The Confederation of Sovereign Nanticoke - Lenape Tribes is a union of historically and genealogically interrelated tribes of the Delaware Bay area, the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware and the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation of New Jersey. The Confederation is chartered to promote the common good of our people, govern ourselves under our own laws, protect and maintain our tribal culture and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. Member tribes benefit from collaboration and cooperation on issues of tribal governance, coordination with local, state, and federal government, ensuring representation in national and international venues, and providing a collective voice in matters concerning Indian Country.

While the confederation council consists of the elected tribal councils of the member tribes, voting is restricted to the principal and secondary chiefs of each tribe, with the chairmanship rotating between the principal chiefs, who serve as "paramount chief" for a single year. The structure ensures that none of the member tribes may dominate the others. Confederation Council deliberations are aimed at the forming of consensus on any decision. While the Confederation supports initiatives to expand tribal economic development, member tribes have pledged to maintain a ban on profiting from vice and will not participate in casino gaming.

Each member tribe maintains its own independent sovereign government together with the sovereignty of the overarching Confederation. The Confederation cannot interfere in the internal matters of the individual member tribes. The Confederation is an alliance for mutual support and advocacy. The Confederation acts to affirm and support its member tribes with the spiritual charge to prayerfully consider the legacy we have received from the last seven generations and the legacy we shall leave for the next seven generations of our people.