Our Mission -

The Confederation is a sovereign governmental union of sovereign tribes, chartered to promote the interests of the member tribes through ensuring our mutual support, addressing issues of mutual concern, promoting our shared cultural heritage, and preserving our identity and sovereignty

Our Purpose -

In order to promote the common good of our people, govern ourselves under our own laws, protect and maintain our tribal culture and preserve the legacy of our ancestors, we the people of The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation, headquartered in Bridgeton, New Jersey and The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware, headquartered in Cheswold, Delaware established this confederation of our three sovereign tribes. We have done so as an expression of the sovereignty given by the Creator to our tribal communities, a sovereignty that has continued from ancient times to the present, and as an affirmation of the shared history and common ancestry between our three interrelated tribal communities, made up of Nanticoke and Lenape families, which have remained in the area of our ancient homeland.

Defending Inherent Sovereignty -

Defending and asserting tribal sovereignty is essential to American Indian Tribes. "Tribal sovereignty" refers to the right of American Indian tribes to govern themselves and determine their own future. Attributes of American Indian tribal sovereignty include control of tribal land and the inherent powers to determine their form of government, to define conditions for citizenship in the nation, to administer justice and enforce laws, to tax and regulate the domestic relations of its citizens. According to chapter seven of Felix Cohen's Federal Indian Law, "...From the earliest years of the Republic the Indian tribes have been recognized as 'distinct, independent, political communities' and, as such, qualified to exercise powers of self-government, not by virtue of any delegation of powers from the Federal Government, but rather by reason of their original tribal sovereignty." Within the United States, sovereign powers rest with: the federal government, which is sometimes called the "supreme sovereign;" the state governments, which derive their sovereignty from the federal government; and American Indian tribal governments, the sovereignty of which predates both that of the federal and state governments and is independent of both.