you will soon learn, why and how!
This universe came into existence in the following sequence:
  • The genius or spirit of Truth 
  •         Principle of Life (consciousness and intelligence)
  • Design of Life (mother spirit, maternal instinct, biological dogmas etc.) 
  • Motion (Dynamica)
  •         Space (Big Bang and Expansion)
  • Matter ( First Hydrogen atom)
Psychology of life
The purpose of the episode of creation was not to merely create physical space and matter, as science claims in its Big Bang theory. 
What would be the point of that? A universe without any consciousness and intelligence, anywhere.
The sole purpose of creation, right from the beginning, was to, eventually, create an environment of consciousness and intelligence in which Life could form, flourish and evolve. The "blueprint of Life" was created before space appeared in the universe.

Because Life is always an embodiment of consciousness and inborn intelligence, its first appearance in the universe lay dormant
until the chemical elements to make the physical shell (body) had evolved in the universe.  

Furthermore, because the physical universe in its earlier stages was an extremely violent and poisonous place, no form of Life could survive on any of its parts.

It was later, after the Milky Way galaxy had condensed, our Solar system took its place and planet Earth found itself in a goldilocks position, that is, when biotic (favourable to life) conditions evolved on planet Earth, that the blueprint of Life,
which had been lying dormant, began to express itself, take root and become alive with a shell or membrane around it. Life became visible.

Imagine a universe of the form it is today, with no intelligence or consciousness around, to see it and know it.  Does it really exist?
If the scientific answer is "yes", then the question arises "in whose mind does it exist?"

The universe exists because it is known by human intelligence.

We need to pause and reflect here. Underlying Psychology of Life is profound and goes far beyond the physical attributes of matter. 

Discussion of the Sequence
In the genius of Truth, that is, in Unconditional Absolute Truth (Sanskrit: Satyakt), lie all the natural laws and rules of spiritual and physical Life. All laws and theorems of physical sciences and mathematics also exist in the genius of Truth as does all knowledge that can be known.

Without Absolute Truth as the foundation, there is no basis for anything to exist, either spiritual or physical.

The Principle of Feminine Spiritual Primacy is rooted in the Principle of Life and Design of Life, the next two elements in the sequence.

This has nothing to do with any religion or gender politics. 

By Design of Life, all types of life-forms - cellular, horizontal or vertical - exist in space and space runs in their empty molecular corridors. They have a physical shell or membrane to make them an independent entity with a distinguishing physical identity.

The reproductive process of each species is varied and complex. Most are based on the duality principle.

By design, a mother spirit, maternal instinct and many biological dogmas ensure an endless continuation of all species. The general rule of a super-abundant reproduction applies to all forms of life, even under the most difficult physical conditions.

A genius or spirit, so far unimagined by the human mind, is at the root of creation, both, organic and inorganic. 

Will Science, as it is today with all its tools and technology, unravel some of Life's mysteries? 

Following the sequence, Massless Motion, Space and then Matter appeared in the universe, all created to serve Life. It is difficult to visualize Massless Motion, that is , motion of space without a moving object in it. 

Life is the most significant component of the creation of the universe. From the very outset, Creation was meant to establish the platform for Life in its countless forms, throughout the universe. 

Recently, new evidence of the existence of molecules of life and water at the fringes of the solar system - upto two light-years away from Earth, has been gathered by Astrobiologists. It is quite likely that life molecules and water molecules will be found spread throughout the universe, thus lending support to the precedence of Life over matter, the underlying theme of this paper.

It may be described as an animating or vitalizing essence, understood to bestow life upon the material organisms. It is a catalyst without 
which an organism does not rise up to become a living organism. 

It is a passive, enabling, immaterial yet pervasive essence, essential to life. It has the elements of absolute truth, consciousness and intelligence at the rarest level.

It may also be considered to be the bridge between the living and non-living constituents of the universe. It is an invisible web pervading the universal space whose silken threads are the rarest space cells. In some belief systems it is called a soul.

Over the years many scientific experiments to prove its existence or identity have been unsuccessful. This is a reflection, more of the incapacity of the instruments used in the experiments to measure space cells than of the fact of the existence of spirit.

The principle of life is based on a personalised consciousness-intelligence composite which associates itself with the overarching Satyakt through the faculty of the individual mind. The individual intelligence remains conscious only when it is in an invisible bond with Satyakt.

This bond is one of compliance and two countervailing forces are always present in it, the force of Obedience and the force of Opposition to Satyakt. Born out of these two forces is the Equation of conformity to Satyakt. The Equation is the force of the individual genius guiding the individual being along the course of what may be called Life.

Life may be summed up as a sequence of experiences based on personal choices made in response to subjective (intangible) factors and other (tangible) cognized factors based on a dynamic intercourse made with the environment (nature, family, culture, society, national and universal) by the individual being.

Of course, the individual life at conception, comes equipped with genetic predispositions and the DNA code for the formation, growth and sustenance of cellular processes to form the visible physical whole - the body (biological roots).

The force of Obedience is status quo. It is constant and prevails naturally everywhere and impinges equally on all lives. The force of Opposition is a dynamic force impinging on the status quo and altering the flux of the Equation for the individual life constantly.
Life is impelled with an endless desire to be and to persist against all odds. To this end it has mastered the “learn and adapt” process.

Each new form of life born, represents the sum total of the consequences of all the acts performed by members of its biological and non-biological fore-bearers (Ayurvedic Karma). 

Guilt (called "Bread of Shame" by Kabbalah)
A human being can fool many people at once, but she/he can never fool her/his own mind, because the individual  mind is always in contact with Satyakt. This is the basis of personal guilt. The mind, subconsciously knows how far a person is deviating from truth in day-to-day acts, from the simplest to the most complex. We can never escape the consequences of our acts. Think about it.

The modern society is guilt ridden because it is deviating further and further away from truth. 

Three Verbs
It is a psychic model allowing a living form to gather and assimilate experiences of life, from act to act, day by day,  For more on three verbs click here for the book The Three Verbs of Being.
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