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Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning Products

baby safe carpet cleaning products
    cleaning products
  • Cleaning products as defined in this document refer to products that are used for the routine cleaning of the indoor built environment.
  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room
  • form a carpet-like cover (over)
  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"
  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something
  • A large rug, typically an oriental one
  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born
  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"
  • The youngest member of a family or group
  • A young or newly born animal
  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"
  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"
  • A condom
  • free from danger or the risk of harm; "a safe trip"; "you will be safe here"; "a safe place"; "a safe bet"
  • strongbox where valuables can be safely kept
  • a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests
  • A strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables
baby safe carpet cleaning products - Earth Friendly
Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated with Bergamot & Sage, 40 Ounces (Pack of 8)
Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated with Bergamot & Sage, 40 Ounces (Pack of 8)
Value Size - 40:1 Dilution Ratio, Powerful Concentrate
All Natural & Highly Concentrated
For use in hot or cold steam machines
Earthy Friendly Products Rug Shampoo is a highly concentrated, all natural cleaner for use in hot and cold steam machines. Because natural ingredients are used, color and body may vary.
Phosphate Free
Chlorine Free
Removes Tough Stains
Does Not Contain SLS
No Tested On Animals
No Animal Ingredients
Products are Biodegradable & Recyclable
Thank you for using out natural, non-toxic product. Each time you use our products, you are helping to maintain a healthier and sustainable home, lifestyle and environment. One by one, we can change the world and make it a better place. Let us know what you think and tell your friends about us. Write the Friendly people at Products, 44 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL 60093. Look for our entire product line at

85% (18)
"Hang jaga2 ayaq panaih, letak tempat jauh dari Rafiqh!" "Benda2 tajam macam pisau, gunting tu letak jauh ke tengah sikit bila buat kerja tu" "Jangan dok biaq dia main sorang2, perati tengok sama. Kalau diam lama sikit, pi jenguk." "Kalau dia tidoq pun, rajin2 jenguk tengok." Bla bla bla... My mom keeps reminding me about all consequences that might happen due to my careless. Thanks mom... I think all parents in this world are having the same problem once their babies are able to "move" by themselves... Yes, we have to think about the house surroundings, is it safe enough to raise the baby? No wonder nowadays we could found "baby/child-friendly" items everywhere... Babies love to explore, they learn about life by exploring anything around them. As parents, we must make sure the surroundings are safe and it’s also a good idea to get trained in first aid and CPR so we will know what to do when something go wrong. Somehow, baby-proofing will help us to decrease the words "No" and "Don't" to our babies in term to let them get healthy and safely play. Babies will get into everything. Just accept that right away. If it's dangerous or something you don't want your baby playing with/putting in his mouth, move it or secure it out of reach. Babyproofing our home usually requires a very thorough reorganization. It can help to get down on our hands and knees to survey the room from a baby’s point of view. Here is few tips on babyproofing : - Anything with edges: Cover with corner guards. - Appliances: If possible, keep them out of reach. - Bathrooms: Put toilet guards on each toilet. Unplug and store all bathroom appliances safely after use. - Cabinets: Put latches on all cabinet doors and never leave cabinets unlatched. - Electrical outlets: Cover all unused electrical outlets. - Floors: Fix splinters, nails, carpet tacks, and loose tiles. - Fireplaces: Block with heat-resistant grilles. - Furniture: Move furniture away from windows. Remove loose knobs. Put away glass-topped tables. When your baby is old enough to pull up to standing (about 12 months), lock in place any furniture she might pull on, such as dressers, bookcases, and cabinets. - Gates: Put one gate at the top of any stairs and another gate three steps from the bottom. Gate doorways as necessary. Don’t use accordion gates, as babies can get stuck in them. - Plants: Be sure that you have no poisonous plants in your house and that all potted plants are out of reach. - Radiators: Put guards around them. - Railings: Make sure that none are loose or have gaps that are 5" or more wide. - Tablecloths: Remove them—babies pull them down. - Windows: Put guards over any windows above the ground floor. Keep Out of Reach : - Ashtrays - Curtain cords - Electrical cords - Exercise equipment - Kitchen hazards - Matches and lighters - Office supplies - Plastic bags - Purses and bags - Razors - Sewing supplies - Loose strings or chains - Trash baskets Lock Away : - Alcohol - Garage items (gasoline, lighter fluid) - Guns (if they must be in the house at all) - Household products (bleach, cleaning spray, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner) - Medicine - Toiletries and cosmetics - Vitamins The list goes on... As parents, we must be alert to the environment around our babies. Lets babyproof our house right now!
Simple Solution® Stain and Odor Remover
Simple Solution® Stain and Odor Remover
You don't need a miracle to remove stubborn pet stains and odors - just a Simple Solution®. More than just an ordinary deodorizer, Simple Solution® completely eliminates all organic stains and odors. We're talking urine, vomit, feces, blood, dirt, grass, red wine, juice, coffee, tea, baby formula and more. As a matter of fact, Simple Solution® works the first time, every time! Guaranteed! That's because Simple Solution® combines advanced cleansers with beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This combination provides a powerful punch yet is safe to use on carpets, upholstery, pet bedding, clothing, tile, concrete, brick and any other water-safe surface. Better yet, all the ingredients in Simple Solution® are non-toxic and are harmless to pets and people.

baby safe carpet cleaning products
baby safe carpet cleaning products
Babyganics Cleaner Kit - Unscented
Babyganics Cleaner Kit - UnscentedMixed case of 12 products BabyGanics Variety Pack - a complete set of all natural cleaning solutions for the entire home! All BabyGanics products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for use around pregnant women, family members and pets. For your convenience, we offer an assortment of products: (3) bottles each of All Purpose Cleaner, Tub and Tile Cleaner, Glass and Surface Cleaner, and Floor Concentrate. All kits are available in the all-natural scent of lavender or in our traditional unscented formula. Each kit contains 3 each of:All Purpose Household Cleaner---Our most versatile formula was created to work on a multitude of surfaces throughout the home. BabyGanics All Purpose cleaner contains a special blend of coconut and soy based surfactants. Use our All Purpose cleaner liberally without the worry of harsh chemical residues! Glass and Surface Cleaner---is designed for use on hard surfaces leaving a magnificent streak free shine. Our Glass & Surface cleaner contains a proprietary blend of all natural coconut and sugar based surfactants. Try BabyGanics Glass & Surface cleaner on your granite countertops! Tub and Tile Cleaner---Gentle and safe for you, but tough on soap scum and mildew - BabyGanics Tub & Tile Cleaner contains a blend of natural cleaning agents including an organic salt (NTA Free), which provides superior cleaning power for common bathroom soils. So, throw away those rubber gloves and take an All Natural approach to a cleaner bathroom with BabyGanics Tub & Tile Cleaner! Floor Cleaner Concentrate---is intended for use on hard, non-porous flooring including varnished and polyurethane floors, finished wood, tile, vinyl and much more. Made with a combination of ingredients naturally derived from coconut and soy, BabyGanics Floor Cleaner Concentrate will leave your floors clean and safe time and time again. Also works great as a spot carpet cleaner or in a carpet cleaning machine for safe, no

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