Canadian Tire Travel Insurance

canadian tire travel insurance
    travel insurance
  • Travel Insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses and financial (such as money invested in nonrefundable pre-payments) and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one's own country, or internationally.
  • With potential medical, liability, cancellation risks involved in holidays, travel insurance is important, as deposits and rental payments are not refundable after a reservation has been confirmed.
  • The Operator strongly recommends that guests have their own travel insurance to cover valuable items, eg. Cameras, and to protect against unforseen cancellations or medical conditions that may occur during carriage, and the associated extra costs of accessing medical care around the islands.
    canadian tire
  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).

Road Rash Survivor
Road Rash Survivor
Road Rash Survivors On August 9, 2008, a terrible accident happened on the Lincoln Road near Fredericton NB, Canada. 10 Bikers known as CAV Members ( Canadian Army Veterans Bikers Organisation ) were traveling on Lincoln Road escorting a groom and best man to their wedding. They were in the Canadian safety staggered formation and were cruising along at about 60 km/h into an 80 zone. ( Speeding was not a factor ). The day was grey and the sun was trying to peak in but the clouds were too thick. It didn't matter... the 10 bikers were happy wearing their colors and the groom and best man wearing their tuxedos... all smiles.. it didn't matter if the sun was out or not. The ride was pleasant and it was going to be a huge surprise for the bride waiting at church since she had no clue her groom was arriving on his bike and being escorted by fellow comrades. I remember ( yes, I was the last biker in this group ), I remember turning into Lincoln road and a car cut in front of the last 2 bikers. So the first 8 bikers were ahead of us and ahead of the blue civic car. The biker to my right was named Graeme. I was on the left side of the staggered formation. I clutched and geared up to put some speed on to be at the same place as graeme. When I reached his side I lowered my head to check my speedometer. It read 45 miles per hour. Then, I smiled and knew I was in my comfort zone and I lifted my eyes back on the road to see .. tragedy. A red car was traveling towards us and he crossed the median and hit the first bike but the first bike never went down. The car mirror hit the clutch of biker 3 and broke his little finger. Then, he got the groom, the best man, Mark, my boyfriend and then swirled in the ditch. While all this is happening, the blue civic in front of me had slammed on the brakes and so did Graeme and me. I seen my boyfriend go about 10 feet in the air.. along with the other bikers flying off their bikes. I had 3 seconds to react for my actions. I was in the middle of Grame's back wheel and the bumper of the car. Do I hit the car and risk flying over its trunk and roof and land in front of it and die ? Do I close my eyes and pray that I would fit and try to pass between Graeme's wheel and the bumper ? ( Which was about perhaps 2 feet ) ..and risk taking him down or do I lay the bike down and aim for the back wheel of the car to reduce impact ? The stories I have read in blogs on cbc... and other places... sickens me. I am tired of being said I did the wrong thing ( some says I did the right thing ) ... well guess what people.. I must of done the right thing in many many ways. I am here to tell this story today. so laying my bike down to avoir killing a fellow biker was the right thing to do. I also saved a life that day. I walked to my boyfriend and applied a tourniket to his arm because he had a lacerated wrist, cut tendons, muscles and artery. His leg was broken in 5 places. The groom lost his leg. The best man had a broken arm and broken leg. My friend Mark got a detached retina along with severe whiplash and lost his short term memory. Accidents happens... but what sickens me is the fact people comes to you and says they would of done it differently. Good for them if they want to do it differently. ALL accidents are not the same. There's different ways of survival. Hearing Graeme tell me that I did the right thing was all that mattered that day. He said he lost his wife in a motorbike accident because someone never seen her and ran her over several years ago. Hearing my boyfriend thanking me for the saving of his life. Hearing the RCMP saying I am a true hero and I did the right thing.... being inside most of the New-Brunswick newspapers saying I was brave and received a bravery and heroism award is enough to make me happy inside and know I did the right thing. Will I ever get on a bike again ? It's been several months and I need to get a new bike. Our bikes were all destroyed that day. I plan on sitting on one today after I post this and I will try to put this dark day behind me... after all .. it's just an accident ... a reminder to be more carefull and on the look out for others that can't be on the lookout for themseves. I guess you need to be a biker to understand how serious it is to be safe on the road. The driver is not hurt... and there was no cell phone involved ( according to his statement )... he was talking with his daughter which was in the back seat and I guess he took down 6 bikers without paying attention to what he was doing. It's also a nice idea to insure your vehicule since this guy never had insurance on this car. Why drive without proper insurance and risk being in an accident like this ? I dunno if he really realises but this is affecting 10 bikers.... 6 of which needs a huge life adjustement because things are not the same anymore. Not with all the wounds and missing body parts. This picture shows 9 out of 10 road rash survivors. Front row(Left to right ): Alain (
Removalgroup Reviews Complaints - International Travel Insurance
Removalgroup Reviews Complaints - International Travel Insurance
Britons urged to take out travel insurance if visiting family abroad Foreign Office Know Before You Go campaign highlights risks to uninsured travellers Foreign Office research shows that a third of people do not take out travel insurance when staying with family and friends overseas. Photograph: Digitalknight/Alamy Britons planning to visit friends and family abroad this year are being urged to take out full travel insurance to help them should things go wrong. An estimated 12 million British nationals are expected to visit friends and family abroad this year but new research published by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as part of its Know Before You Go campaign shows that young people are more likely to buy a present for their host than take out a travel insurance policy. The survey shows that a third of people did not take out travel insurance the last time they stayed with family and friends overseas. More than three-quarters (77%) of those who stated that they were visiting friends and family this year and were not intending to buy cover said that saving money was a key factor in this decision. However, the FCO warns that not taking out comprehensive travel insurance can be a false economy as people can face serious financial difficulty if they need medical treatment or lose valuable possessions.

canadian tire travel insurance
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