3 Rib Tractor Tires

3 rib tractor tires
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  • a truck that has a cab but no body; used for pulling large trailers or vans
  • a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications
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Tractor made from a 1932 Chevrolet truck engine and transmission, a Caterpillar 2 Ton radiator, a rearend out of a 1910?s truck, and the steering post from a Farmall tractor.. Photo from America. This is a collection of images of Homemade tractors, American Doodlebugs, and Swedeish A and Epa-traktorer. Many of the images here I have found all over the internet! If anyone find their own image here and disapprove of me showing it here, just send me a message and I will remove it/them images!
Cole Driving the Tractor
Cole Driving the Tractor
I have so many pics from the Orchard that I probably will never get around to posting but I loved these two of Brody and Cole on the tractor. I wish the people werent in the frame on this one of Cole but his smile is so perfect I had to go with this one.

3 rib tractor tires
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