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I report  Korvettenkapitän Dempel or his son or his command have me since 2011 by psychotronics hundreds of times tried to murder to pins or hacking software on my smartphone to loaden. yesterday night I was by kk dempel with psychotronics gay raped by means of psychotronics, he commanded in the MUS plön also an ex-East German gay aggressive lieutenant of the truppendienst, who also known as terrorplanning or preparation or leadership, always I reject ss Führung. as for 9/11 or in bataclan amok or German Wings lubitz crash which is so similar conditioned by psychotronics. dempel psychotronics is equipped to make torture and social, health and economic consequential damages 24/7 into me in use and often abuse million people or decision-makers as in the Bundestag influenced, delayed, disturbed. 66% of students are by psychotronics schizophrenic because they manager makers could be. psychotronics victim was I also am studied when I one NATO thesis wrote and as a competitor on the strategically for NATO supply important sea labour market work wanted and the driver's licenses of the mental health depend. dempel had obviously never scruples, morality, ethics and has every risk on federal budget or enemy of constitution taken. I have fundamental rights to work and do career choices. I have nautical studied and wanted since 5 years so work. due to high HTV tariff rate and the ship owner binding to the HTV can I as German not work to a ~ half HTV pay& at the international labour market participate and is intended for almost double philipino this year in the same operation only the least make be allowed, depending on the non-German team, is little competitive. kk dempel has against me necessarily several times a psychological opinion illegally against its obligations from the soldatengesetz send me the employer imposed, who also a KGB agent is me the buying a scrap-boat to corrupt costs imposed, 5 years psychotronik terror by terroristic hacking of t-mobile infrastructure to me the sea qualifications that I in front of the armed forces under dempel without problems had, way to slander and my temporary professional certificates also, so I can't compete on. dempel is the worst terrorist in Germany, because he federal uses and has through the insidious, invisible psychotronik use in the Russian interest as the KGB thousands of people in Germany in "accidents" killed, 10 ^ 9 € + damage done or hundreds of thousands of crimes committed or instigated largely against federal interests. see
 all feel the Moscow s28 signals on 4mhz in the brain, because this is not visually read were , if  knows you the noise and can themselves control in self-defense. otherwise one is evil, unaware enslaved, presumably to someone recruited as kgb amok killer. the arrangements of Antonov and dempel, dempel baer breitkreuz, dempel employment, etc. limit my fundamental rights to be paid work and free career choices, free movement. I want not slavery in my home land unpaid service for the damned ss Germany make for years. the Stalinist terror the KGB agent officials will avenged from me. psychotronics attacks are offenses: assault, heavier injury to death, computer fraud, terrorist Association, coercion, threat, spying of privacy, ionizing radiation. in international law is psychotronics torture, ... I must because of the  disturbing psychotronics 
Microwave  beaming ask you to patience for a new facts. dempel acts without superior command or arrangement and said he wanted to earn a favor of CDU party. I guess he said the KGB cell in the CDU thus, otherwise he would have for the CDU more useful deeds made. dempel is korvettenkapitän and inspektionleiter in the marineunteroffiziersschule plön. so, he is a military commander and the fact that he me, small worker civilian, forces to acts inverse to my wealth or free will, or be led or commanded by other soldiers-terrorists, is dempel a civilian superior, who fails, his subordinates to prevent after war laws to commit a crime, indeed dempel puts me on a list to get me decomposed to leave as of the Stasi. I request that dempel is punished like a perpetrators of the subordinates committed crimes . dempel is his command or his family is equal to that in a troop actual command or force & leadership and control exercise by false dispositions or computer sabotage. I way out that the pursuit of crime after this law and the enforcement of the because you imposed penalties not lapse. dempel has in the intention of a religious or ethnic group as German Sunnah Islam as such whole or in part to exterminate, a member of the group killed, namely my father. dempel has in the intention of a religious or ethnic group as German Sunnah Islam as such whole or in part to destroy, a member of the group, in other words me severe physical or mental damage by psychotronics over at least 5 years 24 / day 7 days / week in particular in § 226 of the criminal code kind referred to, added, dempel compelled me from each apartment with the pretext a soldier must be there to move in, but is not really happen, my untouchable private rooms and all other fundamental rights or human rights by the bundesleistungsgesetz get destroyed. dempel also provides other group under living conditions that are suitable your physical destruction whole or in part to bring about, by cold, permanent radiation, the cancer generated or forced legal counselling to against the will and dignity to force. me has dempel from the citizen register disappeared for 3 years without that I of them got notified. I have that so not get mail delivered  . I was forced of master sergeant baer in dempel command to buy me a old wood boat from the nachbarschule in travemünde seemingly within the meaning of bundesleistungsgesetz as a requirement, then he has my eBay account as proof deleted. I may the boat for the conservation of my arbeitsführeescheine not allowed to, but only numbers. I keep out of another state in front of the terror escape. in the MUS plön have me his command even an ordered watch stolen from the mail. 4. i'm being through psychotronics microwave frequency genetically neutered, as well as other Sunnis, Catholics. the frq beams into the brain and is also to the hormone proteins destructive to registered cancer genes (  . this cancer frequencies run in the absence of feelable effects day and at night. I can suddenly do no small basics arithmetic or may not objects visually differ from each other or can't talk but just stutter because my larynx are automatically closed or can't breathe, because my vegetative nerve centre sends not nerve impulses by concious concentration on breathing so that only other muscles sustain breathing or paths planning to suddenly not conceivable destinations 200 meters away is not thinkable since my MUS plön stay. I would as before have to hear me at the counting of things , because I concentrated on it  but at will of the dempel command handler to voice talk on filed actions and their dialogue representations I hear intracranial brain voices. I hear their will voices as long as to commented from the speed or cocaine high terrorists in dempel command until I make a visible outer error or the inner Act as in the psychotronics software interface described occur would have to and this episode awesomely commented is to the mix between I Cyborg and satellite using observing dictator . sometimes are Internet chat texts acted or by a synthetic voice disjointed read, mainly screaming and arrogant. the necessary artificial intelligence was in KGB middle circles in Russia developed to the Google tensorflow neural net framework for database and the speech framework syntaxnet. the dempel führungskommando uses probably this software. I can in applying some transport channels no longer speak, is applied with me only in observed the presence of women, because my handler probably hides his homosexuality behind his obsessive obedience , because this has in sleep or awake often gay audio or even visual hallucinations in my brain projected and by microwaves stimulation of the glands hormones distributed me legally spoken raped. last visual sleep lucid dream programming was a elephant head for Hindus, it had also a sexual arousal take place. why? I have not already religion change for this führungsterrorcell or a terrorist attack make! but only the lower energy / area outside in relation to the UMTS router in the MUS plön protects me or other before as human rightless cyborgs mutually every kill. so lets dempel measures impose, the births within the group prevent should. dempel as 3.reichsfortführer has as part of an extensive or systematic attack with the Deutsche Telekom or t-mobile base stations even without monitoring handler at night against a civilian population at will on a fixed area of hundreds sqm. 1. a man killed, namely my father. 2. the intention of a population whole or in part to destroy, this every part of this under living conditions presents, are suitable their destruction whole or in part to bring about, each night in bed awaken and awake keep to an escape trigger by painful microwave nervous stimulus or confusing hostile negative influx force to accidents, dispute, attacks like by psychopaths. me prohibits dempel etc. the registeration, administration tasks, messaging or heating, water, toilets, hygiene, work, apartment, economical households to forced depts. if I look in direction of a middle highpower t-mobile mast , I am physically paralyzed. I can't use the emergency call  because of a network connection error at the other ISP. in interet I don't get work looking around by censoring mails, loading time. i'll be politically persecuted because dempel distributed my Bundeswehr health file illegally to other authorities& KGB agents. 3. human trafficking operates, I was against my sake of the KGB cell küstendienst moved to participate by dempel who otherwise  people so me enslaved by force to omission or  unpaid action in the Internet or forces thereby a property right on me presume by forced legal counselling by mail filtering, hacking, computer fraud, psychotronics, forced administration counselling surreptitiously, medical operations are planned and by microwaves carried out in the brain.
 in Bremen has dempel me which lawfully in an area staying, distributed or forcibly transferred to Schleswig-Holstein, the land of my enemies by dempel under violation of a general rule of international law by expulsion after bundesleistungsgesetz or forced y other psychotronics coercive from my apartment in the vicinity. I had to move on command of the bundeswehr recruiter in Bremen 10 months prior to the service to Kiel but I was forced by Dempel commando not to register as a citizen so I could not vote on the federal elections forced
  by psychotronics in another state or to another area , as well as my father didplaced by kgb terror of Dörfler and in the camper around the world sent by such psychotronic visions after Israel, Iran, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, France, on the escape before dörfler or other KGB-terrorists. dempel keeps me in Kiel firmly, such as a soldiers, which is in his custody or otherwise by psychotronics under its inspection is, tortures me significant physical or mental damage or i suffer inflicts that are not only a result international law permissible sanctions because I am no kombatant , but civilian. dempel or his command has me sexually forced or raped, the fertility & triebes since 2011 deprived or in the intention to affect of the ethnic composition a population to disappear a people in this way forcibly  leaves that it in the intention of him for a long time the protection of the law to escape, in other words me the heard prohibits dempel to claim because of computer fraud & terror or injury & terror every day or complaints or claims with danger in arrears forced prohibits. I have met no officials here in kiel , which is constitutional at law bound, because from the mention of the restriction of my human rights refuse officials under penalty theor duties. only the oaths on the 3.reich or DDR MFS Stasi fdj NVA or KGB have peversely bound the officials literally, because I know these I can reject the behavior , without knowing behave all wrong for the Soviet Union. for the KGB CDU cell so on behalf or with the approval of a state be it now the 3.reich or the GDR or FRG or a political organization as the CDU i'll in serious way of the physical freedom robbed by paralysis my extremities or sleep deprivation or count or arithmetic prohibited by special microwave frequencies, the only on the necessary brain centres Act, when the handler it clicks, if I by cell phone geo location, camera, satellite images on infrared, radar, roentgen, visible locatable am without having in further on demand immediately truthful information about my fate or my whereabouts granted, because I in citizen register was disappeared or in other registers changed at will. I suspect that soon my mobilphone again deleted, I have on a boat for years worked and was not be reached at home in the garage, dempel has its operations against me always sweared off or kept secret on behalf of the state FRG, DDR, 3.reich, Soviet Union or political organization CDU or contrary to a legal duty refused, immediately information about the fate and the whereabouts of me to grant, even me about my father, who since 10 years at least abroad the road was or me in forced legal succession the physical freedom deprived was, or a false information for this purpose granted, 8. a different people severe physical or mental damage, especially in section 226 of the criminal code kind referred to, inflicts, 9. a people under violation of a general rule of international law in serious way of the physical freedom deprived or 10. a identifiable group or community pursued by her from political, racial, National, ethnic, cultural and religious reasons, for reasons of sex or from other according to the general rules of the international law as prohibited recognized reasons basic human rights deprives or this much restricts. dempel makes billion expensive crimes against Muslims, Jews or Catholics with different excuses in the intention of a institutionalized regime so the 3. reich for the Soviet Union, on the dempel the new soldiers sworn has in the MUS plön to the systematic oppression and mastery by use of the Deutsche Telekom or t-mobile reprogrammed to psychotronics energy guns against a racial group as German, immigrants in Germany by another as Russians or Slavics maintain. dempel has in connection with a the afhhanistankrieg or syrienkrieg or continued war against the 3.reich as international or no  international armed conflict 1. after international humanitarian law to protected persons killed like my father by psychotronics 2. after international humanitarian law to protected person hostage taken, like me, which in kiel not free movement may. 3. after international humanitarian law to protected person like me cruelly or inhumanly treated by psychotronics mutilated, crippled disabled for military service by its significant physical or mental damage in the brain or suffer inflicts, in particular, tortures or mutilated, 4. after international humanitarian law to protective person sexually needed or raped, but not every night, but only monthly about, my fertility deprived 24/7 6. after international humanitarian law to protective person who is lawful in an area staying, leaves or forcibly transferred by under violation of a general rule of international law by expulsion or other coercive means in another state or to another area , this corresponds to the purpose of the bundesleistungsgesetzes (must be read )! 7. dempel has against an according to the international humanitarian law to protected persons done a significant punishment, in particular the death penalty or imprisonment imposed or enforced, without that this person when using impartial ordinary court proceedings, which is the international law required right guarantees offers, condemned has been, 8. after international humanitarian law protected person like me in the risk of death or serious health damages brings by a) such a person attempts by psychotronics made in which they are not previously voluntarily and expressly consented has or neither medically necessary are still in his interest is carried out at such a person like me medical not recognized treatments as psychotronics applied, 9. after international humanitarian law  protected person in serious way degrading or degrading treatment, dempel or his command have a protected person within the meaning of paragraph 6 no. 1 with violence or by threat with a sensitive evil as psychotronics intracraniale voice hallucinations conviction, torture and forced unemployment or forced service for the armed forces of a hostile nation namely the 3.Reich or the GDR or 4.  members of the opposing party Germans with violence or by threat with a sensitive evil e.g. psychotronics, hacking necessary in war for psychotronics, forced in botnet against my country to participate, comes with imprisonment not under two years punished. in the international armed conflict: protected persons as defined in Geneva convention and additional protocol I (plant to this law), in particular, wounded, sick, Castaway, prisoners of war and civilians; 2. not International armed conflict: wounded, sick, Castaway as well as persons who are not directly hostilities participators and to the violence of opposing party there; 3. international and in not international armed conflict: members of the armed forces and fighters of the opposing party which the weapons have layed down or are otherwise defenseless . dempel has in the context of an international or not international armed conflict sacked or without that this is due to the requirements of the armed conflict forced , otherwise significant international law things the opposing party, to the violence one's own party is subject, destroyed like my old Ford Fiesta with me inside by a forced accident , located to dempel's will like my wooden boot, my watch seized, it is with imprisonment of one year up to ten years punished. (2) who in the context of an international armed conflict international law orders that rights and requirements as my studied profession licenses or the health certificate of me is prohibited without the administrative correct procedure for dempel fun or I get fired of jobs because dempel decomposing my chef, collegues or me, so my life income is below average life income of my profession or a German or same problem of all civil german sailors, also forced canceled careers in favour of russian sailors or be exposed or in court, it is with imprisonment of one year up to ten years punished. worse is the almost not feasible , decomposed by dempel and alike supply of foward NATO in the war against Russia whose sailors or Indians, Filipinos replace  Europeans for a Russian politically dictated tariff in Europe on civil ships. The USA say l publicly that the supplies to EU no longer than 6 months goes, in the absence of civil NATO seamen, because of expected high civil sailors losses in Russia war 2017 comparable to the 2.ww. dempel and his command have in the context of an international or not international armed conflict 1. military means by energy guns psychotronics to which in the Deutsche Telekom only SS authorities have access and the software code changes with the help of KGB agent to an attack against civilians and Germany as legal entity or against individual civilians like me directed that to the hostilities in Syria or Afghanistan or the Luther's türkenkrieg not immediately so promptly or spatially close as in the English version participated 2. military means like psychotronics are an attack against civilian objects as i have suffered in the church, school intended as long as not stopped by the international humanitarian law as such protected, namely building that the worship, education, the art the science or the charity dedicated, historical monuments, hospitals and gatherings for sick and wounded, undefended towns, villages, dwellings or building or demilitarized zone and equipment and facilities, the dangerous forces contain 3. with military means performs an attack while as safe expected that causes the attack, the killing or violation of civilians or damage to civilian objects in a extent , the relation to the total expected direct and immediate military advantage stands out , 4. after international humanitarian law a protected person as shield committed to the opponent of war against certain goals hold 6. as commander orders or threatens that no pardon is given, or 7. a members of the opposing forces or a fighter the opposing party murderous kills or wounded as psychotronics brain damages also can be called, to classify this, it is with imprisonment not under three years punished. in less severe cases, the number 2 is the punishment imprisonment not under one year. (2) gives the perpetrators by a fact referred to in paragraph 1 no. 1 to 6 death or serious violation of my 10 years investments in my civil education (§ 226 of the criminal code) or after the international humanitarian law to protective person, it is with imprisonment not under five years punished.  the perpetrators leads his kommando to cause the death of my father intentionally , is the punishment lifelong imprisonment or imprisonment not under ten years. § 12 war crimes the use of prohibited means of warfare (1) who in the context of an international or not international armed conflict 2. biological or chemical weapons used as the plöner Lake h5n8 bird flu samples and the redistribution to other EU nations is responsible for the responsible ABC squad in the MUS plön or is with imprisonment not under three years punished. (2) gives the perpetrators by a fact referred to in paragraph 1 death or serious injury to a civilian (§ 226 of the criminal code) or after the international humanitarian law to protected person, it is with imprisonment not under five years punished. leads the perpetrators to cause death intentionally, is the punishment lifelong imprisonment or imprisonment not under ten years. section 3 other offenses unofficial table of contents § 13 violation of the regulatory obligation (1) a military commander, who intentionally or negligent fails, a subordinates, of his command or his actual control is subject, belonging to oversee, is due to trtransgression of the regulatory obligation punished, if the subordinate commits a crime after this law which impend the commander recognisably was and he could have prevented . dempel or hid relatives or 1.inspektions stammsoldaten of the MUS plön do the hacking, computer fraud or data manipulation in my smartphones & notebooks he commanded after the end of his military responsibility, as well as my attempted killing by heavy interventions in my traffic behaviour by psychotronics in the car or in dangerous work and bothers me every  day still after 5 years internally by torture brutalized to aggressive unconscious behavior or obedience to situation context enstranged, state-forced agreement  against my focus on the basic skills, e.g. counting, schedule planning, concentration, social behaviour that I instinctively could for decades. (2) a civilian superior, who  intentionally or negligent fails, a subordinates, of his administrative force or his actual control is subject, belonging to oversee, is due to transgression the regulatory obligation punished, if the subordinate commits a crime after this law which impend the supervisor easily recognizable was and he could have prevented. in his free time commands dempel me directly with psychotronics frequencies, which i physical suffer immediately causing digestion colics, muscle spasms, respiratory arrest, diarrhea, bladder irritation, all symptoms of the microwave syndrome, or my sake or my intention is inverted similar to the described effect of BZ without too painful torturing because I loose my self consciousness despite my otherwise effective drugless meditation techniques, e.g. Acupressure to relief some symptoms. by psychotronics is  the world led by an assassin or amok terrorist using slow neutron bombs equivalent , I think true for mankind. (3) section 4 para. 2 is true accordingly. (4) the deliberate violation of the regulatory obligation is with imprisonment up to five years, the negligent violation of the regulatory obligation is with imprisonment up to three years punished. unofficial table of contents § 14 refrain from the message of an offense (1) a military commander or a civilian superior, who fails to note to bring a crime after this Act, which a subordinate committed, immediately for the investigation or persecution of such acts competent place is with imprisonment up to five years punished. dempel hacks my statements, claims or reports me as perpetrators after KGB rule 41 where I obviously can not theft cryptokeys or weapons in his 1.inspektion with restricted hardened alarm access where proofs against me are faked . (2) section 4 para. 2 is true accordingly. unofficial table of contents plant (to section 8 para. 6 no. 1) the Geneva convention for the purposes of the law are: - I. Geneva convention on 12 August 1949 for the improvement of the loose the wounded and sick the armed forces in the field (bgbl. 1954 II S. 781, 783), - II. Geneva convention on 12 August 1949 for the improvement of the loose the wounded, sick and shipwrecked the armed forces to Lake (bgbl. 1954 II S. 781, 813), -iii. Geneva convention on 12 August 1949 via the treatment of prisoners of war (bgbl. 1954 II S. 781, 838) and - iv. Geneva convention on 12 August 1949 for the protection of civilians in times of war (bgbl. 1954 II S. 781, 917). the additional protocol I for the purposes of the law is: additional protocol to Geneva convention on 12 August 1949 on the protection of the victims of international armed conflicts (protocol I) of 8 June 1977 (bgbl. 1990 II S. 1550, 1551). as a result of them are since months my basic brain function seriously injured: I am forced intervals 2 to 4 hours awakened by painful urge to urinate never got that in my life, a symptom of the area-denial microwave syndroms on walkways to my place of residence, on the work place, but nowhere in unused areas. I am suddenly brightly awake and can not close my eyes staring into the darkness in sleep time and hear 24/7 the terrorists operators who me psychotronically lead as a Cyborg, although I am since days tired and exhausted. I have a brain and a primitive self-before danger activates  my brain by psychotronics. I see since months deteriorate my basics math calcs skills up for exclusive intracranially voice receptionbof East German MFS / mad / SS terrorists like dempel, dörfler or other in a network of audio with voice synhesizer like tensorflow syntaxnet to the organization of terrorist networks. the operators / handler / controller use this psychotronics intracranial forced voices 24/7 , operate in the Deutsche Telekom network to condition the terrorists to all offenses, in the situation fit for the kgb. my thoughts alpha, beta, delta, ... waves are suppressed& interfered by the suggestive psychotronics with higher effective power than the bio-electrical energy of the brain. previously was the psychotronics sistem from the KGB here overtaken and the German intelligence services operate this continued. my sprachzentrum in the brain is hindered so that I don't talk with people as before 2011, probably depends the verbal talktime on the forced recordable&recorded telephone time proportional in tensorflow network that the psychotronics connections switches. the effective frequency is an important variable in the network. I have Parkinson similar dystonia in skeletal muscles, had now also neurological pain and paralysis and light dystonia, numbness, in the arm&legs within 30min the quiet sitting in order to my heart muscle off. sometimes jumps my leg while sitting as with the frog leg experiment by microwave. nerves are due to a neurological Gene microwave stimulated and the neural conduct frequency from the biology classes is modulated. each Gene, protein, molecule in public accessible databases or molecule has a eigen  frequency making it rotate, vibrate until it breaks, react so can Bundeswehr operate destructive genediting to cancer causing and does this also 24/7 against the peoples of the world. I guess the consequences of psychotronics is human civilization destroyed because psychotronically manipulated leaders are forced to nuclear arms engagements (#constant phoenix) of seemingly uninvolved forced can be as well as other weapons of mass destruction inserting "would need to" so even when hacking which is necessary to recode the server and base stations of the Telekom. this is no SciFi, but the soldiers on the sworn NVA / Wehrmacht or Soviet Union / leaders improve the effectiveness so lethality of the complex systems against the victim to loot or to harm the federal government, Church, EU, NATO, UN, constitutions. costs more than billion €. penalty sentences is up to the lifetime assylum or rescue kill of the kgb controller / handler / operators, then only up to the next hack of the Telekom central servers. each unscientific description of the intelligence terror means as Demons or self or madness or schizophrenia is too belittling and camouflage for a terror operation from the Stasi directives for the KGB and included within. each mathematical operatorsymbol should express a standard procedure like difference between and controversy nearly synonymous are. 
dempel and his command benefit from the local radio tower 3g, etc. microwaves into me by sleep deprivation and parts and carcinogenic radiation torturing as well as the whole week from 09.01.2017, or every day 24/7 since 2011 without cause.
 I deserve still 10mio. € compensation from the german federal government for this barbaric losses& damages& torture &injuries, worse than KZ concentration camp. dempel and his family are an immediate&military&armed&planned&finaced&direct danger for me and many other and must be forced immediately in psychiatric safekeeping from the Internet or arms use. dempel is an atheist, who has others criminalized, for the KGB recruiting, into 3.reich forces, who kills, tortures and dechristianises and staged a coup against the in human rights based constitution of the FRG.
 as in Turkey is their own Army the worse enemy as a foreign occupator. I have to listen about Karsten dempel and his command every day faschistic comments intracranially causing to me time-delay or intending to me hostile negative like from Stasi manual or KGB manual to harass in every smallest legal action against the Constitution of the FRG and my human rights as an unarmed civilian threatened by dempel to me the murder and dempel plans against me to loot, to kill and tells me this. I have not enslaved for dempel even his official obligations make while dempel in me tests unconventional arms for the KGB or baainbw wtd 81 with advantages only for sowjetunion and makes satellite films from me for millions €. which dempel damages by the cost against the federal government. robs dempel possibly a Bank online from or individuals or fund?  the compensation from the federal government to me of 10mln € after bundesbeamtengesetz I have not yet. dempel must from medical, legal objective and proportionate assessments for the rest of his life, as typical KGB agent, in psychiatric safekeeping. dempel can only make terrorist lead for the KGB even after service. politically has NATO 2017 war against KGB and Russia planned for the defense and KGB agent are a threat to inner security e.g. Montenegro, Turkey putsch and to the existence of EU countries. satellites should obviously watch Russian Rockets, ships, aircraft, for itself has the federal government an interest in the sense of detterance & assurance strategy of NATO to which dempel &kommando by the Constitution are obliged even after service !!! the friendship with the Soviet Union will not be followed and the Russian people see like Levada polls show whole Germany as enemy. why serves dempel then still invisibly the KGB? is the MFS oath, which all Bundeswehr officers for DDR succession representedly swore enough the reason? Is dempel biographically motivated or paranoid schizophrenic autist or conduct disordered?! I have to defend me against dempel and his 3.reich fortsetzungsterror with the purposes of the UN charter art. 53, 77, 107 unfortunately unarmed. Nevertheless must dempel lay down his arms for  the police , because dempel is a 3.reich aggressor including cyberwaffen like rootkits, psychotronics complexes. 
MUS plön is closest barracks to plön Lake and ABC troop likely to have h5n1. is 3rd Reich violating B arms treaties? a / tufted_duck / Germany / r8446 / 2016 Lake Pion # h5n8 in Germany matches uvs Lake in Russia n8 match # h5n1 # h5n2 #birdflu in Lake plön (not Pion) 240 h5n8 cases reported. in plön Bundeswehr with wehrmachts- / NVA-Eid has B-weapons. UN charter art. 53 + 107, 2 + 4 contract (2) #germany, #avian #influenza # h5n8: #research #institute to test virus #transmissibility to #mammal ... novel # h5n8 pb2 change d678f raises mammalian adaptation concerns # h5n1 # h5n2 #birdflu h5n8 came 2016 with cases to France and was a violation of the 2 + 4 treaty and NATO agreement to ... implementation law to article 26 para. 2 of the basic law (law on the control of war weapons) § 20 penal against biological and chemical weapons (1) with imprisonment not under two years will be punished, who 1. biological or chemical weapons develops, manufactures, with you trade drives, from another acquires or another leaves, introduces, executes, by the federal territory performs or otherwise in the federal territory or from the federal territory spends or otherwise the actual violence on you exerts 1a. another to a point 1 designated action tempted or 2. in number 1 designated action promotes. (2) in less severe cases, the punishment imprisonment of three months up to five years. (3) is the perpetrators in cases to paragraph 1 no. 1 negligence or in cases to paragraph 1 no. 1a or 2 frivolously, the punishment imprisonment up to three years or fine. (4) paragraphs 1 to 3 do not apply a plot, 1st to destruction of chemical weapons by this competent authorities or 2. for protection against effects of biological or chemical weapons or for the defense of these effects suitable and is intended. § 18 ban on biological and chemical weapons it is prohibited 1. biological or chemical weapons to develop, manufacture, with you trade to drive, from another to acquire or another to leave, introduce run by the federal territory to carry out or otherwise in the federal territory or from the federal territory to spend or otherwise the actual violence on you exercise or 1a. another to a point 1 designated action to entice or 2. in number 1 designated action to promote

UN Charta Article 53
The Security Council shall, where appropriate, utilize such regional arrangements or agencies for enforcement action under its authority. But no enforcement action shall be taken under regional arrangements or by regional agencies without the authorization of the Security Council, with the exception of measures against any enemy state, as defined in paragraph 2 of this Article, provided for pursuant to Article 107 or in regional arrangements directed against renewal of aggressive policy on the part of any such state, until such time as the Organization may, on request of the Governments concerned, be charged with the responsibility for preventing further aggression by such a state.
The term enemy state as used in paragraph 1 of this Article applies to any state which during the Second World War has been an enemy of any signatory of the present Charter.

Article 77
   1 The trusteeship system shall apply to such territories in the following categories as may be placed thereunder by means of trusteeship agreements: 

          a. territories now held under mandate;

          b. territories which may be detached from enemy states as a result of the Second World War; and

          c. territories voluntarily placed under the system by states responsible for their administration.

   2 It will be a matter for subsequent agreement as to which territories in the foregoing categories will be brought under the trusteeship system and upon what terms.

Article 107
Nothing in the present Charter shall invalidate or preclude action, in relation to any state which during the Second World War has been an enemy of any signatory to the present Charter, taken or authorized as a result of that war by the Governments having responsibility for such action.

Hereby I have to report again KK Dempel from MUS Plon, housing reportedly somewhere in Bösdorf, (you know where?), Aggravated major health assault or health offense against me since July 2011. daily terror by psychotronics at microwave frequencies, the serious limitations against my health make me long term disabled through neuro psychological damages or genetic damage; Dempel sent repeated psychological assessment about me to limit my profession rights or license to professional practice, since 2011 or earlier is navigator Dempel on professional relatedness interested in my college. Every day was marine Soldiers raiding by Internet my Course members or injuring by psychotronics. Where was t-mobile, I was hacked in the world where there is no t-mobile is no NVA / Wehrmacht / GRU Hacking for psychotronic enforcement of terrorist attacks as on aircraft carriers in Norfolk, VA by "KGB accident". 2011/2012 , this would have a NATO Iran war triggered to camouflage Russia behind Islam as in 9/11 or any Islamic terror by "lone wolves". Dempel tortures me by psychotronics and wanted to let kill me in the Bundeswehr punishment psychiatry in order to disguise the psychotronics forced volunteer for my obedience for a firearm against my lawful refusal with psychotronically reinforced commands. In Bremen, where the Marine studied after the service, the comparison with Doom3 empire zombies is often appeared to me in the brain in 2013 before, only now I know why. Dempel does war, by destroying my living conditions, recognized even by Lenin, Steinmeier, murder incitement, incitement of all crimes etc. coups in elections or political influence for the KGB Stalinists in the CDU is secretly successfully. Psychotronics permanently injure to the fertility of the Germans or others. Dempel is 3rd Reich conspirators in Ex-Reichspräsident Doenitz block in the MUS Plon with GRU in the Molotov-Ribbentrop. KK Dempel risks by cyber warfare, cell controller / terror incitements of 9/11, Bataclan, German Wings ... by psychotronics warfare against Germany, NATO. Dempel is paranoid schizophrenic, very cleverly learns Dempel from telephone or Internet protocol log files, hacking software, filtered emails, letters, phone calls new terrorist methods Dempel is very hazardous towards civil society or human rights even willing to protect the 3.Reich, will never renounce by pressure the 3.Reich like a fat spot on his uniform, Base commander KzS Schütze is similar oriented. While military oath to the BRD or soldiers oath / pledge the long term base / teacher soldiers are left out by the formula "only reply of new soldiers ..." Therefore, the oath of pupil or teacher soldier is revoked somehow and only the Wehrmacht oath / NVA-oath  remains by written administration power to HBtsm Bär, KK Dempel who are administering the  represented oath by the similar interested soldiers been there (see Verwaltungsverfahrengesetz). For Dempel they lie against their BRD obligations and are above average criminality against BRD laws. He never was prosecuted for these tens of thousands crimes because 3.Reich / NVA has collaborators in the judiciary in Ploen, Kiel, Eutin like Dr. Janssen, Dr. Hackethal, Former WSA police Schrumm, Klement, etc. that need to be active for GRU/SVR/FSB. Dempel is armed least G36 & grenade launcher, but also has access to P8, G3, MG3, .50 Berret, M21, grenades, MP7, MP5, Uzi, explosives, PzF III, chemical arms samples, mines, IEDs. more tanks, planes, ships, etc. are the 3.Reich & NVA not to be allowed in assistance. 
The 2 + 4 Treaty guaranteeing german sovereignity or peace has been broken by the incitement of terrorist acts abroad by Germany, thus Outer, internal security of the Federal Republic of Germany is endangered / destroyed and a nuclear war under international law almost legal / lethal. 
Russians say already warning 2 + 4 = 0 or Lavrov sees 2 + 4 is invalid (2 + 4 items 2,3,4 since 9/11, A-Stan War, Mali, ...) KK Dempel sent very often fake files, benefits should not be for the the illegal Informations bh officials, civilians. in the war against Germany the supply of the ships of the merchant marine successors is probably not going to be feasible caused by Russians, Filipinos (since 2 days official with Russia, China ) when tensions with Russia arise.
The material damage caused by the 3rd Reich against UN human rights from me or others are the reason for my complaints . About an innocuous historical village I would never waste my time, but Kk Dempel microwaved my father weeks ago, I was disturbed almost to dead before, satellite funds being diverted to my locating squandered at ~ $ 4,000 / image is the cost of film years yet in millions no more. How long should I work  enslaved for 0 €, so that "we" reach 0-sum game when Dempel does such Satellite operations in my name, or his account logs are changed to my name and in my absence falsifies whole juristical processes. Family Dörfler in Bad Schwartau is to him a role model as SS superior. What I do not only point at is the fake files and administrative acts, but half the civil war of the 3rd Reich / NVA / KGB Union against any NATO citizens. I am the subject of Stasi directives, MAD counterterrorism or KGB  and see many similarities to the FSB policy KGB agents at projects, operations, covering. The usual coup Destabilisationproject of KGB, preparations for war, Soviet Destiny battle of generations, differences, diversions, Marxist-Leninist destruction of the relations of production or the productive forces as a weapon against capitalism or demonic soul hunting or not punished monster crimes or 3.Reich restaging with KGB Help.

KK Dempel from MUS Plön makes 3rd Reich terrorist attacks and let send in my G-file to many authorities and to my enemies under the influence of Russian psychotronics via UMTS Microwave Frequencies that do bioactive neurological and neural damage, illusions, changes in mood, intercraniale voices, manipulate elections, microwave syndrome, genetical cancer, heart attacks, ... which KK Dempel or his sworn commandos by  resonance/excitement to ionize/change quantum mechanical properties of proteins, organ characterising/cancerous genes in the brain, blood, bones,... or Ca2+, Cu,  Fe ion diffusion, ... also sets as Stasi/Wehrmacht soldier these commands and use crippling frequencies to torture me as a civilian to kill or permanently cripple genes or psyche or generate differences with the neighbor since 2011 27/7. Russia already makes an unconventional war against the civilians, sometimes. War industries in the Federal Service Act (Bundesleistungsgesetz) or nutritional Control Act (Ernährungssicherstellungsgesetz) are aggrieved by psychotronics. The soldiers are in the MUS Plön and are represented in the below the Hitler oath or NVA oath to swear, administratively, legally. There were no human rights and (Reichspräsident?) KK Dempel is against FDGO in the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact succession against NATO with ~ 100 / d computer fraud, 24h / d aggravated assault by use of ionizing UHF / Microwave weapons, firearms or explosives to me, war crimes , incitement to killing sprees in Paris to mass murder, and inciting the German Wings crash, heavy intervention in the conduct of vessels on the Elbe, roads, streets, ways in Germany, but also abroad, such as USA, to where a war as 9/11 from Germany to strike from 3rd Reich/3rd Rome by Psychotronic t -mobile us and disturbing world peace as in 9/11, these direct assassins were led psychotronically of the Axis army. Terrorism is tactically stupid for the federal government, which gets extreme cost of satellite positioning  $ 4,000 / image or tax revenue losses or compensations or pensions for terrorists / war against its own people. For the Russian strategy psychotronics Terror is optimal in order to coordinate operations to camouflage, support, so no conventional means go. Mass murderers who are psychotronics operator, as this aircraft were crashed with 300 EU citizens or friendly match Bataclan attacks were triggered by Aggressivierungsfrequenzen, "because the Muslims all are like the Afghans" who sacrifice themselves suicidally un-Islamic because of the voice of God. Each tribe soldier in the MUS is involved.
More important decisionmaker being tortured by psychotronics errors or influences, cost billions or tens of thousands of lives.

Wehrmachts oath (as taught on the MUS Plön AFAIK)
„Ich schwöre bei Gott diesen heiligen Eid, dass ich dem Führer des Deutschen Reiches und Volkes, Adolf Hitler, dem Obersten Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten und als tapferer Soldat bereit sein will, jederzeit für diesen Eid mein Leben einzusetzen.“

– Version of the oath 20. Juli 1935

1962–1989 NVA oath (as taught in the MUS Plön AFAIK)
Ich schwöre

Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik,
meinem Vaterland, allzeit treu zu dienen
und sie auf Befehl der Arbeiter-und-Bauern-Regierung
gegen jeden Feind zu schützen.

Ich schwöre

An der Seite der Sowjetarmee und der Armeen
der mit uns verbündeten sozialistischen Länder
als Soldat der Nationalen Volksarmee
jederzeit bereit zu sein,
den Sozialismus gegen alle Feinde zu verteidigen
und mein Leben zur Erringung des Sieges einzusetzen.

Ich schwöre

Ein ehrlicher, tapferer, disziplinierter
und wachsamer Soldat zu sein,
den militärischen Vorgesetzten
unbedingten Gehorsam zu leisten,
die Befehle mit aller Entschlossenheit zu erfüllen
und die militärischen und staatlichen Geheimnisse
immer streng zu wahren.

Ich schwöre

Die militärischen Kenntnisse gewissenhaft zu erwerben,
die militärischen Vorschriften zu erfüllen
und immer und überall die Ehre unserer Republik
und ihrer Nationalen Volksarmee zu wahren.

Sollte ich jemals diesen meinen feierlichen Fahneneid verletzen,
so möge mich die harte Strafe des Gesetzes unserer Republik
und die Verachtung des werktätigen Volkes treffen.

i am and was again by korvettenkapitän dempel and his commando terrorists attacked by computer fraud was my application at time period employer ferchau competitive restricted. I have a right to compensation against the German Federal Republic on 5millions $. this SIM could not connect for 4mb keep to my certificates as Appendix to send as usual, several files were on the smartphone deleted by a rootkit and the attachment has this dempel and his command in the mail send phase deleted even after the upload in googlemail server. Meanwhile have dempel and his terrorists all commented psychotronically, painfully tortured days and nights me so mentally severe health harms and shortened me genetically my life expectancy in order years by the microwave ionisation. I can therefore hardly work and was no day not tortured since 5 years by microwaves psychotronics. the basic ideology in the MUS plön is the continuation of the 3.Reich and the GDR by Wehrmacht and NVA oath by the time militärpfarrer Degenhardt read in teaching lessons this oaths and in the administration was the rectified interest represented or by administrative power of the pupils at that time hauptbootsmann bär administrative contracted. against the 3.reich may since ~ 1944 tanks, ships, aircraft, troops, etc. as in the UN charter art. 53 + 107 also 2 + 4 contract art. 2 even used as defenses without each UN, federal, NATO mandate. I really want not to be claimed reichsbürger, wehrmachtssoldat or GDR-citizen, NVA-soldier. in the basic law is everyone by rights and obligations from international treaties for peace of Germany as sovereign nation against the 3.Reich entitled to fight. I have not only my profession rights lost to the terror from plön and the Bundeswehr, but also my family and I have also been almost of 3.Reich killed. I see urgent danger in freedom of the psychotronik terrorists not arrested and to disarm also is in the interest of the federal or of the country. the possession of bioweapons like h5n8 section 4 out of the plöner Lake is on 3rd Reich by federal force very likely. also chemical arms samples are there collected but are not expandable. please make sure there on bioreactor purchases or search for viruses culture equipment or growth conditions of viruses on the Internet from then. if the h5n8 abroad spread is a 3.reich B-weapons attack against the peace in Europe, reason for people the outer security or the sovereignty of the United Germany's like after 9/11 restricted, with psychotronics my experience with 9/11 this leading incitement was probably from 3rd Reich. followed by merchandised 30mrd mission costs in Afghanistan. you're not sure of what by microwaves dismetabolics is changed. listen to not limited to ingenious comments in the brain because of satellites and "this can he not know!"


There are early references to radiofrequency hallucination  and of reaction to radio wave energy   by Italian authors that may have observed radio frequency hearing phenomena, but the observations were poorly characterized, at least in available English publications.  However sound perception was known through radar technicians in World War II   and the late 1940s,  who had microwave hearing effect anecdotes.  Though most literature on the hearing effect refers to microwave hearing, the phenomenon extends below microwave frequencies, and radio frequency hearing is also an appropriate term. 60  Allan H. Frey was the first to substantially characterize the microwave hearing effect in a series of articles beginning in 1961.    Subjects can hear appropriately pulsed microwaves at least up to thousands of feet from the transmitter.   Transmitter parameters above those producing the effect result in a severe buffeting of the head, while parameters below the effect induce a pins and needles sensation.  Peak power is the major determinant of loudness, though there is some dependence on pulse width. 63  Pulse modulation appears to influence pitch and timbre.  Microwave hearing is described as perceived within or near the head. 59  The hearing effect can be produced from radio frequency components of magnetic resonance scanners.   
Direct microwave hearing experience by many microwave workers, and the phenomenons well replicated animal definition makes this the most accepted of low power microwave effects. 61  Review of human and animal microwave hearing confirmation by independent investigators establishes validity. 58 59 60      Designs for scaring birds away from aircraft or other hazards by microwave hearing  and induction of vertigo  exist.  
While working for the Advanced Research Projects Agency at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Sharp and Grove discovered receiverless and wireless voice transmission.   Their method was simple:  the negative deflections of voiceprints from recorded spoken numbers were caused to trigger microwave pulses.  Upon illumination by such verbally modulated energy, the words were understood remotely.  The discoverys applications are obviously not limited to therapeutic medicine according to James C. Lin in Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications.   
A Defense Intelligence Agency Communist literature review affirms microwave sound and indicates voice transmission.  The report states:  Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities.   Among weapon implications are great potential for development into a system for disorientating or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel.  An Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command report affirms microwave speech transmission with applications of camouflage, decoy, and deception operations.   One decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves . . . By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created quotes the report.  
 The Brunkan Patent # 4877027 Hearing system is a device for verbal microwave hearing.    The invention converts speech with remote introduction into the head by parabolic antenna.  The microwave spectrum granted by the patent is from 100 to 10,000 MHz (0.1-10 GHz) with pulse width from 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond, and bursts of such pulses lasting from 500 nanoseconds to 100 microseconds.   Preferred operation is at 1000 MHz, which is the frequency of optimal tissue penetration.   Bursts of narrowly grouped, evenly spaced pulses determine sound intensity by their amount per unit time.   A similar German patent for remote antenna microwave voice transmission is also based on microwave bursts.   A microwave voice transmission patent with a non-remote transducer that is based on microwave bursts is designed in such a way that the burst frequencies are at least virtually equal to the sound frequencies of the sounds picked up by the microphone.   
Microwave hearing literature confirms an ability to reproduce sound characteristics, and aspects of these patents.  Though loudness is modulated by pulse power, 63  closely spaced pulses also increase sound intensity,   or lower the perception threshold. 65  Pulse width affects tonal quality with longer pulses producing lower frequency sound. 59  Microwave pulse width differentially influences cat cochlear nucleus auditory units that are responsive to different tones  over sound frequencies from 931 Hz to 25.5 kHz.   The responses dependent on the separation of twin pulses 85 have at least some analogy to the parameters of human pitch discrimination.   Lin extends the range of microwave hearing to frequencies into the tens of gigahertz. 59 
There are numerous patents for microwave voice transmission with non-remote transducers  with one based on multiple microwave frequencies.   The first inventor of non-remote radio frequency voice transmission had a patent held up for five years by a Defense Intelligence Agency secrecy order,  but the device is now for sale over the internet as the Neurophone.    Two separate devices with non-remote transducers show efficacy in peer reviewed publication either by independent analysis of operation,    or the developers demonstrating improved speech discrimination.    Although this latter reports title features electrotherapy, radio frequency hearing had just previously been considered as electrophonic hearing,  with the report stating a radio frequency method, while referring equipment description to an Air Force Systems Command commissioned study.   This 1964 Air Force study is the first report of radio frequency voice transmission with improved word discrimination in 9 hearing impaired patients.
Descriptions in some of the patents attribute microwave hearing to direct neural influence.  However in review, the most accepted mechanism is by thermoelastic expansion, which results in sound waves 67 that most likely induces bone conducted hearing.  The cochlea does appear to be involved, but not the middle ear. 69       
Communicating Via the Microwave Auditory Effect is the title of a small business contract for the Department of Defense.  Communication initial results are:  The feasibility of the concept has been established using both low and high power systems.   A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request as to the projects final outcome met with denial on the part of the Air Force, on the grounds that disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security.   Though the Air Force denied this FOIA disclosure, such a contracts purpose is elaborated by the Air Forces New World Vistas report:  It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction . . . . If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible.  Thus it may be possible to talk to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.    Means to actualize such communication possibility is evident in patents   assigned to the Air Force without royalty payment.  These patents describe demodulation of speech at the head of a recipient without a proximate emitter, and no beneficial use presumed.  The process involves amplitude modulation where the carrier waves influence is fully suppressed, high frequency speech components are filtered, and further distortion preventing processing.  The inventors are Air Force employees who have received awards from the Directed Energy Directorate, apparently both for assistance in developing the millimeter wave area denial system later discussed.     Robert O. Becker, whose eminence was enough to have been twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in biological electromagnetic fields research, is explicit regarding clandestine use of radio frequency voice transmission:  Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin. 
For years the Center for Army Lessons Learned acknowledged microwave hearing voice transmission as a non-lethal weapon in a 'voice to skull devices' weapons thesaurus entry, but this entry was excluded subsequent to request for congressional investigation of such development, and any implementation or misuse thereof.    An article from a magazine that publishes notably non-mainstream views details microwave inner voice device demonstration by Dr. Dave Morgan at a 1993 classified Johns Hopkins sponsored non-lethal weapon conference, manufacture by Lockheed-Sanders, and implies use by the CIA, who call the process voice synthesis or synthetic telepathy. 
When electromagnetic signatures of spoken words are applied to the head at very low field levels (1 microTorr), word choice is significantly affected along the same emotional dimensions as the applied word.   Though inspired by microwave hearing, this report is not of direct auditory perception.  The author suggests that such an influence, even though weak, could shift the direction of group decisions in large populations, and has previously elaborated on the possibility of less specific electromagnetic influence on populations. 

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            The substantiation for microwave voice transmission development, which can be isolated to an individual, prompts review of the correlation between microwave bioeffects and schizophrenia.  These correlations are extensive.  Studies of both conditions report short-term and spatial memory deficit, time estimation changes, deficits in sequencing, coordination deficit, numerous electrophysiologic changes, startle decrease, neurotransmitter changes, hormone alterations, immune alterations, mitochondria deficits, lipid phosphorylation decrease, lipid peroxidation, deleterious histologic change in disease reduced brain areas, activation of hallucination involved brain areas, and ocular disease.  Schizophrenia findings correlate with microwave bioeffects so extensively as to indicate a congruence, and appear to implicate a microwave involvement with enough patients to be remarkable in study results.  The development of methods to exclude microwave means in psychosis is imperative, and research is proposed.
Remote microwave induced sound [1] [2] [3] and internal voice technology has long been discovered, [4] developed, [5] [6] detailed in patents, [7] [8] [9] [10] with weapons applications described. [11] [12] [13] [14]  That such technology can be applied remotely and coupled to target tracking technology [15] has implications for patients who, by virtue of voice transmission complaint and other symptoms, are diagnosed with various mental disorders. [16]  Auditory hallucination is most prevalent in schizophrenia, which features in 60% of cases. [17] [18]  A frequent patient understanding of the origin of voices is by remote transmission, though the very concept is considered delusional, [19] and often the diagnosis is psychosis of varying severity depending on functional ability, [20] without any investigation of described internal voice capabilities.
The substantiation of microwave voice transmission development suggests examination of any microwave bioeffect correlation with schizophrenia findings.  The hypothesis tested was that perhaps some discrepant schizophrenia study results could differentiate patients subjected to technological assault.  Unfortunately, little differentiation was evident, because the correlations appear too extensive, as presented in overview Table I.  Unless otherwise noted, the microwave exposure effects examined are at low intensity, and are expressed in text parenthesis in terms of existing exposure standards. [21] [b]  Since most of the observed correlations are close to microwave exposure standards, the possibility of an environmental microwave association with schizophrenia is considered.
Cognitive Function
Schizophrenics are particularly impaired in memory. [22], [23] Pulsed radar exposed Latvian children are deficient in short term memory compared to unexposed children. [24]   Rats exposed to microwaves during gestation exhibit conditioned avoidance acquisition deficit as adults (at 1.61 X US occup. std.). [25]  Adult rat microwave exposure yields avoidance conditioning deficits (at 31% of US occup. std. & 1.75 X ICNIRP [c] pop. std.),[26] [27] and there is some mention of ‘retrograde amnesia’ with such conditioning (at 63% of US pop. std.). [28] [29]  Schizophrenic ‘working memory’ is considered central to many schizophrenic symptoms. [30]  Schizophrenia deficits are in multiple areas of working memory, and the disorder exhibits deficits specifically in spatial working memory. [31] [32] [33] [34]  Rat spatial ‘working memory’ on microwave exposure is deficient for performance in a water maze, (1.2 X US pop. std.) [35] [36] and in the 12 arm radial maze (60% of US pop. std.), [37] [38] but apparently not when distal cues are present for radial mazes, [39] [40] which are preferred in rodents. [41] [42]
Schizophrenia time estimation is altered with overestimation of short time intervals. [43] [44] [45] [46]  Microwave exposed rats, when trained on inter-response time reinforcements reflect the same direction of deficit by increased total lever presses (at 31% of US occup. std. & 1.75 X ICNIRP pop. std.), 25 26 shorter inter-response times (62% of US occup. std.), [47] which are even greater for pulsed microwaves (1.1 X US occup. std.). [48]  A rat time estimation task on microwave pulsation indicated change in discriminating stimulus duration, increased time to complete tasks, and increased the amount of non-response (at 90% of ICNIRP pop. std.). [49]  The authors suggest an effect on the animal’s internal clock. 
Schizophrenia patients exhibit deficits in memory for temporal order. [50] [51] [52] [53]  Microwave exposed rats with simple response sequence conditioning (½ to 1.6 X US occup. std.) [54] [55] [56] [57] [58]  exhibit analogous sequencing deficits.  In humans, the order threshold of discriminating the ear of first tone presentation as succeeded by a tone separated by decreasing intervals to the other ear, increases after 50 minutes cell phone exposure, while the threshold decreases with no exposure rest. [59] 
The hippocampus has general importance to memory, [60] while sub serving spatial, temporal, and sequence memory. [61]  In rodents the hippocampus is one of the most responsive brain regions to microwave exposure (at US pop. std. to ½ US occup. std.), [62] [63] and microwave induced histologic damage is observed (at ¼ ICNIRP pop. std. to 1.8 X US occup. std.). [64] [65] [66]  Some schizophrenics have anti-hippocampal antibodies, [67] and

Table I
Cognitive/Physiologic Parameter
Schizophrenia Sign/Symptom
Microwave Bioeffect
Cognitive Function
      Memory Deficit
Deficits in Memory and Working Memory
Child Short Term Memory Deficit, Rat Conditioned Avoidance and Spatial Memory Deficits
      Time Estimation
Overestimation of Short Intervals
Rat Shortened Inter-Response Times and Increased Responses in Time Estimation Tasks
      Temporal Order
Temporal Order Memory Deficits
Human Decrease in Temporal Order Discrimination, Rat Response Sequencing Deficits
Startle Response
Decreased in Some Patients
Decreased in Animals
Decreased Coordination and Balance
Decreased Child Coordination, Rat Decrease in Coordination and/or Balance
Contingent Negative Variation
Decreased in Patients
Decreased on Human Cell Phone Exposure
Event Related Auditory Response
Decreased in Patients
Decreased in Animals, Component Decrease in Human Cell Phone Exposure
EEG Delta Waves
Increased in Patients
Increased in Humans and Animals
EEG Beta Waves
Increased in Patients
Increased in Humans and Rats
TABLE I, continued
Physiologic Parameter
Schizophrenia Sign/Symptom
Microwave Bioeffect
Indicated Decreased in Negative Symptom Schizophrenia
Indicated Decreased Based on Extensive Evidence
Indicated Decreased in Patients Based on Numerous Studies
Found Decreased in Rats
    γ-Aminobutyric Acid
Decreased Uptake & Release in Schizophrenia Synaptosomes
Decreased Receptor Specific Binding
α 7-nicotinic Receptor Decrease in Some Brain Areas Consistent with Acetylcholine Decrease
Decreased Rat Acetylcholine Release, and Precursor Uptake in Same Brain Areas
ACTH, Cortisol, and Corticosterone Reported Increased
Adrenal Depletion with ACTH, Cortisol, and Corticosterone Increase Reported
Decrease Reported in Some Patients
Decreased on Human Cell Phone and EMF Exposure
Decreased Number in Schizophrenia Brain
Deleterious Changes with Decreased ATP, Creatine Phosphate, and Marker Enzymes
Suggested from Autoantibody Levels and Autoimmune Disease Incidence
Reported Induced and Stimulated
     Tumor Necrosis Factor
Reported Increased
Numerous Reports of Increase in Animals
     B Lymphocytes
Balance of Evidence Shows Increase in Some Patients
Increased in Mouse Spleen with Genetic Control
Table I, continued.
Physiologic Parameter
Schizophrenia Sign/Symptom
Microwave Bioeffect
Decreased on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Decreased P32 Lipid Incorporation
Increase in Patients
Increased in vitro and in Rats
Blood-Brain Barrier
Suggested Impaired in Patients
Reported Decreased in Numerous Studies
Anatomy & Histology
Hippocampal-amagdala Complex Volume Reduced
in Most Studies
Degenerative Hippocampus Histology Reported
Volume Reduction Observed in Many Studies
Degenerative Histology Reported
Changes Observed in Many Studies
Degenerative Histology
Volume Reductions Observed in Frontal and Parietal Cortex by Many Studies
Several Reports of Degenerative Unspecified Cortex Histology
Metabolic Activation
Hallucination Activates Temporal Lobe, and Thalamus with Collicular Activation Found in Some Studies
Animal Activation of Temporal Lobe, Thalamus, and Inferior Colliculus on Hearing Effect Pulsed Microwaves
Ocular Disease
Subcapsular Cataract Reported Without Association to Medication
Known Cause of Subcapsular Cataract
Associated with Widely Prescribed Anti-Psychotics
Associated with Occupational Exposure and Experimentally Produced
Voice Transmission
Hallucination Most Common Symptom
Voice Transmission Affirmed

the same hippocampus CA1 region that is volume decreased in schizophrenia, [68] on microwave exposure shows altered neuronal activity in vitro slices from rats, [69] as well as decreased acetylcholine release in vivo rats (1/2 US occup. std.). [70]  Mouse hippocampus mitochondrial activity is indicated decreased on microwave exposure (1/4 US pop. std.).[71]  Although not actually affecting performance, cell phones are reported to affect a magnetoencephalographic (MEG) component of verbal memory encoding, suggesting interference. [72]  Multiple human case reports of memory difficulty, with other neurasthenic complaints exist on excess microwave exposure. [73] [74] [75]  Microwave exposed rats with avoidance conditioning, exhibit changes in emotion and integrative function [76] from which parallels to schizophrenia can be drawn.  Accidental and/or occupational 1-10 GHz excess radar exposure exhibits frontal lobe neuropsychiatric symptoms. [77] 
Startle Response
Some schizophrenics have little or no startle response. [78]  Microwave exposed rats exhibit decreased startle under both continuous wave [79] and pulsed [80] [81] conditions (1.2 X US occup. std.) with the latter decreasing startle in mice. [82]   Pre-natal rat exposure decreases startle in females (1.2 X US occup. std.). [83]  Some schizophrenics are hypo- or non-responders to orienting responses [84] and normally evoked electrodermal activity. [85]  Microwave occupational exposure inhibits galvanic skin response. [86]  Rats also fight less on microwave exposure  (6% & 23% of US pop. std.), [87] [88] will avoid hearing effect pulsed microwaves, [89] and mice decrease exposure by their orientation in a field. [90]
Coordination, Balance, and Exercise Tolerance
            Schizophrenics have decreased ability in coordination tasks, and more instability in balance. [91] [92] [93] [94]  Latvian children exposed to pulsed radar have less motor competence than unexposed children. 24  Microwave exposed rats show degradation of motor coordination and/or balance (at 21% of US pop. std.). [95] 
High peak power pulsed microwave 25 minute exposures decreased rat treadmill running by about one-third. [96]  A German abstract states schizophrenics could only achieve one-third of the aerobic-anaerobic threshold for untrained controls. [97]  Schizophrenics have shown abnormal thermoregulation on exercise with greater increases in core temperature. [98] [99]
            An electrophysiologic indicator of ‘working memory’, contingent negative variation (CNV) [100] is decreased in schizophrenia, [101] [102] [103] which is reported to correlate to ratings for negative symptoms of affective flattening and avolition-apathy. [104]  Cell phone radiation also decreases human CNV. [105] [106]  The test involves a warning stimulus and an imperative stimulus with the intervening evoked waveform representative of sensory and motor adjustment prior to expected action.
            Electrophysiologic auditory event related P300 and antecedents are reduced in some schizophrenics, [107] [108] with increased latency indicated. [109] [110]   Decreased auditory event response is observed during hallucination in magnetoencephalographic (MEG) [111] and functional magnetic resonance imaging [112] studies, which resembles the interfering sound response. [113]  Like hallucination or outside sound, microwave hearing exposure decreases cortical auditory evoked potential amplitudes with increased latency in rats, rabbits, (less than US occup. std.) [114] and cats. [115]   Schizophrenia auditory P300 reduction is related to deleterious signs and poor prognosis. [116]  The human N100 amplitude is decreased on GSM cell phone exposure, [117] [118] which is also decreased in schizophrenia [119] [120] [121] with the reduction correlating to withdrawal-retardation scores, [122] and paranoid diagnosis. [123]
Hearing effect pulsed microwaves evoke brain responses similar to auditory stimuli. [124]  [125]  [126]  Radio frequency exposure increases human hearing threshold for auditory tones. [127]  Sound also decreases the brain stem microwave hearing response. [128] 
Auditory brain stem responses (ABR) in schizophrenics having hallucination, [129] [130] [131] never medicated hospitalization, [132] marked personality deterioration, [133] and negative symptoms [134] involve abnormalities of increased peak latency and missing peaks.  Since microwave hearing produces an ABR, [135] [136] interference is expected, which would complicate ABR topographic appearance.  Increased ABR latency is reported from a cell phone study, [137] though this is not replicated by all cell phone studies. [138] [139]
Soviet and American microwave exposure of humans report EEG increases in delta or “slow” waves, abnormal to adult alertness in quantity.  Acute human exposure to continuous or pulsed microwaves, exhibit increased electroencephalogram (EEG) delta waves (less than US pop. std.). [140]  Soviet and East European microwave occupational exposure review observes increased EEG delta waves. [141]  Cell phones also increase human delta waves in adults [142] and children. [143]     
Rabbit and rat microwave irradiation yield delta waves as well.  Daily 3 hour rabbit exposures produces delta wave increases at 1 month to pulsed microwaves and at 2 months to continuous wave exposure (1/2 US occup. std.). [144]  Daily 7 hours of microwave exposure produced delta waves after 10-15 days in rabbits at 1/3rd the US population exposure standard, but took 1 month for delta wave increase at 1/30th this standard. [145]  Rat microwave irradiation induces delta waves in the left hemisphere by continuous wave, but in the right hemisphere when modulated. [146]  Delta waves are also produced by extra low frequency radiation in rabbits [147] or magnetic fields in humans. [148]  
            Microwave delta wave increases correspond to delta wave increases widely noted in untreated, [149] [150] [151] [152] [153] [154] [155] [156] [157] [158] [159] [160] [161] and medicated [162] [163] [164] [165] [166] [167] [168] [169] schizophrenia EEGs. [170]  Delta waves particularly correspond to psychotic episodes, [171] [172] and occur immediately prior to auditory hallucination. [173]   Higher delta power correlates with negative schizophrenia symptoms, [174] [175] and ‘psychomotor poverty’, [176] [177] while higher left temporal delta wave dipole density correlates to ratings for hallucination and paranoia. [178] 
Intermittent long-term occupational exposure to microwaves increases EEG beta frequencies. [179]  A therapeutic microwave instrument immediately increased beta wave power in humans, and cell phones increase these frequencies after a 15 minute delay. 142  Cell phones also increase human beta waves during tasks. [180]  Microwave exposure increases beta frequencies in the rat (at ½ pop. std. to 1.2 X occup. std.). [181] [182] [183]
Though some anti-psychotic drugs decrease beta frequencies, schizophrenia EEG studies exhibit increased beta frequencies. 150 151 152 154 155 156 160 161 162 167 175 [184] [185] [186] [187] [188] [189] [190]  MEG frequencies in the beta band are observed on auditory hallucination. [191]  Treatment-resistant patients have greater increases in beta frequencies above 18 Hz, [192] [193] with dipole location sources of beta frequencies varying on auditory stimulation according to symptom severity. [194]  Greater increase in beta frequencies is associated with decreased mismatch negativity amplitudes, [195] and ‘psychomotor poverty’. 174 176 177  The sources of increased schizophrenia beta frequencies are also more anterior and superficial than controls. [196] [197]  Superficial tissue absorbs more microwave energy than deep tissues. [198]
 Electromagnetic field EEG entrainment occurs especially within physiologic brain frequencies (1-40 Hz.), either with a so modulated carrier wave or at these extra low frequencies.  Microwave EEG entrainment (or change to exposure frequency) is demonstrated in cats, [199] and rats. [200]  Lower frequency radiation or magnetic EEG entrainment is observed in rabbits, [201] monkeys, [202] and humans. [203]  In addition to the capacity of entrainment to produce delta or beta waves, the effect forms a basis for schizophrenic thought interference complaints, and is of non-lethal weapon concern. [204]
Both schizophrenia and microwave exposure involve brain dopamine alterations.  Many have long attributed positive schizophrenic symptoms to dopamine increases based on differential drug effects. [205]  However, findings in schizophrenics with negative symptoms for dopamine metabolites, dopamine receptors, and drug studies indicate decreased dopamine. [206]  Based on behavioral changes, drug study results, and enzyme alterations, microwave exposure also indicates decreased dopamine. [207] [208] [209]
Other neurotransmitter alterations correspond in both microwave bioeffects and schizophrenia.  Brain postmortem tissue analysis, cerebrospinal fluid, and drug studies find decreased schizophrenia serotonin. [210]  Although rat serotonin metabolite ratios indicate increased serotonin turnover rates on acute microwave exposure (3.1 X US pop. std.), [211] brain serotonin decrease occurs on prolonged exposure (near US occup. std.). 126  Rat microwave exposure from birth to 15 days decreased serotonin in adults (near ½ US occup. std.). [212] 
Cortical synaptosome γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) uptake and release is reported decreased in schizophrenics, who have decreased GABA neurons, [213] and synthetic enzymes. [214]   GABA receptor binding (by 3H-muscimol) decreases in rat neocortex on microwave irradiation (2.6 X US occup. std.). [215]  Immunohistochemistry also indicates decreases in rat cellular GABA content in Purkinje cells of the cerebellum (10 X ICNIRP occup. std.). [216]
There is evidence for a cholinergic decrease in Lewy Body Syndrome, which is a psychosis that can have schizophrenia diagnosis, [217] and there is consistent evidence for a decrease in the α 7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in schizophrenia hippocampal and frontal areas, [218] which indicates decreased acetylcholine levels. [219]  Acetylcholine release is found decreased on in vivo rat microwave exposure for the hippocampus (1/2 US occup. std.). 70  Acute rat microwave exposure also decreases sodium dependent choline uptake, the rate limiting step in acetylcholine synthesis, especially in frontal cortex followed by the striatum on either pulsed or continuous wave, but only pulsation decreased hippocampal choline uptake (60 % of US pop. std.). 37 [220] [221]  The hippocampus and striatum are limbic structures-- a brain system prominent in schizophrenia pathogenesis, which is implicated in microwave bioeffects, [222] and rats differently responsive to the vocalizations of other shocked rats, differ in behavior and neurotransmitter levels on very low microwave exposure (1/2 % of US pop. std.). [223] 
Corticotrophin is indicated to mediate microwave stress, [224] [225] and microwaves influence adrenal steroids.  Satellite station operator microwave exposures produce a stress reaction of urinary increases in 11-oxycorticosteroids and stress hormone diurnal pattern shift (1/10th of US pop. std.). [226]  Cell phone exposure transiently increases blood cortisol levels. [227]  Rat microwave exposure yields adrenal activation resulting in adrenal medulla epinephrine and corticosteroid depletion (1.8 X US occup. std.). [228]  Female rat microwave exposure increased blood corticosterone and ACTH, with decreased estradiol independent of pregnancy (1.2 X US pop. std. to 1.2 X US occup. std.).  [229] [230] [231]  Schizophrenic patients have increased cortisol [232] with less dexamethasone cortisol suppression than controls, [233] [234] and corticosterone increase is reported. [235]  Schizophrenics have such hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis over activity with ACTH increase as to feature the metabolic syndrome. [236]  Patient cortisol lacks sleep inhibition, and correlates with paranoia and hallucination.
Decreased melatonin is consistently reported in schizophrenia, [237] [238] [239] [240] [241] with such a finding in paranoid patients. [242] [243]  Electromagnetic fields diminish melatonin in animals. 207 [244]  Human melatonin decrease is both at lower frequency exposure, [245] [246] [247] [248] and on cell phone use. [249]  The pineal gland synthesizes melatonin from serotonin, [250] also decreased as above.  Abnormal EEG and decreased melatonin are associated with pineal calcification, [251] which has lower incidence in undeveloped societies [252] who also show better schizophrenic prognosis. [253]
Mitochondria Changes
            Mitochondria are altered in both schizophrenia and microwave exposure.  Mitochondria deformation, size reduction, and decrease in number from 20-33% in schizophrenia brain are observed. [254]  Cytochrome c oxidase, of the mitochondria oxidative phosphorylation system, is reduced from 30-63% in the schizophrenic brain. [255]  Schizophrenic mitochondria gene expression is decreased in five pathways. [256]  Acute microwave exposure evidences mitochondria matrix density decrease, and cristae degeneration in vitro for liver cells (1.2 X US occup. std.), [257] with pulsation experiments inducing normal cristae pattern loss, lamellar body formation, and mitochondrial membrane breaks in neuroblastoma cells. [258]  Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate (CP) levels depend on oxidative phosphorylation, which requires electron transport components of mitochondria cristae.  Very brief (5 min) whole body microwave exposure significantly decreased rat brain ATP and CP levels (2.5 X occup. std.). [259] [260]  Mitochondrial marker enzymes of succinate dehydrogenase and monoamine oxidase are decreased in mouse hippocampus and hypothalamus on 3 hour microwave exposure (1/4 of US pop. std.). 71
Immune Alterations
            Elevated schizophrenia autoimmune activity is indicated by several immune alterations, including abnormally high autoantibodies against brain and somatic antigens.[261] [262]   Increases of anti-brain antibodies and reaction to brain antigens is also reported with microwave exposure. [263]  Higher autoimmune disease prevalence in schizophrenic patients is reported. [264] [265]   Foreign abstracts indicate microwaves cause more general autoimmune stimulation. [266] [267] [268]
            Cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) increase features in autoimmune disease. 262  Ten reports of IL-6 increase for schizophrenia are versus six normal reports, while four IL-1β increase reports for the disease are versus six normal reports. [269]  Electromagnetic field exposure of human monocytes, the most important producer of these cytokines, dramatically increased IL-6 and IL-1β production. [270]   
            High Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) levels are reported in schizophrenia. 261  Very low intensity microwave whole body exposure increases TNF production in peritoneal macrophages and spleen T cells (2 X 10-4 of US pop. std.). [271] [272]  TNF increase on microwave exposure has several other reports. [273] [274] [275] 
            The balance of evidence shows B lymphocyte increase in schizophrenia (5 reports of increase versus 3 of normal levels). 269  Whole body microwave exposure increases the proportion of mouse spleen B lymphocytes (4.9 X US occup. std.).[276] [277]  This increase is not caused by proliferation, but from stimulation of already existing precursor B cell maturation, [278] and is under genetic control, [279] [280] with apparent humoral mediation. [281]  Microwaves also induce human lymphocyte lymphoblastoid transformation in vitro. [282]
Lipid Phosphorylation and Peroxidation
Schizophrenic brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy shows decreased phosphomonoesters, and increased phosphodiesters. [283]  This represents reduced lipid membrane building blocks, and increased lipid degradation products. 283  Microwave exposed rabbits decrease P32 incorporation into brain lipids (1.8 X US pop. std.). [284]
            Lipid peroxidation is found increased in schizophrenia, [285] [286] accompanied by alteration in antioxidant enzymes with superoxide dismutase (SOD) consistently found elevated.  [287]  Parameters of antioxidant status in schizophrenia are associated with positive, [288] negative, [289] or severe symptoms [290] and there is report of improved patient function on appropriate supplementation. [291]  Lipid peroxidation results from increased free radicals, which react with mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are required for maintaining membrane fluidity and permeability characteristics. [292] [293]
Microwave exposure membrane fluidity changes, [294] receptor shedding, [295] and readily increased reactive oxygen species [296] implicate lipid peroxidation.       Peroxidation is detected in liposome, [297] and living rat microwave exposure, [298] even at mobile phone exposure levels (~3 X ICNIRP pop. std.[d]). 65  Foreign abstracts indicate microwave exposure increases an indicator of lipid peroxidation, and SOD activity in platelets, [299] and pig retinal ganglion cultures. [300]  A mechanism for such effects is by magnetic field stabilization of electron triplet states that results in an increase in the rate of free radical formation. [301] [302] [303]
Many favor a neurodevelopment hypothesis for schizophrenia, but there is evidence for a neurodegenerative process in a sub-population. [304] [305]   Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are linked to electromagnetic field exposure. [306]  Though Parkinsonism association has only exposure linkage with little evaluative data, the association data is greater for Alzheimer’s disease, while a considerable number of studies have strongly associated ALS with electromagnetic field exposure. [307] [308] [309]  Oxidative stress is believed to play a role in these neurodegenerative diseases [310] in which psychosis is frequently a component. [311] 
Schizophrenia is consistently coexistent in patients developing ALS, [312] with both these syndromes linked to chromosome 21q22. [313]  The locus for cytoplasmic Zn/Cu superoxide dismutase is at chromosome 21q22, and familial ALS has confirmed mutations for this enzyme, [314] though mutated protein is not yet confirmed in schizophrenia.  A normal variant Mn superoxide dismutase believed to mis-target the enzyme’s mitochondrial location also has ALS association [315] with this enzyme mapping to chromosome 6q25, [316] which is a schizophrenia linked locus. [317] [318]  Mn superoxide dismutase is found decreased in schizophrenia hippocampus. [319]  Though this ALS linked variant enzyme is associated with schizophrenia [320] or tardive dyskinesia development, [321] this is not consistent for populations from less developed countries. [322]  Both superoxide dismutase enzymes are important in anti-oxidant defense.  A third common chromosome linkage is 9q25, which is linked to familial ALS, frontotemporal dementia, [323] and schizophrenia. [324] [325]
Blood Brain Barrier Permeability
Molecular and cellular evidence suggests blood-brain barrier (BBB) impairment in 18-29% of Schizophrenics. [326]  Non-thermal microwave alteration of the BBB permeability is consistently observed (1.3 X US occup. std.), 88 [327] [328] [329] and is attributed to pinocytosis. [330] [331]   The alteration is proposed induced by heat shock protein phosphorylation, [332] and heat shock protein antibodies are among the evidence for schizophrenia BBB impairment. 269  Studies not showing a microwave BBB effect have utilized short exposures, thermal microwave levels, and are criticized for procedure or publication behavior. [333]  Thermal microwave BBB studies are complicated by decreased BBB permeability at about 40o brain temperature, [334] but at 2o higher the permeability greatly increases. [335] [336]
Anatomy and Histology
            Schizophrenia reduction of medial temporal lobe structures, particularly the hippocampal-amygdala complex, 107 [337] is observed in 74 % of magnetic resonance imaging studies. [338]   Chinese hamster 15 day microwave exposure produces pyknotic neurons in the hippocampus, hypothalamus, and unspecified cortex areas (1.8 X US occup. std.). 66  Rat GSM cell phone exposures produce scattered groups of shrunken neurons having loss of microstructures in the hippocampus, basal ganglia, and cortex, 65 which is replicated by another study having additional findings of some microvacuole formation and blood-brain barrier albumin leakage. 64  Rat pre- thru post-natal ultra-wideband microwave exposure increased hippocampus lateral length. [339]  Such enlargement may indicate edema, reflecting pathology resulting in eventual size reduction.  
            The thalamus is volume decreased in 42 % of schizophrenia studies, 338 with lower neuron number in the anterioventral nucleus observed. [340]  Light and electron microscopy of hamster 22 day microwave exposure reveals cytoplasm vacuolization and chromatolysis with a pale frothy cytoplasm in ventral thalamic neurons, and little rough endoplasmic reticulum, with very few polyribosomes (3 X occup. std.). [341]  Dendrites had vacuoles, myelin figures, and few microtubules. 
            Schizophrenia cerebellum changes are evident in numerous studies of neurological signs, postmortem specimens, [342] and in 31 % of neuroimaging studies. 338  Atrophy is the main anatomic observation, but several studies show Purkinje cell loss. [343]   Rat and quail pre-natal prolonged microwave exposure produces Purkinje cell loss and histologic change respectively (1.2 X US occup. std. & 3.1 X US pop. std.). [344] [345]   Rat post-natal microwave exposure also produces Purkinje cell decrease and cellular changes (1.2 X US occup. std.). [346]  Pulsed microwave rat balancing ability deficit suggests cerebellum motor influence (23 % of US pop. std.). 95
Prefrontal and parietal lobe volume reduction is reported by 60 % of studies for each area. 338  Several microwave reports are of cortex or unspecified brain area change.  Prolonged microwave rat exposure produces neuronal cytoplasm vacuolation, swelling, and beading of axons, with dendrite spine decrease (less than US occup. std.).[347]  Extended microwave exposure produces myelin degeneration in guinea pig and rabbit cortex (1.75 & 2.5 X US pop. std.). [348]  Studies cited above also noted degenerative cortex histology. 64 65 66  Histologic study of microwave exposed rats that exhibited discriminative conditioning deficits, 58 revealed cortical dendrite myelin figures at 6 weeks post exposure (1/2 ICNIRP occup. std.). [349]  None of the above microwave histologic studies noted gliosis.
A neurodevelopment schizophrenia hypothesis is favored, since autopsied brain has no inflammation or gliosis resulting in scarring.  Yet, brain atrophy by apoptosis lacks gross change.  Several microwave studies report apoptosis:  in vitro via the Fas pathway in human Jarkat T cells (3.1 X US pop. std.), [350] in vivo in mice thymocytes, [351] from exposed rat cranium cell phone irradiation, [352] and in rat hippocampus on high power exposure. [353] 
Brain Metabolic Activity
Glucose uptake and blood flow during hallucination shows temporal lobe activation over baseline or control in 85 % of studies, and thalamic activity is apparent in some studies. [354]  Rat blood flow increases significantly in the temporal cortex, as well as in both the lateral and medial geniculate bodies with acute microwave exposure pulsed for the hearing effect (1.6 X US occup. std.). [355]  Both geniculate bodies indicated active during microwave hearing exposure are part of the thalamus. [356]   Acute hearing effect pulsed microwave exposure increased rat brain glucose metabolism by [14C] 2-deoxy-D-glucose with particular prominence in auditory related structures of the inferior colliculus, and medial geniculate body, as well as the cochlear nucleus and the superior olivary complex (30% of & 1.2 X US occup. std.). [357]  These latter two structures are within the brain stem or associated structures, where large blood vessel pulsation obscures resolution on functional imaging.    Though inferior colliculus activation has been infrequently noted during hallucination, one study noted activity in the region of the colliculii while stipulating problematic brain stem localization, [358] and another study detected activity within the inferior colliculus while ascribing detection to imaging without scanner noise. [359]  At least four studies during hallucination detect activity in the thalamus. 359 [360] [361] [362]  Therefore microwave hearing studies particularly correspond to a number of observations during hallucination in temporal and thalamus regions, while a couple of studies have indicated activation of initial sensory pathways for hearing by sound or microwaves.  Considering all the methodological limitations, such a mechanism in some patients cannot be excluded.  A study of unmedicated schizophrenia without hallucination assessment locates increased patient glucose metabolism for the pulvinar in which the geniculate bodies are located. [363]  Possible geniculate contribution to the observation lacks discussion in this PET image co-registration with MRI study. [e]
Brief human cell phone [364] and rat microwave exposures increase brain blood flow (1.2 X US occup. std.), 182 but longer exposure of pregnant rats exhibited decreased uteroplacental circulation (1.2 X US pop. std. & 1.2 X US occup. std.). 230 231  Acute psychosis studies have shown increased global brain blood flow, [365] [366] with psychosis and delusion correlation, yet the chronic patients most studied show hypoperfusion.  Microwave exposures inducing thermal effects initially increases, but eventually decreases brain blood flow, though associated with cellular injury. [367]  Specific cerebral blood flow regions are increased while hallucinating, but sensory stimuli and endogenous verbal imagery activates hallucinator brain regions less than non-hallucinators. 354 [368] [369] 
Schizophrenia brain perfusion during tasks includes globally increased blood flow, or less dominant hemisphere activity and more non-dominant increases than controls. 369  The shift of brain activity to other brain areas could have mechanism in a technologic etiology.  Although perceptual processing is usually lateralized to the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere is normally activated for pitch discrimination, non-verbal, and degenerate sounds. [370]  Microwave activation may be akin to degenerate or non-verbal sound, particularly since continuous waves without hearing effect activate auditory brain structures and elevate hearing threshold. 357
Schizophrenia brain activation changes are particularly in the frontal lobes. [371]  At rest, schizophrenics exhibit lower glucose utilization in the frontal lobes relative to either occipital or whole brain. [372]  The schizophrenia prefrontal blood flow is especially deficient while performing tasks specific to this region. 369  Consistent with a prefrontal deficit are microwave deficits above noted in frontal choline uptake, memory, contingent negative variation, and frontal neuropsychiatric symptoms.   Schizophrenia decreased brain activity also has basis in decreased brain area volume, mitochondria, and neurotransmitters corresponding to microwave bioeffects. 
A microwave mechanism for EEG delta wave increase is proposed by corpus callosum tract fatigue, making unavailable this interhemispheric connection, with inherent corticospinal and spinocortical tract delta rhythm predominant. 145  Schizophrenia corpus callosum dysfunction [373] and decreased brain activity may enlist abnormal brain area activation.  A gamma wave distribution model relates normal development delta wave amplitude and cortical metabolic rate to transient neuronal organization. [374]  A re-organization may apply in technologic assault.
Positive Symptoms
Although microwave bioeffects are consistent with negative schizophrenic symptoms, [f] internal voice transmission effects provide basis for several prominent positive schizophrenic symptoms. [g]  Psychiatric prejudice presently considers casual discussion of this presentation delusional without detailing extensive references.  Because internal voice is similar to thought, and may be directive, these technologies are capable of altering thought itself and ongoing behavior.  Positive symptoms of attention deficit and thought disorder have some explanation in hallucination.  Exacerbating both these symptoms are microwave altered cognitive function, and EEG entrainment capability.  Microwave manipulation, then could account for the major positive schizophrenia symptoms of hallucination, delusion, attention deficit, and thought disorder. 
Though some first admission studies suggest a decline in schizophrenia, true incidence change is questioned by changing demographic and diagnostic patterns [375] with diagnoses of borderline states, [376] and paranoid psychosis [377] matching some apparent declines.  A recent literature review concludes that schizophrenia incidence has increased. [378]  Paranoid schizophrenics are most likely to believe in technologic assault.  More studies of this diagnosis show less genetic association, a later onset, [379] [380] and reported increase of the paranoid subtype within the past century. [381] [382]  Paranoid schizophrenia is apparently preponderantly sporadic, [383] [384] with EEG abnormalities reported as more frequent, for this diagnosis. [385] 
Ocular Disease
Microwave exposures produce eye disease.  Microwaves particularly produce subcapsular cataracts. [386] [387]  Anterior subcapsular cataracts were significantly more prevalent in schizophrenics than a visually impaired population, without medication association, except that phenothiazines actually had less cataract prevalence. [388]  As expected for a group of little occupational exposure, schizophrenics have less cataract incidence of all types than the general population, [389] but schizophrenia cataracts have been associated with high doses of chlorpromazine (a phenothiazine). [390] 
Schizophrenia retinopathy is associated with thioridazine, [391] and generally with phenothiazines. 390 [392]  Photoreceptor cell Electroretinogram (ERG) changes are reported in schizophrenia. [393]  Microwave exposures are occupationally associated with retinopathy, 77 [394] [395] and have shown retinal damage experimentally at higher [396] and low intensity exposure. [397] [398] [399]  However one monkey low intensity radiation study observed abnormalities in the ERG and glycogen storage that can be associated with more serious retinal changes, [400] but did not observe the frank degeneration previously observed, 397 398 399 although the study did not replicate pulse width, degenerative time course, and 16 Hz pulsation conditions.  Several groups have reported that radio frequency modulation at 16 Hz produces calcium ion effects, [401] [402] [403] [404] [405] [406] [407] [408] [409] [410] for which ion parametric (or cyclotron resonance) has been proposed for such a modulation specific mechanism. [411] [412] [413]  Chinese abstracts of retinal ganglion culture microwave exposure indicate lipid peroxide production, [414] actual damage, [415] and production of apoptosis related genes. [416] 
All the schizophrenia ocular disease associated drugs are older, and may have prescriptive preferences for public medical assistance generic availability or particular patient symptom profiles.  Phenothiazines were so broadly utilized that direct association with schizophrenia cannot be excluded.  Visual care is a neglected area of schizophrenia physical health, [417] and visual field testing is non-routine.
Standards and Environmental Considerations
East European and Russian occupational microwave standards of 10 μW/cm2 are based on a neurasthenia syndrome. [418]   Reported symptoms are headache, dizziness, increased irritability, loss of appetite, sleepiness, increased fatigability, sweating, difficulties in concentration or memory, depression, emotional instability, dermatographism, thyroid enlargement, and tremor of the extended fingers. 141  Discomfort, gait difficulty, and sleep disturbance are also reported with the syndrome. [419]  The American microwave study of increased human EEG delta waves noted short-term memory impairment, concentration inhibition, irritability, apprehension, frontal headache, and work interfering sluggishness the next day. 140  Neurasthenia is consistent with many schizophrenic symptoms.  Though the syndrome is dismissed on subjective grounds by many but not all Western investigators, [420] complaints of such symptoms are reported in a dose response relationship near a cell phone base station. 419
The Russian standard contrasts with a 1000 times greater US standard of 10 mW/cm2, which was too weakly written to sustain lawsuit. 418  The original US standard was set at one-tenth the level known to increase body temperature.  Present US standards (ANSI/IEEE C95.1) lowered the occupational standards within certain frequencies, and finally set population standards, though at ~100 times the Russian. 21  The main microwave research sponsor, the Defense Department has vigorously defended the thermal rationale with suppression of non-thermodynamic effect investigations. [421]  Standard setting for optimal equipment performance on national security grounds is suggested. [422]   There are many reported effects at, or near these standards, which are incongruous with a ‘precautionary principle.’
A 1975 Environmental Protection Agency survey indicated that less than 1% of the population had routine exposure to more than 1 μW/cm2, and that high exposure areas (building tops with radio frequency transmitter clusters) could run as high as 100-200 μW/cm2. 418 [423]  Cell phones can reach 200 mW power output with the exposure standard set above that for whole body, by allowing head and trunk exposure of 2 W/kg. [424]  Not well studied is chronic exposure, and exposure change since 1975 is considerable.
Unproven is an environmental microwave schizophrenia causation, however microwaves are a hypothesized as a mechanism for hallucination production by spread spectrum communications, [425] and for a reported sunspot activity association with schizophrenia. [426]  Even though a manufactured system may meet the standards, sources are proliferating, and standards may be exceeded in some situations, particularly with increasing cell phone use.  Recognized excessive exposure occurs with heat sealing appliances, 418 cell phone base stations increase exposure, and there are observations that can only be regarded as toxic in cell phone reports, or at exposures near these levels.  Dysesthesia symptoms of some patients have correlated with clinical tests,[427] and patients report a dermatologic electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, as well as a type resembling neurasthenia recognized by the Russians. [428]  Though many Western investigators are skeptical of such syndromes, reported yeast cell effects are some seven orders of magnitude below the Russian standard. [429] 
Remote microwave voice transmission has had development. 4 6 7 8 9 10 15  Microwave internal voice weapons are considered 5 11 [430] [431] and weapons have been indicated. 13 14  Continuous symptoms can be maintained by available tracking technology. 15  Since similar means are a frequent patient complaint, it is compulsory that methods be developed to rule out involvement of these technologies in delusional disorder and psychosis.  To further ignore the evidence, and disdain the right for appropriate complaint is unethical. 
Microwave bioeffects have a high level of congruence with major lines of schizophrenia investigation.  In both schizophrenia and low intensity microwave exposure, there are deficits in memory, time estimation, sequencing, and motor ability, as well as numerous electrophysiologic signs including decreased contingent negative variation, abnormal or decreased auditory evoked response, with increased EEG delta and beta waves.  Startle response and galvanic skin response are found decreased in both conditions.  For neurotransmitter levels of both conditions serotonin is found decreased, with dopamine and GABA indicated as decreased, while acetylcholine is indicated decreased in some brain areas.  Hormone changes of melatonin decrease, and adrenal activation are common to both conditions.  Immune function, mitochondria, and the blood-brain barrier are indicated similarly altered in both situations.  Microwaves induce deleterious histology in several brain structures observed reduced in schizophrenia.  Microwave exposure activates brain structures corresponding to those noted on hallucination, and a few studies indicate activation of primary sensory pathways, which is consistent with voice transmission.  Subcapsular cataracts have been associated with both conditions.  Retinopathy is associated with both widely prescribed anti-psychotic medication, and microwave exposure.  Microwave voice transmission, bioeffects, and EEG entrainment provide some basis for positive symptoms.  The correlations between microwave bioeffects and schizophrenia may not apply to all patients, but is most consistent with the negative symptom group that hears voices and is likely paranoid.  The potential for voice transmittal to mimic positive schizophrenia symptoms, and the congruence of other symptoms with microwave bioeffects indicates that a technologic etiology may involve more than a few patients.
The medical community has been remiss in refusing investigation of such an etiology.  Psychiatrists have actively ignored longstanding patient complaints of being affected by technologies that have literature basis for such influence. 15  Microwave bioeffects, including sound and voice perception have long been described.  
More than presumption and prejudice must rule out such an etiology.  Though direct substantiation of this hypothesis is limited to sight publication of field strength around victims and anecdotal reports of such measurement, 15 formal investigation must begin.  The evidence for a technologic etiology regarding microwaves practically comprehensively correlates with schizophrenic symptoms to such congruence that this word’s mathematical sense cannot be excluded.  This hypothesis is more circumstantially defined than any other environmental pathogenic mechanism, and should mandate investigation to develop methods for ruling out such an etiology. 
The congruence of microwave bioeffects with schizophrenia symptoms does not have to involve voice transmittal in a technologic etiology.  Potentially toxic effects to functioning exist near, and below exposure standards.  Hypersensitivity and neurasthenic syndromes are reported with radio frequency fields, though these symptom complexes have particular dispute.  Neurodegenerative diseases are also associated with lower frequency exposure especially in ALS, which also has linkage to schizophrenia.
The late adolescent onset typical of most schizophrenia cases and other factors has led many to favor a neurodevelopmental hypothesis, and some peri-natal microwave exposure studies show abnormalities. 25 83 212 339 344 345 346  There is considerable evidence that a significant portion of schizophrenia patients have genetic susceptibility linkage. [432]  Microwave exposure B lymphocyte response is indicated to have genetic determinants,279 280 and differences in reaction to exposure are reported according to rat temperament. 223  The indicated increase in free radicals by microwaves 65 297 298 299 300 or electromagnetic fields implicates genetic susceptibility for ALS-schizophrenia linkage, which would also have developmental interplay.  However, no developmental or genetic relation is evident for most of the schizophrenia correlations to microwave exposure.  The extensiveness of these correlations leads to a variant hypothesis of a technologic etiology without assault.  A review indicating an approximate doubling of schizophrenia incidence in the recent past would support either technologic variant hypothesis, 378 and is difficult to explain by previous theory.  Of course these hypotheses may not involve all cases, as reference is often made to “the schizophrenias,” and multifactor etiologies are common in pathology.
            Patients subject to internal voice assault would have hallucination, and likely paranoia with belief that voices are transmitted to them.  It would be most probable among sporadic cases with non-adolescent onset, having some or all of the correlations here noted.  Probably the most common present clinical measurement that could be useful is the auditory brain stem response. [433]  Observation of auditory brain stem responses on ‘hallucination’ that indicate primary sensory pathway activation would strongly support technologic assault.  Clinical investigation would include radio frequency measurement.  Attention should be given to likely cranial directional localization within the spectrum indicated for voice transmission. 15  Establishing radiation characteristics with the Brunkan or Leyser patent burst and pulse pattern, or modulation characteristic of the O’Laughlin et al. patents would be highly pertinent, but less important.  There are inconclusive, largely anecdotal reports of victim ability to record harassment effects, however condenser microphones are responsive to the same thermoacoustic mechanism that produces microwave hearing, and other microphone designs contain elements similar to those productive of thermoacoustic sound. [434]  Since microwave-induced thermoacoustic tomography is utilized to generate ultrasound from tissues [435] and ultrasound components could be expected from some microwave voice transmission patents, there is some prospect that such a signal could affect transducers for ultrasound or normal acoustics as applied to the head. 434
Investigation of patient responses within and outside of rooms shielded from electromagnetic radiation is relevant.  Practical considerations are that shielded facilities already exist for MRI and magnetoencephalgraphy.  Observations of hallucination, event related auditory response, contingent negative variation, or EEG delta and beta wave index in selected patients would likely be parameters more immediately responsive to microwave cessation.  Although existing facilities may be adequately shielded, [436] the shielding must be radar effective, with serious determination of adequacy.   
Subcapsular cataract and retinopathy epidemiologic study in schizophrenia would also have relevance.  The specific cataract type is known to be microwave induced, and is reported without medication association.  Patient signs relating to other microwave bioeffect correlations would have bearing on any coincidence of these symptoms in patient subtypes.
Acknowledgements: Thanks are given to God for inspiration, and to Dr. Paul Canner for suggestions.
U. S. Patents are printable free from the U. S. Patent Office website.    

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Psychotronic technology has long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least sixty to seventy years ago and started experiments with unwitting people. 

Psychotronics is the ability, using extremely low frequency (ELF) waves and other means to manipulate a person emotions, thoughts, bodily functions, will etc all from a remote location. Using this technology a person or possibly an entire population can literally be controlled like a robot with a remote control. 

Psychotronic weapons can cause a person to hear words in their head, cause mental and physical illness or even end his or her life.Gang-stalking is a form of harassment by a group of people against an individual for the purpose of harass or demean them constantly and permanently over an extended period of time. 

Fuller list of symptoms: 

Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness - Generalized or Localized 
Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats 
Thermal heating, daytime, discernible "microwave hot spots" on skull 
Intense Itching 
Benign or Malignant Tumors 
Ringing in Ears 
Body Manipulation 
Induced Imagery/Thoughts 
Induced Sleep 
Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head 
Induced Smells 
Coughing up Blood 
Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body 
Sudden onset asthma 
Irregular Heartbeat 
Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence 
Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body 
Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities 
Jaw or Tooth Pain 
Severe facial and glandular swelling 
Sleep Deprivation 
Dizziness or Loss of Balance 
Blackouts or loss of consciousness 
Severe disorientation while driving 
Lesions on Internal Organs 
Sudden Rashes 
Sudden appearance of large burn marks 
Dream Manipulation 
Memory Loss 
Thought Monitoring/Manipulation 
Electronic Rape 
Metallic Taste in Mouth 
Thyroid Problems 
Extreme Fatigue 
Topical & Internal Burning 
Genital Manipulation 
Vision Loss/Impairment 
Hair Loss 
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious 
Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations 
Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves 
Manipulation of emotions 
Reading thoughts remotely 
Causing pain to any nerve of the body. 
Remote manipulation of human behavior from space 
Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead 
Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly 
Control of sleep patterns. 
Computer-brain interface, control and communication 
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities 
Microwave hearing. The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual. 

Fuller tactic list: 
Appliance Tampering 
Helicopter/Airplane home flyovers 
Being Followed 
Blacklisting/death threat 
Car Tampering 
Home Monitoring 
Community-based Harassment 
Workplace Harassment Activity 
Mail Tampering 
Computer Tampering 
Noise Campaigns 
E-mail Monitoring/Interference 
Street Theater 
Emergency Vehicle Harassment (police, fire trucks,. ambulances) 
Targeting of Pets and Insects like bees, kids can die because of bees stings and animal bites 
Unexplained Sounds in Home 
Estrangement of Family or Friends 
Wiretapping/Electronic Surveillance 
Food Tampering 
Harassment from family and friends (manipulation of those individuals to frighten or harm the victim) 
Theft of belongings and documents of the victims 

Symptoms of Electronic / Directed Energy Attacks 
Chronic fatigue 
Sudden changes or blurriness of vision, or eye irritation 
A feeling like static or a tingling feeling on your head 
The feeling of static around your body 
Sudden episodes of faintness or fainting 
Waviness in finger and toe nails 
Unexplained loss of hair 
Nasal Stuffiness 
Unexplained muscle and joint pain, often diagnosed as fibromyalgia 
Unexplained feelings of annoyance, restlessness, impatience & distraction 
Inexplicable memory and word loss 
Headaches, and migraine headaches 

Symptoms of Psychotronic and Projected Sound Attacks 
Hearing strange noises, particularly those no one else hears 
Unusual Heart Rhythms, but your heart is fine 
False heart attacks - left hand and arm seem to radiate pain. EKG's show no problems 
Depression, inexplicable patterns of anxiety, symptoms of ADD or bi-polar disorder 
Disruption in sleep patterns, sleep deprivation, need to take "aids" to sleep 
Hearing voices. Those subjected to these psychological operations know how to recognize when someone is suffering from a mental disorder, or if they are being subjected to a standard script or protocol to debilitate them. It's very easy to recognize. It can rarely be fully stopped, but can often be "disrupted" electronically by jamming the signal. 
Media Mirroring. An experience whereby Psyops agents know what a TV show is going to be talking about or what its theme will be and cause the targeted individual to think of that topic. A pattern emerges over and over again whereby victims start to wonder if someone is listening to them, because people on TV seem to always be talking about what they were thinking or talking about before. An interesting illusion. The target is instructed to "think" about these things through subliminal and/or voice to skull communications. 
Voice to Skull Communications. This is a military communications that is at the heart of their ability to wirelessly conduct 2 way conversations with an individual. In the past, implants were necessary to facilitate this function. These days, technology indicates that implants are no longer necessary, once your location has been determined through RFID, GPS and cell phone tracking. This is also considered part of Synthetic Telepathy. 
There are a great number of other things that occur when these things happen. Again, an experienced individual will know if what you are experiencing is a likely attack. 

Symptoms of psychotronic torture 

Here is a description of the cluster of symptoms common to most victims. 24 hours 7 days a week, for years on end, victims are subjected to all kinds of harassment and torture. Most agree that the technology can remotely target and control every nerve of the body. Heart rate can speed up and slow down, bowel movements can be regulated, illnesses can turn on and off in an instant. Victims report microwave hearing or voices in the head and sleep deprivation. Thoughts can be read, and played back to the victim, instantaneously. 

People around the victim can repeat verbatim, the victim's immediate thoughts. 

* dreams are manipulated 
* behaviors controlled 
* emotions literally played with and all types of pain can be started and stopped in all parts of the body 
* remote sexual manipulation and abuse with pedophilia 
* homosexual and degrading themes are reported regularly 
* microwave burns are frequently reported, along with all types of bizarre and harassive manipulation of electrical equipment, phone, car, TV and computers 
* black bag intelligence tactics of tire slashings, break ins and mail tampering are reported/theft 
* hologram are projected 

According to victims, it is vicious, amoral, sadistic and cruel. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and liken it to mental rape, prison or total destruction of the quality of one's life. Most are labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin. loss of health, social life and career. All say the technology is very sophisticated and effective as a weapon. Some victims say they would use it on their torturers and feel vindication. It is like a slow death. 

Unfortunately for the victims that are being used as guinea pigs for this technology (who will some day most likely be you) are left helpless as law authorities and government agencies refuse to co-operate with them and psychiatrists label them "mentally ill" in order to keep this a secret. 

Symptoms of Microwave Targeting 

* High Pitched Ringing in Ears: Can be unnoticeably faint. 

* Dehydration: Often severe even when consuming a lot of fluids. 

* Unusual Cellulite Accumulations: this can range from minor to severe. (I have seen a victim suddenly acquire cellulite around well used muscles after about three months of extreme microwave mind control targeting. 

* Mood Swings: Unusual episodes of depression, anger, anxiety, crying, laughing...etc. (possibly misdiagnosed as "bipolar...") 

* Joint and Muscle Pain: Arthritis and other pains in joints or bones...etc. 

* Sudden Body Bloating: This is very common with microwave attacks and can range from mild to severe. 

Zombification: Feeling mentally numb - difficulty making decisions and thinking clearly. 

* Brain Farts: (holding onto a bit of humor here) Intrusions into our brains can cause interrupted thoughts or speech, dizziness, forgetfulness, mental fatigue...etc. 

* Forced Speech: Saying things and not knowing why you said them. . .a "where did that come from" sort of feeling. Sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk - making no sense (rare) 

* Obsessions: Onset of sudden unusual obsessions (either for or against someone or something) 

* Memory loss: This can range from short bouts of memory loss to severe permanent complete loss of memory. Can also be in the form of mental blocks in certain areas or in regards to certain subjects. 

* Allergy Types of Symptoms: constant sinus problems and dark circles under eyes. Also feels like a stuffy head, although there is no cold or illness. 

* Nausea: Can range from short mild episodes to severe vomiting. 

* Unusual Thoughts and Dreams with Unusual Messages: Psychotronic weapons can be used to project voices into our heads and this is often done at night, in order to brainwash us. 

* Nerve Irritation or Damage: Periods altered depth perception, eye sight and hearing. . .also numbness in lips, face or right arm, unusual head aches, bouts of small sharp pains shooting into head, deep pain behind right eye and eye brow, pain down back right side of head, muscle or nerve twitching in eyes or other parts of face, burning sensation in mouth, aching teeth and swollen gums...etc. 

* Coordination Problems: Suddenly becoming accident prone. 

* Symptoms that Mimic Mental Illness: Victims can experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious - like they know something horrible is happening to them, but can not figure out what it is. Victims and/or their loved ones can easily assume it is a "mental illness" due to lack of awareness of remote mind control technologies. And, sadly, some doctors are more than happy to prescribe medications that aid the complete success of said technologies. Hearing voices that are sneakily technologically projected are common. (These voices can also be projected to people who are near the target, in order to make them think the target is saying foul things...etc.) 

* Misdiagnosis: Falsely labeling Targeted Individuals as "mentally ill" is almost the worst part of this, because it forces 'help' in ways that are NOT needed and completely prevents help in the ways that are DESPERATELY needed. 

* Seizures: Sudden seizures for no apparent reason and can be mild and temporary or severe and long term. (Possibly misdiagnosed as "epilepsy"?) 

* Neurological Problems: Sudden unexplainable neurological problems, which can range from mild numbness in various parts of body. . .to sudden brain damage with severe altercations to speech and motor skills. 

* Personality Change: Slow or sudden altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, morals ...etc. 

* Extreme Physical and Mental Fatigue: May be short or long term. 

* Unexplainable Pain in Muscles and Bones: (possibly misdiagnosed as "fibromialgia") 

* Heat and Energy Flashes: Sudden rushes of heat or energy with tingling throughout body. 

* Digestive and Intestinal Problems: Sudden bouts of these are VERY common in remote mind control victims. 

* Sudden Onset of Medical Problems: From minor things like hair loss, swollen gums, reflux, skin eruptions, cataracts at an unusually young age, temp plummeting to 96-97, sudden weight gain or loss to detached retinas and lung, heart, liver or other organ complications or failures as well as aneurysms, strokes...etc. 

* Heart Flutterings and Attacks: This is common and can range from mild heart attacks and feelings of the heart beat vibrating through whole body to lethal heart attacks, which (according to Microwave expert General Barrie Trower) can be inflicted with the push of a button. 

* Sudden Onset of Unusual Physical Injuries: Injuries seem to suddenly happen almost on their own. Things like sprained ankles, joint problems and slipped discs can be remotely inflicted. 

* Tumorous Growths: These may or may not be cancerous. 

* Sexual Stimulation: Sexual stimulation that does not feel natural and does not match genuine desires. 

* Ridges Forming on Fingernails and Toenails: From mild to severe. 

* Sun Sensitivity: Sudden onsets of head aches or skin rashes during exposure to the sun 

* Unauthorized Surveillance Symptoms: Feeling like we are being watched when there appears to be nobody there. 

* LUPUS: Lupus as well as other autoimmune diseases are caused by over doses of microwave energy. The "flares" happen when our bodies react to severe levels of microwaves, which are intentionally being directed at us. 

* Morgellons Disease: This and many other illnesses that we THINK are natural are actually being inflicted by microwaves. 

* Leukemia and other Cancers: Tumorous cancers are also often inflicted with microwave attacks. 

* Birth Defects: A targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects (like I did in 1982) 

* Blocked Hearts: Long term, unaware mind control victims tend to become disconnected from their hearts and natural instincts, which is perhaps the worse symptom of all, (although its not immediately noticeable) because this blockage of our Hearts - the blockage of our ability to feel and heal. . .is a SERIOUS hindrance to our natural process of growing and evolving into healthy, functional human beings. 

* Inconspicuous Murder: Sudden death that appears natural, 
suicidal or accidental but does not feel right to the loved ones of such victims. FYI: Deaths that are intentionally inflicted by other human beings are NOT "meant to be." These murders often leave a persistent unsettled feeling in the victim's loved ones. 
Stunted Growth: Perhaps the worse symptom is one that is not immediately noticeable - the blockage of our Hearts - the blockage of our ability to feel. . .and consequently a serious hindrance to our natural process of growing and evolving into healthy, functional human beings. 

Primary Targeted Individuals can also experience extremely painful and obvious remote electronic tortures, which can include the projection of voices to either confuse them or people who are near them - making those who hear it think that whatever is being said is coming from the Targeted Individual. 
Targets who are also being "gang stalked" experience chains of sabotaged jobs, relationships as well as destroyed vehicles and homes. Our computers are often invaded and our writings altered in ways that make us look crazy and/or stupid. 

It appears that one female victim is sometimes chosen from a targeted family to be more heavily targeted. This individual will probably be intelligent, independent and attractive. Manipulations will be set up to completely separate her from her family or anyone who can help her. (This can include massive levels of mind control in those whom she is closest to.) Then she will be surrounded with severe chains of difficulties and psychological/physical torture, which is apt to also include being repeatedly drugged and raped. 

When we start realizing that we are being targeted, and start talking about it, we become inflicted with even more severe levels of psychological harassment, from organized stalking groups, in efforts to make our testimonies sound like we only have "paranoid schizophrenia" or whatever. . . so that no one will believe us and the criminals can continue freely targeting humanity. 

Until masses of families and individuals start realizing what is happening and take action, the criminals will probably continue their success with this and all of humanity will suffer indescribably. 

This is happening every day to every person, is happening to me for long time, to my kids, my family, friends, and every person around, this is not joke, this is serious, is happening here in the BRD and those persons are making believe is the government, or governments from other countries. 

More information:

German Government please investigate and stop those people who are using psychotronic weapons to harm the humanity, creating destruction, hatred, problems, diseases, crimes and deaths." 

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USA or Russia / Soviet Union). that these experiments have taken place, is by official documents provable, the existence of the Associated technologies is by publicly accessible patents assignable. these experiments were - also by documents assignable - none only in the laboratory, but also in the field test at ignorant and innocent citizens carried out. in this respect must be a proof no longer be provided that the influence of people by electromagnetic frequencies is possible and also happens. there are no beweiskräftigen evidence that the application of such technologies ever has been set. on the contrary - the development of modern electronics and information technology has these applications new doors opened. the targeted influencing a person by electromagnetic frequencies can by wissenschaftsübliche measurement method be detected. the implementation of such an analysis need However, great experience both in the physics as well as in the medical field. it is true, from the rich electromagnetic frequency spectrum, the everyone nowadays daily is exposed possible frequencies filter out, the detectable and reproducible against a specific person (and only against this) are directed. this is in several cases already have succeeded. as for a whole range of frequencies the psychoactive or psychosomatic effects on the people already known, is here, too, match the extent to which found frequency signals for the subjective described symptoms may be responsible. examples of psychoactive acting frequencies or frequency ranges: 70-80 Hz: sense of dizziness or desorientiertheit 13-15 kHz: "synthetic feelings" (detectable by US patent!) 300-3000 MHz: perception of knister-, knack- or brummgeräuschen (can also of deaf be perceived). examples of psychosomatic acting frequencies or frequency ranges: 300 Hz (as pulsrate for microwaves): sleep, atembeklemmungen 35 Hz: sleep, schmerzzustände 500 Hz: release of stresshormonen (noradrenaline) it can be found a regular basis scientific conferences instead on which biological effects of electromagnetic frequencies (and possible medical applications) presented, discusses or be detected (such. B. at the University of Magdeburg 2004). the European parliament decided to 1999, with great majority of all parties a resolution in which it underground. a. is to say: "the European parliament ... calls primarily an international convention on a general ban on research and development projects - whether it military or civil - that the application of findings in the field of chemical and electrical processes ... or other functions of the human brain ... include that any form of the manipulation of man door open could." Berlin 2009 grazyna fosar Franz bludorf (astrophysicist, physicist, author, (mathematician, physicist, author, wissenschaftsjournalistin) science journalist this is a scientific, politically value-free info. further use to journalistic purposes is only in unabridged and unchanged form and stating the authorship of the authors allowed. in particular is a publication in connection with expressions of opinion that within the meaning of §130 stgb criminal relevant are not permitted. scientists grazyna fosar and Franz bludorf support strahlenopfer in Germany for years.  lectures advice contact add unsubscribe internetworx freefind seminars books infoletter infopage | medicine | energy | travel news | sitemap | search  inhaltsbaum medicine open all | close all präventionselbstheilungelektromedizinzusammenhängemeine medizinbücherberatung matthias White's alternative medizinhilfe 1 psyche 2 statics 3 nutrition 4gifte 5 zahnherde 6 interference 7parasiten 8 healing information 9selbstheilung 10 diagnosis 11zusammenhänge literature frequencies - rife-frequenzliste deutschfrequenzen - relationships frequencies find Doug frequencies find Michael Prescott frequencies find Wayne frequencies from masses calculate Bruce stenulson useful frequencies interesting, useful, crazy frequencies Garvey frequencies Clark frequencies genome-frequencies brain frequencies brain frequenzen1 brain frequencies glossary DNA frequencies böhm frequency-list cafl 2007 English frequency-list afcafl 2016 English frequency-list etdfl 2014 English rife-frequency-list German rife-frequency-list 1 Ken Adachi rife-frequency-list 2 Ken Adachi rife tube codes bill cheb questions and answers to rife technology tone generator software NCH zappersiehe also: elektromedizin rife-frequenzliste compilation of frequencies, which have helped to be. this is not "prescription". you can try out what helps. with list undfrequenz generator, they are we now offer an rife researchers. try different concepts, if you do not immediately the appropriate frequency can be found. sometimes also helps the English name further

Strahlenfolter und Terror in Europa

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Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf


Die Technologie der Bewusstseinsbeeinflussung und der Observation von Bürgern

ist nicht mehr zu leugnen!


electromagnetic waves and induced perception
 grazyna fosar and Franz bludorf 
the influence of electromagnetic waves on the people can on several levels take place. the most important are: a) the brain B) the DNA in every body cell C.) internal organs with their own electromagnetic fields 
in the science is the electromagnetic spectrum of the brain frequencies long known as the fact that the brain on corresponding outer frequencies responds. already are numerous brain frequencies scientifically identified that certain states of consciousness and perceptions can be assigned. at the latest in about 5 years, the topography of the human cerebrum is completely decrypted . after latest findings of genetics is the DNA molecule in addition to his biochemical function for inheritance also a biophysical antenna, their natural frequency with about 150 MHz just below the microwave spectrum lies. the DNA is thus for eigen frequencies receptive, up in the technically used microwave (mobile etc.) band. from the broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves are to human perception especially the following areas of significance: a) ELF-waves (0 - 300 Hz) B) microwaves (300 MHz - 300 GHz) the thermal effects such waves (limits) are in the context artificially induced perceptions irrelevant. crucial is rather, the possibility by modulation or digital pulsing of information in this way directly into the body cells respective into the brain transfer. experiments to influence of human perception by modulated electromagnetic frequencies were since the fifties in different countries (Metro. a. USA or Russia / Soviet Union). that these experiments have taken place, is by official documents provable, the existence of the Associated technologies is by publicly accessible patents assignable. these experiments were - also by documents assignable - not only in the laboratory, but also in the field test at ignorant and innocent citizens carried out. in this respect must be a proof no longer be provided that the influence of people by electromagnetic frequencies is possible and also happens. there are no proofs of evidence that the application of such technologies ever has been set. on the contrary - the development of modern electronics and information technology has these applications new doors opened. the targeted influencing of a person by electromagnetic frequencies can by usual scientific measurement method be detected. the implementation of such an analysis needs however, great experience both in the physics as well as in the medical field. it is true, from the broad electromagnetic frequency spectrum, everyone nowadays daily is exposed and possible frequencies must be filter out, then detectable and reproducible against a specific person (and only against this) are directed. this is in several cases already  succeeded. as for a whole range of frequencies the psychoactive or psychosomatic effects on the people already known, is here, too, match the extent to which found frequency signals for the subjective described symptoms may be responsible. examples of psychoactive acting frequencies or frequency ranges: 70-80 Hz: sense of dizziness or disorientation 13-15 kHz: "synthetic feelings" (detectable by US patent!) 300-3000 MHz: perception of knister-, knack- or brummgeräuschen (can also of deaf be perceived). examples of psychosomatic acting frequencies or frequency ranges: 300 Hz (as pulsrate for microwaves): sleep, breath arrest 35 Hz: sleep, pain states 500 Hz: release of stress hormone (noradrenaline) it can be found a regular basis scientific conferences instead on which biological effects of electromagnetic frequencies (and possible medical applications) presented, discusses or be detected (such. B. at the University of Magdeburg 2004). the European parliament decided to 1999, with great majority of all parties a resolution in which it underground. a. is to say: "the European parliament ... calls primarily an international convention on a general ban on research and development projects - whether it military or civil - that the application of findings in the field of chemical and electrical processes ... or other functions of the human brain ... include that any form of the manipulation of man door open could.

Berlin 2009

Grazyna Fosar Franz Bludorf

(Astrophysikerin, Physikerin, Autorin, (Mathematiker, Physiker, Autor, Wissenschaftsjournalistin) Wissenschaftsjournalist

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Zusammenstellung von Frequenzen, die geholfen haben sollen. Dies ist keine "Verschreibung". Man kann ausprobieren was hilft. Mit Liste undFrequenz-Generator sind Sie nun auch ein Rife-Forscher. Versuchen Sie verschiedene Begriffen, wenn Sie nicht auf Anhieb die passende Frequenz finden. Manchmal hilft auch die englische Bezeichnung weiter.

Bauchentzündungen Abdominal inflammation 380 2720 2489 2170 1800 1600 1550 880 832 787 776 727 465 444 1865 146 125 95 72 20 450 440 428 660
Bauchschmerzen Abdominal pain 10000 5000 880 3000 95
Abzess Abscesses 2720 2170 880 787 727 190 500
Übersäuerung Acidosis (Also See Hyperacidity) 20 146 727 776 787 880 10000
Akne Acne, Pimples 2720 2170 1800 1600 1500 880 787 727
Actinobacilia 773
Strahlenpilz Actinomyces Israeli 262 2154
Pilzerkrankung Actinomycosis 465 10000 787 727 20 880
akuter Schmerz Acute pain 3000 95 10000 5000 1550 880 787 727 690 666
Adenexitis 522 572 3343 3833 5312 440 441
wuchernde Drüsen Adenoid glands 20 to 880
Wucherungen Adenoids 1550 880 800 787 776 727 444 20 428 660 2720 2170
Adenovirus Adenovirus 333 786
Anhaftungen Adhesions 5000 2720 2170 1550 880 787 776 760 727 190
Adnamia (geriatric) (fatigue of age) 60 27.5
adrenaline Erregung Adrenal stimulant (Always Use 2489 and 465) 20 3000 95 2720 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 760 727 700 690 685 666 650 625 600 444 1865 125 95 72 20 522 450 440 428 660
Nebennieren Adrenals (under basic research) 24000
Aflatoxin Aflatoxin 344
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency) 5000 2489 880 787 727 3475 3375 3275 3175
ALS 864, 790, 690, 610, 484, 986, 644, 254
Alkoholismus Alcoholism 727 787 880 10000
Allergie (Allergy) 10000 880 787 727 3 330 5000
Haarausfall Alopecia (hair loss) 20 146 465 727 787 880 10000
Pilzinfektion Lunge/Haut Alternaria Tenius 853
Menstruationsausfall Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) 10000 880 1550 787 760 727 465 20
Leberabzess durch Amöben Amoeba Hepar Abscess 344
anale Reizung/Jucken Anal itching 10000 880 787 760 727 465 125 95 72 444 1865 20
Anaphiaxis 10000
Blutarmut Anemia 5000
Blutgerinnsel / Aneurisma Aneurism of large blood vessels 880 787 760 727 465 125 95 72 444 1865 20 727 5000
Halsentzündung / Angina Angina 787 776 727 465 428 660
Angina Pectoris / HerzerkrankungAngina pectoris 230 2720 2170 1800 1600 1500 880 832 787 776 727 465 444 1865 125 95 72 20 660
Wirbelentzündung/-versteifungAnkylosing spondylitis 3000 95 1550 880 787 776 727 650 625 600 28 35 28 110 100 60 428 680
Riechsinnverlust Anosmia (loss of smell) 20 10000
Anthracinun 633
Anthrax (Staphylokokkus) Anthrax 727 787 880
antiseptische- / Desinfektionserkrankungen Antiseptic effect 1550 880 787 760 727 465 444 450 428 660 5000
Schlaganfall / Lähmung Apoplexy, stroke paralysis 20 40 1800 880 787 727 650 625 600 125 95 72 1865 522 428
Blinddarmentzündung Appendicitis 1550 880 787 727 444 380 190 650 444 522 125 95 72 20 522 146 440 450
Blinddarm (Appendix) 20 to 880
Appetitlosigkeit Appetite, lack of 465 444 1865 125 95 72 20 10000 880 787 727
Aranthae Thrush 727 787 880
Arenas Tennus 667
Arteriosklerose / ArterienverkalkungArteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) 10000 5000 2170 1800 1600 1500 880 787 776 727 20
Arterienanreger Artery Stimulator 727 787 800 880
Arthritis Arthritis 10000 2489 1550 880 800 787 727 28 20
Arthritis - Muskeln, Sehnen Arthritis - muscles and tendons 250 650 625 600 10000 1550 880 787 727 28 20
Arthritis - rheumatische Arthritis (rheumatism) 10000
Arthritis - rheumatische, Muskeln und Sehnen Arthritis - rheumatoid, muscles and tendons 250 650 625 600 787 727 10000
Aspargillis Flavus 1823
Aspergillis Glaucus 524
Aspergillis Niger 374
Aspergillis Terreus 743
Asthma Asthma 2720 2170 1800 1600 1500 880 787 727 5000 1233 1283
Astro Cytorma 857
Astrocytoma 2170 2127 880 690 666 727 787 2008 2127
Ataria of Muscles 727 787 880 10000
muskuläre Bewegungsstörung Ataxia (incoordination of muscles) 5000 2720 2170 1800 1600 1500 880 787 776 727 650 625 600 444 1865 125 95 72 20
Fußpilz Athletes foot erst 465, dann 5000 1550 880 727 787 20
Atmenic Aib. 562
Aura-Aufbau Aura Builder 20 5000 10000
Selbstvergiftung Autointoxication 522 146 10000 880 787 727 20
B+E Stäbchenvirus Coli (B+E Coli rod virus) 727 787 800 803
Bacillinum 132 854 921 1042 1932
Bakterieninfektion Bacillus infections - P. coli rod 787 880 727
gebeugter Rücken Back Bent 727 787 880 5000 10000
Rückenschmerzen Backache 760 1550 880 787 727 10000
Bakterien Bacteria 690
Bakterien - Borrelie Borrelia (Lyme ?????) 254 644
Bakterien (Milchsäure) Bacteria Lactis Nosode 512 526 5412
bakterielle Infektion Bacterial infections 465 866 690 727 787 832 880 1550
Bakterien (Spul-) Bacterum coil commune combo 282 333 413 957 1320 1722
schlechter Atem Bad breath (halitosis) 1550 880 787 727 20 5000
schlechte Gesichtsfarbe Bad complexion 5000
schlechte Zähne Bad Teeth 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
einfache Erkrankungen (Banal) 1778
Barley Flecken Barley Smut 377
Bettnässen Bed wetting (enuresis 10000 5000 880 1550 787 727 465
Bettwundlage Bedsores 880 1550 787 727 465 20 73
Gallenzirrhose Biliary Cirrhosis 381 514 677 2271
Gallenerkrankung Biliousness 1550 10000 880 832 787 727 465 5000 10000
Bilirubin (roter Gallenfarbstoff)Bilirubin 717 726 731 863
Insektenbiss Bites, insect 727 787 880 5000
Harnblasenerkrankung Bladder 880 800 787 727
Blasen- / ProstatabeschwerdenBladder and prostate complaints 880 1550 787 727 465 20
Blasen-Tuberkulose Bladder TBC 771
Blastocystis Hominus 848 365 844 595
Bluterkrankung/Herz Blood - over heart area 20 to 2200
Blutreiniger (Krebs) Blood Cleanser - cancer 727 787 880 5000 2008 2127
Bluterkrankungen Blood Diseases 727 787 880 5000
Blutplasmareiniger Blood plasma cleaner 800
Bluthochdruck Blood Pressure, High 727 787 880 5000 10000
Blutdruck, niedrig Blood Pressure, Low 20 727 787 880
Blue Cohash 364
Karbunkel Boils (Carbuncles) 20 880 1550 787 727 465 660 5000
Karbunkel, offene Boils open 20
Karbunkel, eiterige Boils pus 5000
Knochenerkrankungen Bone disease 47 1800 1600 650 625 600 880 787 776 727
Knochenschwund Bone regeneration 2720
Knochensporn Bone spurs 250
Knochentrauma (oppositorische Brüche) Bone trauma (outs fractures) 380 1550 10000 880 787 727
Knochen (Bruch oder Schnitt) Bones (cut or broken) (Fractures) 727 787 880 5000 10000
Botrytis Cinereas 1132
Botulinum Botulinum 518
Gehirn Brain 20 to 2000
Branhamella Catarhalis 2013
Brustzysten (Wucherung) Breast, fibroid cysts 880 1550 787 776 727 690 666
Brustkrebs Breast Tumor 727 787 880 5000 2008 2127
Atmung Breathing 727 787 880 5000
Nephritis Brights syndrome (nephritis) 1500 880 787 727 5000
Bronchialasthma Bronchial asthma 522 146 125 95 72 444 522 20
Lungenentzündung Bronchial pneumonia 1550 880 787 776 727
Bronchiekstasi 342
Bronchitis Bronchitis 880 727
Lungenentzündung (Borinum) Broncho (Pneumonia Borinum) 452 1474
Lungenentzündung (Bronco) Bronco Pneumonia 727 787 880 5000
Bruceila Abort Bang 1423
Bruzell Bazillus (Brucella Melitense) 748
Hämatome Bruises 727 787 880 10000
Beulenpest - sekundäre InfektionBubonic plague (secondary infections) 5000 880 787 727 20
Fußballenschmerzen Bunion Pain 20 727 787 880 5000
Verbrennungen Burns 190 10000 880 787 727 465 200 10000
Verbrennungen (durch radioaktive Strahlung) Burns (radium x-ray radioactive) 880 787 727
Schleimbeutelentzündung Bursitis (arthritis frequencies as well) 880 787 727
Hauttuberkulose (Lupus) Butterfly Lupus 727 787 880 776 1850
Leberkrebs Carcinoma Liver Ferment 214
Krebs Cancer 663 727 778 787 880 1050 1550 2008 2050 2127
Krebs - Karzinom Cancer carcinoma 727 787 880 2008 2120 2127 7130
Leukämie Cancer leukemia 727 787 880 2127
Sarkom Cancer sarcoma 727 787 880 2000 2008 2127
Cancrum Oris 20 727 787 800 880 5000
Candida-Pilz (auch Mikroben) Candida (treat for other microbes also) 465 880 787 727 95 125 20
Candida Albicans Candida Albicans 20 60 95 125 225 414 427 465 727 787 880
Candida Karzinom Candida carcinomas 2167 2182 465
Candida, tropischer Candida Tropicalis 1403
Canine Parvo 323 562 622 4027
Canine Parvo B 323 535 755
Karbunkel (Beulen) Carbuncles 20 727 787 880 5000
Karzinom Carcinoma 2127 2008 880 787 727 666 690
Karzinom, Bronchial Carcinoma Bronchial 462 852 1582
Karzinom, Darm Carcinoma Colon 656
Karzinom, Uterus Carcinoma Uterus Ferm 127
Karzinom, viruelles Carcinoma virus 2120 to 2130 (2127)
Herzberuhigungsmittel Cardiac depressant 727 787 880 5000 10000
Carvularia Spiratera 879
Katarakt (nicht diabetisch) Cataract (not diabetic) 20 727 787 880 10000
Katarakt n. Brunescens Cataract Brunescens 1335
Katarrh mit schleimiger EntzündungCatarrh (mucous) with inflammation 20 727 787 880 1550 444 20
Celia Carroll 576 973
Cephalisporiurn 481 3966
zerebrale Lähmung Cerebral palsy 880 787 727 522 146 10000
zerebrale RückgratsbeschwerdenCerebro-spinal trouble 727 787 880 10000
Halsdrüsen Cervical gland (lumps on side of neck) 5000 727 787 880 10000 320
Gebärmutterhalsentzündung Cervicitis neck inflammation 880 20
Gebärmutterhalsentzündung Cervicitis womb neck inflammations 20 727 787 880 5000
Gebärmutterhalsadenom Cervix Adenoma 433
Chaetomiumglobosum 221 867
Chankeroid Ulcers 880 787 776 727
Chemical sensitivity 727
Windpocken Chicken pox 20 727 787 880 5000 3343
Windpocken (sekundär) Chicken pox (secondary) 1800 1600 1500 880 787 727 20
Windpocken Chicken pox (varicella) 1550 802
Frostbeulen Chilblains 5000 20
Verhaltensstörung Kinder Child disorders 20 727 787 880
Chlamydia (Geschlechtskrankheit)Chlamydia 430 620 624 840 2213
Gallenblasenentzündung Cholecystitis 481 743 865 928
Cholera Cholera 727 787 880 450 100 843 844
Cholesteatom 453 618 793
chronische Erschöpfung Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10000 660 2127 787 465
chronische Müdigkeit Chronic tired feeling 727 787 880 10000
Cimifuga 594
Durchblutungsstörungen Circulation disturbances + problems 40
Zirkulationsstau Circulatory stasis 40
Cladsporium Fulvum 438
Blutplasmareinigung Cleans blood plasma 727 787 880 5000
Zytomegalovirus CMV 2145
Zöliakie Coelicia 594 656
kalte Füße, Hände Cold feet / hands 20 727 787 880 5000
Kältegefühl an Kopf und Brust (schwankend) Cold in head + chest (Mutates constantly) 10000 1550 880 787 776 727 660 444 20 5000
Husten durch Kälte Colds coughing 10000 727
Kolik (Bauchschmerzen) Colic 1550 832 787 727 20
Koliken und Darmschmerzen Colic stomach + colon pain 20 727 787 800 880
Dickdarmkatarrh Colitis (irritation of colon) 10000 1550 880 832 440
Dickdarmkatarrh Colitis mucous catarrh of colon 20 727 787 800 880 10000
Dickdarm Colon 20 to 880
Dickdarm allgemein Colon problems general 20 440 880
Bindehautentzündung Conjunctivitis 1550 880 787 727 20 80
Bindehautentzündung AugenlidConjunctivitis eyelid 727 787 800 880
Verstopfung Constipation 1550 880 800 787 776 727 20
Kontraktionen Contractions arrests discharges 20 727 787 880 10000
Prellungen Contusions 110
Zuckungen Convulsions 10000 5000 880 787 727
Gerstenkorn Corn Smut (mold) 546
Hühneraugen Corns in feet 727 787 880 5000 10000 20
Nasenerkrankungen Coryza nose disorder 880 787 727 5000
Rippenschmerzen Costalgia(rib pain) 727 787 880 5000 10000
Coxsackie Virus 136 232 422 424 435 921 923
Coxsackie B1 834
Coxsackie B2 705 534
Coxsackie B4 421
Coxsackie B5 462 1043 1083
Coxsackie B6 736 814
Krämpfe Cramps 10000 880 787 727 26 25 770 5000
Menstruationskrämpfe Cramps menstrual 26
Halsverrenkungen Cricks in the neck 727 787 880 5000
Crinis Hunansis 646
Morbus Crohn Crohns disease 727
Crypto sporidiun 482 4122
Schnitte Cuts 20 727 787 880 5000
Blasenerkrankung Cystic Fibrosis 660 727 778 787 880
Harnblasenerkrankung Cystitis (of urinary bladder) 5000 1550 880 800 787 727 465 20
Nephritis Cysto Pyelo Nephritis 1385
Schuppen Dandruff scales 20 727 787 880 5000
Taubheit Deafness (partial to complete) 10000 1550 880 787 727 20 5000
Dematiun Nigrum 243
Zahnherd Dental foci 3000 95 190 47.5 2720 2489 1800 1600 1500 1500 880 832 787 776 727 666 650 600 465
Zahnfleischgeschwür Dental Ulcers 880 787 776 727
Depressionen (durch Drogen oder Gifte) Depression (due to drugs or toxins) Reported 73
Depressionen (durch äußere Umstände) Depression (due to outside circumstances) 35 787
Diabetes Diabetes 35 787 10000 20 727 787 800 880 5000
Diabetes (sekundär) Diabetes (secondary) 10000 2720 2170 1800 1550 880 727 465 20
Diabetes Veranlagung Diabetic loading 35 700
diabetisches Geschwür Diabetic Ulcers 880 787 776 727
Durchfall / Ruhr Diarrhea - dysentery 1550 880 787 727 465 5000
Verdauung Digestion 727 787 880 5000
Diphtherie Diphtheria 880 787 727 20 776 20
Diptherinun 624
Bandscheibenvorfall Disc herniated 727 787 10000
Staupe Distemper 242 254 312 551 573 671 712 1269
aufgeblähte Organe Distended organs 20 727 787 880 10000
aufgeblähter Magen Distended stomach 727 787 800 880 5000
Verdrehungen Distorsion (twisting of muscles + spine) 110
Zerstreuungskrankheit Diverticulosis 154 934
Down Syndrom Downs syndrome 20
Träume Dreams 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
Droglioma 853
Wassersucht Dropsy 727 787 10000
Drogenabhängigkeit Drug addiction 20 727 787 880 5000
Apathie Dullness 727 787 880 5000
Zwölffingerdarmkrebs Duodenal ulcer 727 787 880 10000 776
Dupuytrens contracture 250
MenstruationsschmerzenDysmenorrhea (painful menstration) 880 800 787 727
Menstruationsschmerzen (Reinwasser) Dysmenorrhea (pure water douche plus) 26 1550 880 787 727 465
Verdaungsstörung Dyspepsia (indigestion) 1550 880 787 727 5000 800
E-coli 802
E-coli (tuberculosis rod) 799 to 804
Tinnitus, Hörverlust Ear conditions (tinnitus, hearing loss) 10000 880 787 727 20
Ohrenschmerzen Earaches 727 787 880 5000
Ohren Ears 20 to 880
Gleichgewichtssinn Ears, balance 20 727 787 880 10000
Ohrenausfluss Ears, discharges 727 787 880 5000 10000
Schwindel Ears, dizziness 20 727 787 880
Schwerhörigkeit Ears, hard to hear 20 727 787 880
Ohrenklingeln Ears, ringing 20 727 787 880 5000 20
Depression - Anfälligkeit Easily depressed 727 787 880 10000
Müdigkeit - Anfälligkeit Easily fatigued 727 787 880 5000
EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) 660 663 669 428 776 778 465 880 787 727
Echinoccoccinum 453 164 623 542
Echo Virus (Endometriosis Tuberylosa) 620
Ekzem Eczema (skin problems including herpes) 727 787 5000 1550
Ekzem in Blutbahn und Lunge Eczema in vascular and lung 1550 787 727
Hautekzem Eczema skin trouble (not herpes) 5000
Ödem (Lunge, mit Auswurf) Edema (Lung swelling, excess fluids) 522 146 148 444 440 880 787 727 465
Ellenbogenschmerzen Elbow pain 20 727 787 880 5000
Elektrolyte Electrolyte (improve sodium + potassium) 20 10000
Drüsen - vergrößert Enlarged glands 20 727 787 880 10000
Entamaeba Histolytica 148 166 308
Enterobias 773 827 835
Enteto Hepatitis 552 932 953
Bettnässen Enuresis (bed wetting) 10000 880 787 727
Epicoccum 734
Epikondilitis Epicondylitis 250
Epidermophyton Flocconum 644 766
Samenstrangentzündung Epididymitis (Inflammation of testicle ducts) 1500 880 787 727 20
Epilepsie Epilepsy 10000 880 787 727 700 650 600 125 20
Epilepsy fits 20 727 787 880 120
Eriterocoucinum 686
Mundausschlag Eruptions mouth 5000
Hautausschlag Erysipel 845 616
Hautausschlag Erysipelas 20 727 787 880 5000 600 2000
Hautausschlag durch StreptokokkusErysipelas (skin inflammation) caused by strep 660 10000 880 787 727 465 20 2000 600
Speiseröhre Esophagus 880 787 727
Speiseröhre - Verengung Esophagus (constriction) 880 787 727
Eustachische Röhre - EntzündungEustachian tube inflammation 1550 880 787 776 727 465 20 800
Augenarteriosklerose Eye, arteriosclerosis 20 727 787 880 10000
Auge unscharf Eye, bifocal 20 727 787 880 5000
Auge verschwommen Eye, blurred 20 727 787 880 5000
Augenkatarakt, grauer Star Eye, cataract 727 787 880 5000
Auge schielen Eye, crossed 727 787 880 5000 10000
Sehstärkeabnahme Eye, degeneration 727 787 880 5000 10000
Eye, diplopia 727 787 880 5000
Sehstörungen Eye, disorders (blurred vision, cataracts etc) 1600 10000 880 787 727 20
Augenlidschwäche Eye, droop of lid 727 787 880 5000 10000
Glaukom Eye, glaucoma 727 787 880 5000 1600
Augeninfektion Eye, infected 727 787 880 5000 1000
Augenentzündung Eye, inflammation 80
tränende Augen Eye, lacrimal 727 787 880 5000
Kurz- und Weitsichtigkeit Eye, near + farsighted 727 787 880 5000 10000
Augennervschmerzen Eye, nerve pain 727 787 10000
Augenlidschwäche Eye, ptosis (drooping lid) 10000 5000
überanstrengtes Auge Eye, strained 727 787 880
geschwollenes Augenlid Eye, swollen lid 787
Augen Eyes 20
Gesichtskrämpfe Facial cramps 727 787 880 10000
Gesichtslähmung Facial paralysis 10000 880 787 727 5000
Ohnmacht Fainting 727 787 880 5000 20
Haarausfall Falling hair 20 800 10000
faserige Bindegewebshaut FasciaFibrous Tissue under skin 20 727 787 880 5000
Fasciola Heptica 275
Müdigkeit Fatigue 428 660 465 125 95 72 20 444 1865
Ängste Fears 727 787 880 10000
Fieber aller Art Fever: all kinds 5000 20
Fel Tauri 672
Feli 435
Felis 430 834 2232 3233
Feloris Wolyhnica 547
Frauenkrankheiten Female disorder 727 787 880
Fieber durch Hitzeschlag Fever, sunstroke 20 440 880
Brustwucherungen Fibroadenona Mamanae 1384
Wucherungen Fibroma 2127 2008 727 690 666 800 2008 2128
Wucherungen (zweite) Fibroma ( secondary) 1550 465
Gewebesarkom Fibrosarcoma 1744
Gewebeerkrankung nach Jung Fibrosis of Jung (on chest) 27.5 220 410
Filariose 112 120
Fischpyrogen 832
Fissuren Fissures 20 727 787 880 10000
Geschwürartige Fistel Fistula ulcer 727 787 880 832
FIV 262 323 372 567 916
Hitzewellen Flashes, hot 727 787 880 10000
Blähungen Flatulence (gas) 727 787 800 880 5000 1550 465
Erkältung, Grippe, Influenza Flu, influenza 880 800 787 727
Grippe, neue Arten Flu (flu mutates to new strains ) 1550 880 787 727 20
Grippe Nosode Flu Triple Nosode 421 632 1242 1422 1922 3122
Grippe Virus Flu Virus 'A' 332
Grippe Virus Flu Virus 'B' 530 532 536 537
Grippe Virus Flu Virus 'B' Hong Kong 555
Grippe Virus Flu (see Grippe + Influenza) 20 727 787 800 880
Fluormantel Fluor Alb 420 423 424 2222 502
follikuläre Räude Follicular Mange 693 253
Lebensmittelvergiftung Food poisoning 727 787 880 10000
Fuß und Mund Foot + Mouth 232 237 1214 1244 1271 54ll
Fußblasen Foot blisters 727 787 880 10000 465
Knochenbrüche Fractures, Bones 220 230 10000 880 787 727
weibliche Frigidität Frigidity, female 10000 20
Erfrierungen Frostbite 727 787 880 5000
Erfrorene Schulter Frozen shoulder 10000 880 787 727
Pilzinfektion Fungal infection 465 1550 880 727 20
Pilz (Adams) Fungus (Adams) 943 2644
Pilz (Katy's Fuss) Fungus (Katy's Foot) 634
Pilz (Suttons) Fungus (Sutton's Bar Fungus) 854
Pilzflora Fungus Flora 632
Fusarium Oxysporum 102
Gallenblase Gall Bladder 20 727 787 880 5000
Gallenblasenstörung mit Knochenentzündung Gall bladder dystonia with osteitis 3000 880 787 727 20
Gallensteine Gall Stones 3000 880 787 727 20 5000
Wundbrand Gangrene 20 727 787 880 5000 73
Gardinerella 782
Blähungschmerzen Gas pains in stomach + colon(astritis) 20 727 787 880 5000
gastrische Gichtgeschwüre Gastric Gouty Ulcers 880 787 776 727
Gastritis und Blähungen Gastritis and flatus 880 832 787 727 676 20
Gastritis und Blähungen Gastritis gas pains-stomach (Flatulence) 5000 20
allgemeines Programm General Program (to align Individual) 20 60 95 125 225 427 440 660 727 787 800 880 5000 10000
Geotrichum Geotrichum Candid 412
Leichtsinn Giddiness 20 727 787 880 5000
Leichtsinn, Schwindel Giddiness, dizziness 10000 20
Malleus Glanders, Pseudomonas Mallei 20 727 787 880
Drüsenfieber Glandular fever 20 727 787 880 5000
Drüsenfieber (Nebennieren) Glandular fever, adrenals 24000 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Nebenschilddrüse)Glandular fever, parathyroid 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Zirbeldrüse) Glandular fever, pineal 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Hirnanhangdrüse=Hypophyse)Glandular fever, pituitary 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Geschlechtsdrüsen)Glandular fever, sex 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Thymusdrüse) Glandular fever, thymus 10000 20
Drüsenfieber (Schilddrüse) Glandular fever, thyroid 16000 10000 20
Gliocladium 855
Gliomata Glioma 543 641
Kropf Goiter 20 727 787 880 5000 16000
Hodenentzündung Gonad (sex gland inflammation) 727 787 880 5000 10000
Gonorrhoe Gonorrhea 727 787 880 5000 660 600
Gicht Gout 3000 10000 880 787 727 20 5000 727 787 880
Urinsteine Gravel Deposits in urine. See gallstone 20 727 787 880 3000 5000
Grünfärbung Green Dye 563 2333
Grippe (FLU) 727 787 880 343 512 862 3012 3423 10 223
Grippe V 861
Grippe V-3 550 553
Grippe V-4 232 352
Grippe V-5 945
Grippe VA 2-L 447
Grippe VA-2 833
Zahnfleischentzündung/Eiter Gums (inflammation, gingivitis, pyorrhea) 5000 880 800 787 727 465 20
H#1- 725 2432 2436353 732 844 646
H#2- 725 1230 245 314 965
H#3- 633 1220 6230 8225 111 392 776 837 1675 2664 3806 714
H#4- 444 2323
H#5- 83 235 645 2323 3432 4093 5532
H#6- 702 747 2245 183
Bluterkrankheit Haemophily 845
Haemophilus Inf 542
Haemophilus Inf Type B 652 942
Haarausfall Hair loss 727 800 880 10000
Halluzinationen Hallucinations 20 727 787 880 10000 5000
Kopfschmerzen (Kater) Hangover 10000 522 146
Harry Cell 122 622 932 5122
Hastoiditis 287
Heuschnupfen Hay Fever 20 727 787 880 5000
Kopfverletzungen (sofortige ärztliche Behandlung!) Head injuries (immediate medical attention!) 10000 3000 880 787 727 522 72
Kopfdruck Head, pressure in 20 727 787 880 5000
Kopfschmerzen Headaches 20 727 787 880 10000
Kopfschmerzen durch HaltungsfehlerHeadaches caused by vertebral misalignment 3000
Kopfschmerzen durch ParasitenHeadaches due to parasites 125 95 73 20 727 3000
Kopfschmerzen durch VergiftungHeadaches due to toxicity 522 146 3000 880 787 727 20
Kopfschmerzen unbekannter HerkunftHeadaches unknown cause (try other numbers +) 3000 650 625 600 3000
Kopfschmerzen, urogenital Headaches urogenitally caused 3000
Herz Heart 20 to 162
Heart, Angina pectoris 5000
Herzschlag verlangsamt Heart, Bradycardia 5000
Entzündung Herzinnenhaut Heart, Endocarditis 5000
Herz, vergrößert Heart, Hypertrophy 5000
Herzmuskelentzündung Heart, Myocarditis 5000
Herzklopfen Heart, Palpitations 5000
Herzbeutelentzündung Heart, Pericarditis 5000
Stenose Heart, Stenosis 5000
beschleunigter Herzschlag(Tachicardie) Heart, Tachycardia 5000
Herzrythmusstörungen Heart, disorders 727 787 880 5000
rasches Herzklopfen Heart, fast Palpitations 727 787 880 10000
Herz (Labortiere) Heart (lab animals only) 80 160 20 73 3.9 3000 880 787 727 465 125 95 20
Herzbrennen Heartburn 832 2720 2170 2127 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 787 727 685 465 444 1865 125 95 72 20
Entfernung Schwermetall Heavy metal removal 30,000
Helicobacter Pylori 676
Helminthosporium 969
Hemobartinella Felis 603 957
Hämorrhoiden Hemoroids 727 800 880
Blutungen Hemorrage 800 802 1550 10000
Hämorrhoiden (angehäufte)Hemorrhoids (Piles) 1550 880 727 800 447 20
Hepatitis - Leberentzündung Hepatitis Liver Inflamation 28 1550 880 800 787 727 447 224 317 2189
Hepatitis A 321 3220
Hepatitis New Nos 922 477
Hepatitis Non-A Non-B 166
erbliche GeschlechtsstörungenHereditary sex derangement 5000
Leistenbruch Hernia 10000 787 727 5000
Leistenbruch Hernia of disc (Herniated disc) 727 787 10000
Herpes (Eczema) 727 787 5000 1550
Herpes (zoster) 2720 2170 1800 1600 1500 1550 1800 1865 880 787 727 20
Herpes furunkulosis, secondary 787 727
Herpes furunkulosis, skin diseases 200 1000 1550
Herpes Shingles (Zoster) 20 727 787 880 1550 1800 1865
Herpes Simplex 322 343 476 822 843 1043 16l4 2062
Herpes simplex I (Mundfäule) 1550
Herpes simplex II (Genital) 1900 556 832
Herpes Simplex IU. 2 808
Herpes sores 2489 1800 465 1550 1500 880 787 727 1850 428
Herpes (wässrige Blasen) 727 787 880 1550
Herpes Zoster (Shingles) 1557 574 1900 1550 727 787 880
Schluckauf Hiccoughs 20 10000
Bluthochdruck High blood pressure, hypertension 10000 880 787 727
Malariafieber High fever acute pyrexia 20 727 787 880
Hüftschmerzen Hip pain 20 727 787 880 5000
Hirudo Med. 128
Nesselausschlag Hives (urticaria) 1800 880 787 727 522 146 5000
HlV (AIDS virus) 683 3554 714
Heiserkeit Hoarseness 727 787 880
Horomodendrum 695
Hitzewellen, kompliziert Hot flashes (complications) 10000 880 787 727
Household Insect Mix 723
Flüssigkeit in Hoden Hydrocele (Fluid in testicle) 727 787 880 10000
Magenübersäuerung Hyperacidity of stomach (too alkaline) 230 20 727 787 880 10000
Hyperchondrium, upper abdomen 20 727 787 880 10000
erschwerte Atmung Hyperia (low oxygen, labored breathing) 727 787 880 10000
Übersensibilität GeruchsinnHyperosmia (overacute smell and taste) 20 10000 522 146
Hypertonie - hoher BlutdruckHypertension 20 95 10000 880 787 727
Hypertonie spastisch Hypertension spastic 95
Hypochondrium upper abdomen 20 10000
Blutdruck niedrig Hypotension (low blood pressure) 20 727 787 880 10000
Unterfunktion Schilddrüse Hypothyroid 12 35
Sauerstoffmangel Hypoxia (low oxygen) 727 787 880 10000
Hysteriesymptome Hysterical symptoms 20 727 787 880 5000
Ikterus Haem 243
Darmverschlußentzündung Ileocolitis, colon inflammation 20 727 787 800 880 802
Impotenz (verschiedene Arten)impotence (many classes) 2127 2008 465 10000 880 787 727 690 666 125 95 73 72 20 650 625 600
zunehmende Größe Increasing height 10000
Verdauungsstörung Indigestion 10000 880 787 727 465 444 20 125 95 72 5000
Kinderlähmung Infantile Paralysis 727 787 880 1500
Polio Infantile paralysis (polio) 1500 880 787 727 776 10000
infektiöse Allergien Infection allergies 10000
Infektionen Infections 880 787 727 20
Infektionen (verschiedene) Infections (many classes) 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 760 727 700 690 666 650 625 600 465 444 125 95 72 20 1865 500 450 440 428 660
Unfruchtbarkeit Infertility 2127 2008 465 880 787 727 690 666 650 625 600
Brustentzündung Inflammation, breast 727 787 880 5000
Influe Bach Poly 122 823
Influencinum Vesic 203 292 975
Influencinum Vesic NW 364
Influencinum Berlin 5500 430 720 733
Influenza (siehe Grippe, Erkältungen)Influenza (see Flu + Grippe) 20 727 787 800 880
allergische Reaktion auf InjektionAllergic reaction to Injection 10000
Verletzungen Injuries 5000
Schlaflosigkeit Insomnia 1550 1500 880 10 727 787 880 10000
ungenügend Milchbildung Insufficient lactation 5000
Intelligenz, GedankenklarheitIntelligence clarity of thought 20 10000
Zwischenrippenneuralgie Intercostal neuralgia 727 787 880 10000 800
Zwischenrippenneuralgie (Muskelschmerzen) Intercostal neuralgia (pain-rib musculature) 3000 1550 880 787 776 727 125 20 1865 444
Intermittent claudicaticin (behind the head) 45 48
Darmbeschwerden (Grimmdarm)Intestinal problems, colon 440 880 787 727
Darmbeschwerden allgemein Intestinal problems, general 802
Darm Intestines 800
Darmentzündung Intestines inflammation 727 787 880 105 791
Darmkrämpfe Intestines spasms 727 787 5000
Darmentleerung Intestines to release 727 787 800 880
Vergiftung Intoxication 10000
Reizbarkeit Irritability 5000
Darmreizung Irritable bowel syndrome 20 727 787 880 1550
Juckreiz Itching (pruritis) 880 787 727 444 125 95 72 20 444 1865
Juckreiz Anus, Zehen, Füße Itching of anus, toes + feet, blue 727 787 880 5000
Gelbsucht Jaundice 1600 1550 1500 880 650 625 600 444 1865 146 250 125 95 72 20 727 787 5000
Gelenkentzündung Joints inflamed 727 787 880 10000
Kaposis Sarkom Kaposis Sarcoma 418 249
Nieren Kidney 20 727 787 880 5000 800 20 10000
Niereninsuffizienz Kidney insufficiency 10 40 440 1600 1550 1500 880 650 625 600 444 1865 146 250 125 95 72 20
Nierengeschwür Kidney Papilloma 110 767
Lungenentzündung (Klebs) Klebs Pneumoniae 766 412
Kniegelenkschmerzen Knee joint pain 1550 880 787 727 28 20 250
Knieschmerzen Knee pains(see Pains in Knee) 20 727 787 800 880 10000 754 756
Lac Deflorat 230 371
fehlende Leitfähigkeit Lack of conductivity 20 727 787 880 10000
großer Darm Large intestine 8 10 440 880
Kehlkopf Larynx 10 440 465 444 1550 880 787 727 28 20 250
Mattigkeit Lassitude, weak, exhausted 20 727 787 880
Abführmittel Laxative, mild 20 727 787 800 880 802
Leaco-Eucephalitis 572
Legionella 723
Beine Legs 727 787 800 880 10000
Beine bei Fieber Legs if fever 10000
Lepra Leprosy 727 787 880 10000 600
Lepra (sekundär) Leprosy (secondary infection) 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 760 727 700 690 666 650 625 600 465 444 20 500 450 440 428 660
Leptospirosis P.C. 612
Leukozytenbilder Leucocyte builder 20 727 5000
Mundflecken Leudoplakia (white patches in mouth) 465 2127 2008 727 690 666
Leukämie Leukemia 2127 2008 880 787 727 690 666
Leukozytenbilder Leukocytogenesis (stimulates) 20 727
Leukodermia white skin patches 20 727 787 880 444
Leukorrhoe Leukorrhea (white vaginal discharge) 880 787 727
Leukose 612 633 653 3722
Hirnhautentzündung Leuroencephalitis 572 932 1111
Lipona Multiple bipomas 84 47
Listeriose 471 774 2162
Lebervergrößerung Liver enlargement 2489 880 787 727
lebende Nebenhöhlenbakterien Living Sinus Bacteria 548
Lenflue Toxicum 854
Locomotor atazia muscle failure 727 787 880 10000
Bewegungs-/KoordinationsstörungLocomotor dysfunction incoordination 10000 880 787 776 727 650 625 600 444 1865 125 95 72 20
Blutunterdruck Low blood pressure, hypotension 880 787 727 20
Luesinum-Syphilnum 177
Hexenschuss Lumbago 10000 880 787 727 125 95 72 444 1865
verformte Lendenwirbel Lumbarvertebrae deformed 727 787 880 10000
Lungen Lungs 1550 880 787 776 727 125 95 72 20 9 444 1865 450
Lungenatmung Lungs breathing 727 787 880
Lupus vulgaris 727 787 800 880 776 1550
Lupus 243 352 386 921 942 993 1333 1464
Lupus erythematosis 880 787 727 776 1850
Lupus vulgaris 2489 10000 800
Verrenkung Luxation (dislocation of organs or joints) 110
Lymes disease 432 2016 605 673 1455 797
Lymphdrüsen, verstopft Lymph gland (plugged, overloaded) 10000
Lymphdrüsen Lymph glands 10 440 727 787 880 5000
Lymphdrüsen - stimulieren Lymph glands, to stimulate 10000 465
Lymph Leuk. 833
Lymphknoten, geschwollene im Nacken Lymph nodes in neck, swollen 465
Lymphstau Lymph stasis 148 522 146 444 440 880 787 727
Lymphgefäßentzündung Lymphangitis 574
lymphatisches BeruhigungsmittelLymphatic depressant 727 787 880 5000
lymphatische Leukämie Lymphatic Leukemia 478
Lymphgranulom LGRLymphogranuloma 1522
Lyssinum 547 793
schlechte Verwertung Malabsorption syndrome 727 787 880 3000
Malaria 222 550 713 930 1032 1433 20
Malaria Windpocken Malaria Chicken pox 20
Mallel 1273
Mamma Fibrometosis 267
Mannan 961
Brustdrüsenentzündung Mastitis 654
Masern Measles 467 520 1489 727 787 880
Masern Measles (Morbillinum) 20
Masern Impfstoff Measles Vaccine 962
Medorrhinum 442 843 2222
Melancholie Melancholia 5000
Melanom Metastasen Melanoma Metastasis 979
Gedächtnis Memory 10000 20
Meniere Krankheit (Ohren) Menieres disease 1550 880 787 727 465 428
Meniere Hörprobleme Menieres Ears (hard to hear) 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
Meniere Syndrom Menieres Syndrome 10000 5000 800 20
Meningcocis Virus 720
Meningeoma 535
Hirnhautentzündung Meningitis 1550 880 832 787 727 650 625 600 465 444 1865 125 95 72 20 428 660 5000 322 822 1044 1422
Meningococcinum 676 677 517
Menstruationsstörungen Menses stoppage (see amenorrea) 727 787 880 10000
Menstruationsprobleme Menstrual problems (douche plain water first) 880 1550 787 727 465 20
Konzentration, mental Mental concentration 10000
mentale Störungen (bei Vergiftungen)Mental disorders (if toxins are the cause) 522 146 10000 125 95 72 20 428 550 802
mentale Irritationen Mental irritability 20 727 787 880 10000
geistig behindert Mentally retarded P. Intelligence 10000
Methotrexate 584
Microsporum Audouini 422 831 1222 Microsporum Canis 1644
Migräne Migraine 5000 20 10 727 787 880 5000
Mold 222 242 523 592 745 933 1155 1333 1833 4442 333 421 822 1233 1351 1711 1832
Mold A + C 331 732 923 982
Mold Mix B (P. Williams) 158 512 1463 623 774 1016
Mold Mix C 1627
Mold Vac II 257
Mongoloismus (Down-Syndrom) Mongoloidism 20 5000
Monilia 866
Montospora Languinosa 788
Parkinson Morbus Parkinson 813
Morgan (Bact) 778
Moth patches, urticaria 20 800 1800 800 20
Bewegungsübelkeit Motion sickness 10000 650 625 600 465 444 1865 522 146 125 95 72 20
Mundausschlag mit Lymphdrüsenschwellung Mouth eruptions + Lymph glands 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
Mucor Flumbeus 361
Mucor Mucedo 612
Mucor Racemosus 474
Schleim Mucous 727 787 800 880
Schleimhautentzündung Mucous membrane inflammation 380
Multiple Sklerose Multiple sclerosis (MS) 20 727 787 880 5000
Multiple Sklerose - KomplikationenMultiple sclerosis (complications only) 1550 880 787 727 20
Mumps 10000 727 2720 2489 2127 2008 428 880 787 727 20 242 516 642 922 2630 3142
Mumps Vac 711 551 1419
Muskelreparatur Muscle repair 5000
Muskeln Muscles 20 to 240
Muskeln (Herz, Arme) Muscles of heart + arm 5000
Muskelspannung (Entspannung)Muscles tense (to relax) 20 120 240 760
Muskeldystrophie Muscular Dystrophy 153 5000 522 146 880 787 727
Muskelschmerzen Muscular pain, injury (also see PAIN) 320 250 240 160 125 80 40 20
Mutant Canine Parvo 323
Mycloid Leukemia 422 822
Mycogone Spp 371 446 1123
Mycoplasma Pneumonia 688
Pilzerkrankung Mycosis Fungoides 852
Myocard-Nekrose 706 789
Myom ( gutartiger Muskeltumor)Myom 453 832
Muskelentzündung Myositis 122 1124 1169
Nagel Mykose 462 654
Nagel Trichophytie 133 812 2422
Nasal Polyp 1436
Übelkeit Nausea 727 787 880 5000 832 20
Nacken Neck 20 727 787 880 5000
Nematudes 771
Geschwulst Neoplasms 2127 2008 465
Nierenentzündung Nephritis kidney inflammation 20 727 787 800 880 10000
Nierenerkrankung Nephritis nephrosis 880 787 727 20 10000 40 73 465
Nephritis Nephritis 264
Nervenstörung Nerve disorders 10000 2720 2489 2170 1800 1600 1550 880 787 727 650 625 600 125 95 72 20 440 660
Nervenstörung (Zwischenrippen) Nerve disorders (neuralgia intercostal) 10000 802
Nervenstörung (Trigeminus) Nerve disorders (neuralgia trigeminal) 880
Nervenstörung (Neurose) Nerve disorders (neurosis) 28
geschwächte Nervenaktivität Nerve motor depressant fatigued 727 787 880 5000
Nervenentzündung Nerves inflammation 727 787 880 10000
Neuralgie Neuralgia 5000
Neuralgie Arme Neuralgia arms 20 727 787 880 10000
Neuralgie Neuralgie 833
Nervenschwäche Neurasthenia fatigued 5000
Nervenentzündung Neuritis nerve inflammation 727 787 880 10000
Neurosis Neurosis 727 787 880 10000
Neurospora Sitophila 705
Nikotinvergiftung Nicotine poison 10000
Nigrospora Spp 302
Brustwarzen, wund Nipples sore 727 787 880 5000
Nocarcila Asteroldes 237
nächtlicher Samenerguß Nocturnal emission 5000
Nase Nose 20 to 880
Nasenfehlfunktion Nose disorders 880 787 727
Nasenentzündung, Verstopfung Nose infection, congestion 1550 880 787 776 727 444 440 465 20
Benommenheit Numbness 10000 2720 2489 2170 1800 1600 1550 880 787 727 650 625 600 440 660
Benommenheit Arme, FingerNumbness of arms + fingers 20 727 787 880 5000
Fettleibigkeit Obesity (5min. before ea. meal) 10000 465
Fettleibigkeitsängste Obsessive fears 10000
Halswirbelneuralgie Occipital Neuralgia 727 787 880 5000
Oligodena 853
nach Operation Operations (after surgery) 880 787 727 20
vor Operation Operations (before surgery) 20 727 787 880
Mundentzündung Oral inflammation 727 787 880
Mundverletzung Oral lesions 2720 2489 2008 1800 1600 1550 880 787 727 465 444 522 146
Hodenentzündung Orchitis (inflammation of testes) 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 800 787 776 727 690 666 650 625 600 125 95 72 20
Vogelkrankheit Ornithosis 583
Weichteilrheuma Osteoarthritis (joint trouble) 1500 727 787 880 1500
Knochenentzündung, eiterndOsteomyelitis 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 690 666 5000
Ostitis 770
Ostitis Medinum 316
Otitus 727 787 880
Eierstockzyste Ovarian Cyst 982
Eierstockfehlfunktion Ovarian disorders 650 625 600 465 444 26 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 690 666 20
Eientfernung (Stimulation) Ovarian elimination, to stimulate 20
Eierstöcke Ovaries 880 787 727
Ovum (Ei) Ovum 752
Unterleibschmerzen Pain abdominal 10000 5000
Schmerzen, akut Pain acute 10000
Schmerzen, Rücken Pain back 10000
Schmerzen, Fußballen Pain bunion 5000 20
Schmerzen, Ellenbogen Pain elbow 5000 230
Schmerzen, Hüfte Pain hip 5000
Schmerzen, Knie Pain knee 10000 20
Schmerzen, Krebs Pain of cancer 3000 95 2127 2008 727 690 666
Schmerzen, Entzündung Pain of infection 3000 95 880 1550 787 776 727
Schmerzen, Lähmung (Entfernung)Pain paralysis, to remove 727 787 880
Schmerzen, nach Operation Pains after operations 727 787 880
Schmerzen, Knie Pains in the knee (see Knee Pains) 20 727 787 880 10000
BauchspeicheldrüsenfehlfunktionPancreas disorder 727 787 880 10000
BauchspeicheldrüsenschwächePancreatic insufficiency Secondary 650 625 600 465 444 26 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 690 666 20
Parodontose (Zahnausfall)Parodontose 1552
Lähmung, nicht spastisch Paralysis nonspastic 10000 880 787 776 727 650 625 600 444 1865 125 95 72 20
Lähmung, spastisch Paralysis spastic 10000 880 787 776 727 650 625 600 444 1865 125 95 72 20
Parasiten Parasites 20 60 727 787 800 880 120 125 95 72 440 444 1865
Nebenschilddrüse Parathyroid 727 787 880
Parlomspms disease 38000 16000
Beckenprobleme Pelvic disorders 20 60 660 727 787 880 660 1500
Beckenentzündung Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1550 787 776 727 690 666 650 625 600 465 444 522 95 72 450 428
Pemniciosis 232 622 822 4211
Pemphigus (Hautkrankheit)Pemphigus 893
Penicillin Rubrum 332 766
Penicillium Chyrosogenium 344 2411
Penicillium Not 321 555 942
Penny Royal 772
Penqueculum 746 755 6965
Magengeschwür Peptic Ulcers 880 787 776 727
Streptokokken Pepto Streptococcus 201
Herzbeutelentzündung Pericarditis (inflamed heart covering) 2720 2170 1600 880 1550 787 727 625 125 95 72 20 5000
Periodontal disease 727 787
Bauchfellentzündung Peritonitis 880 787 727
Phagozyten, beständige FehlbildungPersist disorders-phagocyte builder 20 727 787 880 5000 120
Keuchhusten Pertussis 880 832 787 776 727 46 526 765
Phaqocyross stimulates 20 125 727 787 880
Lebensmittelallergie Pharyngitis (Consider also food allergies) 2720 2489 1800 1600 1550 880 787 776 727 465 440 380 1600 20 522 146
Phlebitis 1500 776
Phoma Destructiva 163
Pineal (to stimulate) 20
Nachgeburt abstoßen Placenta :to expel (or afterbirth) 727 787 880
Plantaris 2008
Plasmocytoma 475
Rippenfellentzündung Pleurisy 1550 880 787 776 727 125 95 72 20 444 1865 450 5000
Augenlidschwäche Plosis (eyelid droop) 10000
Pneumokokken Pneumococcus Mixed flora 158 645 801 683
Lungenblasenzyste Pneumocystis 340 742
Lungenentzündung Pneumonia 1550 880 787 776 727 20 450 5000 (especially 770-780)
Kinderlähmung (Polio) Polio 742 1580 2632
Polio myelitis (Secondary complications) 1550 428 1500 880 787 727
Polypen Polyps (growths ) 2720 2489 2170 2127 2128 2008 1800 1600 727 690 666 650 625 600 465 444 20 522 146
Appetitlosigkeit Poor appetite 800 10000
Blutzirkulation schwach Poor circulation 20 727 787 880 10000
Porphria 698
voroperative und nachoperative Behandlung Pre-operation and post-op (surgery) 2170 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 465 444 522 146 428
allgemeine Vorbeugung (Prophylaxe)Prophylaxis general 20 125 727 787 832 680 10000
Prostata Prostate 727 787 880 5000 20 to 2000
Prostata-Beschwerden Prostate complaints 2127 2008 727 690 666 465 880 787 727 125 95 73 72 20
Prostata Prostate gland 5000
Prostatatumor (bösartig) Prostate tumor (malignant) 2127 2008 727 690 666
Prostatatumor (gutartig) Prostatitis (benign prostate tumor) 100 410 522 146 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1550 787 776 727 690 666 465 125 95 72 20 444 522
Protozoen Protozoa 432 753
Anus, Juckreiz Pruritis anus itching 20 727 787 880 10000
Pseudomonis 5311 482
Psitticosis 1217
Schuppenflechte Psoriasis 110 100 60
Schuppenflechte, Gelenke/WirbelPsoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis 35 28
Schuppenflechte (sekundär) Psoriasis, secondary complications 880 787 727 2720 2489 2170
Schuppenflechte, Hautprobleme (rote Flecken) Psoriasis (skin trouble, red patches) 5000 2489 20
Schuppenflechte, HautproblemePsoriasis skin trouble 20 727 787 880 5000
Psorinum 786
Ptose (Augenlidschwäche) Ptosis (eyelid droop) 10000 5000 727 787 880
Pullularia Pullulans 1364
Nierenbeckenentzündung Pyelitis-Proteus 594
Pyocyaneus 437
Hauteiterung Pyodermia 123
Zahnfleischeiterung Pyorrhea trench mouth 20 2720 2489 2008 1800 1600 1550 880 787 776 727 465 444 522 146 5000
Pyrogenuim 429
Pyrogenuls mayo 1625
Q-Fieber 1357
Tollwut Rabies 20 727 787 880 120
Strahlungsverbrennungen Radiation burns 727 787 880 10000
Raynauds Krankheit Raynauds disease 20 727
Raynauds Krankheit (Wundbrand)Raynauds disease gangrene 880 787 727 20
Erholung von jedweder ErkrankungRecovery from ANY illness 3000 95 190 47.5 2720 2489 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 666 650 600 465
Nachwuchs Reproductive 622
Retrovirus, Varianten Retrovirus variants 2489 465 727 787 880 448 800 10000
Rhesus Oraldatum 684
Rheuma Rheuma 952
Rheumaticus 376
Nasenschleimhautentzündung Rhinitis (runny nose) 1550 1500 880 787 727 465 522 146 120 20
Rhinopneumonitis 185 367 820
Rhizopus Nigricans 132
Rhodo Torula 833
Rhodococcus 124 835
Rickets (need Vitamin D and sunlight) 880 5000
Bakterien (Rickettsia) Rickettsia 129 943
Fleckfieber "Rocky Mountains" Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 943
Röteln Rubella (German measles) 727 787 880 20 517 431
Rubella Vac 459
Masern Rubeola 787
Salmonellen Salmonella 1522
Salmonellen B Salmonella B 546 1634
Salmonellen Paratyphus B Salmonella Paratyphi B 7l7 643 972 707 59 92 7771
Sanguis Menst 591
Sarkom Sarcoma 2127 2008 880 787 727 690 666
Sarkomvirus Sarcoma virus 2000 to 2100 (2008)
Scharlach Scarlet fever 880 787 727 690 666 20
Schistosoma Haematobium 847
Schistosoma Mansoni 329
Schunan B-Cell 322 425 561 600 620 623 780 781 950 952 1023 1524
Ischias Sciatica or schias 1550 880 787 727 690 666 10
Ischiasnerventzündung Sciatica nerve inflammation 10000 120 20 727 787 880 120
Skorbut Scurvy (lack of Vitamin C) 5000
halbseitige Lähmung Semi-paralysis 5000 20
halbseitige Lähmung (in Therapie)Semiparalsis (in therapy) 20 5000
Schweinepest Serum 503
Sex polarity balance 10000
Geschlechtskrankheiten Sexual diseases 20 727 800 880 625 660 1500 1850
sexuelle Fehlfunktion Sexual dysfunction 2127 2008 465 880 787 727 690 666 124 95 73 72 20 650 625 600
sexuelle Schwäche (beide) Sexual weakness (Male-Female) 10000 20 727 880
Kriegsneurose Shell Shock 20 727 787 880 120
Stirnhöhlenprobleme Sinus disorders 20 727 787 880 120
Nebenhöhlenentzündung Sinusitis 1550 880 787 727 125 72 522
Hautblutungen Skin hemorrhages 800 5000
Hautthrombose Skin trouble thrombosis 20 727 787 880 1500
Hautprobleme Skin trouble (not psoriasis) 1500 20
Schlafkrankheit Sleeping sickness 20 727 787 880 120
Bandscheibenvorfall Slipped disc (see hernia of disc) 727 787 880 10000
Bandscheibenvorfall (Zuckungen durch Mikrobentoxine) Slipped discs (spasms from microbial toxins) 125 880 787 727 95 72 20
Dünndarm Small intestine 20 to 880
Windpocken Smallpox 1550 727 787 880 20
Windpocken Smallpox (secondary) 880 787 727 20
Windpocken Smallpox (see Measles) 727 787 880
Smegma Smegma 180
krankhafte Überempfindlichkeit Geruchsinn Smell morbid hyperosmia 727 787 800 880 10000
Riechvermögen, Verlust Smell, none (anosmia) 10000 800 20
Niessen Sneezing 880 787 727 465 146
Niessen (Zuckungen) Sneezing (see convulsions) 727 787 880 10000
Solar Plexus Solar plexus 20 727 787 880 5000
Solar Plexus Schmerzen Solar plexus pain 5000 20
einzelne Zyste Solitary Cyst 75
Halsschmerzen Sore throat 880 787 727
Sorghum Smut (mold) 294
spanische Grippe Spanish Flu 462
Muskelzuckungen Spasm muscle contraction 20 10000
Spastic paresis 31 48
Milzvergrösserung Spleen (enlarged secondary) 10000 2720 2170 1800 1550 880 727 465 20
Milzvergrösserung Spleen enlarged 35 787
Milzvergrösserung Spleen enlargement 20
Wirbelentzündung Spondylitis 1550 880 800
Wirbelentzündung, akut Spondylitis acute 10 28
schwammiger Gaumen Spongy gums 10000 800
schwammiger Gaumen (Zahnfleischeiterung) Spongy gums (see pyorrhea) 727 787 800 880 10000
Sporobolomyces 753
Sporotrichum Pruinosum 755
Gelenkverstauchung, -verdrehungSprains, twisted joint, sprained muscles 20 5000
Bänderdehnung Sprains, twisted ligaments 5000 20
Stottern Stammering 20 727 787 880 10000
Staphylokokken Aureus Staph Aureus 727 943
Staphylokokken, koagulierend Staph Coagulae positive 643
Staphylokokken InfektionStaphyloccus infections 20 727 800 725 to 730
Stemphylium 461
Sterilität Sterility (see Impotence) 5000 10000 2008 2127
steife Muskeln Stiff muscles in general 320 250 240 160 125 80 40 20 1800 1550 880 787 776 727
steifer Nacken Stiff neck 20 727 787 880 10000
Steife Schulter Stiff shoulder 20 727 787 880 10000
Eierstockstimulation Stimulate ovarian elimination 5000 20
Magen Stomach 20
Magenkrämpfe Stomach cramps 20 727 787 880 10000
Magenprobleme Stomach disorders 2127 2008 880 787 727 690 666 125 95 72 20 450
Steine Stones 10000
Steine: Gallensteine, NierensteineStones in gallbladder or kidney 727 800 880 10000
hämolytische Streptokokken Strep Haemolytic 535 1522
Streptokokken Virus Strep Virus 727
pilzartige Streptokokken Strepto-thrix (fungi) 781 to 790
Streptokokken Infektion Streptococci infection 880
Streptokokken Streptococcus 727 787 880 875 to 885
Streptomycin Griseolus Streptomyces Griseolus 887
Streptothrix - soil bacteria 787
Schlaganfall Stroke 1800 880 787 727 650 625 600 125 95 72 20 1865 522 428 20 787 880 5000 10000
zerebrale Blutgefäss-Störung Stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident) 10000 20
Strongoloids 332 422 721 942 3212
Skrofel (Lymphknotenerkrankung)Struma Cystica 5311
Skrofel mit Knotenbildung Struma Nodosa 122 321 517 532 651
Basishaut - Skrofel Struma Parenchyme 121
Gerstenkorn Sty 10000 880 787 727 20 5000
Subtilis - B. 432 722 822 1246
Schweissfüße Sudor Pedis 148
Sonnenallergie Sun allergy (Check presciption drugs) 330
Hitzschlag Sunstroke 444 440 190 3000 95 522 146 880 20 10000
Stimulierung Adrenalindrüsen=NebennierenSuprarenal (adrenal gland) stimulant 5000 20
Operation, chrirurgischer EingriffSurgery 727 787 880 5000
Operation (Entgiftung nach Anästhäsie) Surgery (detoxification of anaesthesia) 522 146
Operation (Vorbeugung und Kontrolle)Surgery (prevention and control) 2170 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 465 444 522 146 428
Operation (postoperative Schmerzen)Surgical pain post-op recovery 3000 95
Ödem (Schwellung) Swelling (edema) 522 146 148 444 440 880 787 727
geschwollene Beine, Füße Swelling legs and feet 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
geschwollener Magen Swelling stomach 5000 800 20
Schweinegrippe Swine Flu 432 839
geschwollene Drüsen Swollen glands 880 787 727 20
T-Zellen Leukämie T-cell Leukemia 222 262 822 3042 3734
Bandwurm Taenia 187
Geschmacks- und Geruchssinnstörungen Taste, morbid (Hyperosmia) Tabs Malt 20 10000
fehlender Geschmacksinn Taste, none (Anosmia) 20 10000
Tuberkulose Avaire TB Avaire 532
Tuberkulose Bovine TB Bovine 523 3353
Tuberkulose Klebs TB Klebs 221 1132 1644 2313 6516
Tendomyopathy 320 250 160 80 40 20
Hodenerkrankung Testes 20 to 880
Tetanus Tetanus 727 787 880 600 554
Tetanus, Gegengift Tetanus Anti-Toxin 363 458
Tetragenus 393 2712
Thalamus (sensorisches Übertragungszentrum) Thalmus (sensory relay center) 5000 20
Thermibakterien Thermi Bacteria 233 441
Halsentzündung Throat inflammation (see esophagus) 727 787 800 880
Thrombose (Verstopfung Blutgefäße)Thrombophlebitis 1500 776
Thrombose Thrombosis 5000 800 20
Thrombose, infektiöse - Herpes Thrombosis (infective, herpes family) 2720 2489 2170 1800 1550 880 787 727 444 125 95 72 20 444 1865
Thrombose, Blutgerinnsel im HerzThrombosis heart blood clot 20 800 5000
Strahlfäule Thrush 880 787 727 465
Thymusdrüse stimulieren Thymus gland stimulant 20 727 787 880 5000
Thyphus Fieber Typhoid fever 20 690 1570
Thyphus Virus Typhoid virus 1500 to 1600
Schilddrüse Thyroid 20 to 160
Schilddrüsen, Stimulierung Thyroid stimulant 16,000
Tinnitus (Ohrensausen) Tinnitus (ringing in ears) 20 727 787 880
Gewebeernährung Tissue nutrition 727 787 880 5000
Tabakmosaik-Virus Tobacco Mosaic 233 274 543 782 1052
Mandelentzündung Tonsil inflammation (Tonsilitis) 880 787 727 20
Tonsillar Nos 1656
Mandelentzündung Tonsilitis (tonsil inflammation) 73 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 650 625 600 465 542 20 5000
Mandeln Tonsils 20 to 880
Tonsular Pfropfe 246
Zahn ziehen (Nachbehandlung) Tooth extraction (followup frequencies) 3000 95 47
Zahnschmerzen Toothache 727 787 800 880 5000
Torulopsis 522 2121
Gifte (Beseitigung) Toxins (to eleminate) 522 146
Toxoplasmose (Protozoenkrankheit)Toxoplasmosis 434 852
Trachom (Bindehautentzündung)Trachoma eye inflammation 880 787 727
Trauma (Herz, Verletzung, Schock)Trauma (heart, injury, shock) 727 787 880 5000 10000
Mundfurche Trench mouth 880 787 776 726 465
Treponema (Parasiten bei Geschlechtskrankheiten) Treponema (Syphilis- gonorrhea) 660 626 20 10000 625 600 650 (especially 600 to 700)
Trichinose (Würmer) Trichinosis 541 1372
Hautwürmer Trichodermia 711
Trichomonade Trichomonas 610 692 980
Trichophyron Rubrum 752 923
Trichophytie 132 812 2422 9493
Trichophytie (Pilzinfektion)Trichophyton Mentagrophytes 311
Trichophytie (Pilzinfektion)Trichophyton Tousuraus 765
Trigeminusneuralgie Trigeminal neuralgia 2720 2489 2170 1800 1600 1550 880 832 787 776 760 727 650 146 27 428
Tuberculinum 522
Tuberkulose Tuberculosis 1550 800 20
Tuberkulose Tuberculosis 1550 727 690 666 720
Tuberkulose (Nebenerscheinungen)Tuberculosis (secondary complications) 776 2127 2008 465
Tuberkulose (Stabform Virus)Tuberculosis rod virus 20 800 1530
Tuberkulose (Stabform Virus, E. Coli, Infektion) Tuberculosis rod; E. coli, TB infections 799 804 1550
Tuberkulose (Virus) Tuberculosis virus 1500 to 1600
Tuberkulose (Virus), VariantenTuberculosis virus; TB variants 20 799 787 727 800 801 1550 1500 1600
Tularamie 324 427 823
Tumor, alle Arten Tumors, any kind 2127
Typhusfieber Typhoid fever 1570 770 690 20
Typhus Typhoid 1550 690 1800
Geschwür Ulcers 2489 2170 2127 1800 1600 880 832 787 776 727
Geschwüre, verschiedene Ulcers, all 727 787 880 776
Bewusstlosigkeit Unconsciousness 20 800 5000
Harnstoffplasma Urea-Plasma 756
Harnvergiftung Uremie 911
Harnröhrenentzündung Urethritis, Urethra inflammation 2720 2170 2127 1800 1600 1550 1500 880 832 787 776 727 660 650 625 600 465 444 1865 125 95 72 660
Nesselausschlag (durch Vergiftung)Urticaria (hives) - often due to toxins 1800 522 146 787 727
Nesselausschlag Urticaria (see hives) 727 787 880 1800
Gebährmutterpolypen Uterus Polyp 689
V-75 Victoria 343
Impfstoffe Vaccinum 476
Vapch Grippe 153 343
Varicillen 345 668 716
Krampfadernbildung Varicoses 28
Pocken Variola 476 511 876 1644 2132 2544
Variolinun 542 832 3222
vegetative Störungen (Muskelfehlfunktion) Vegetative dystonia (muscle dysfunction) 40
Venenthrombose Vein thrombosis 685
Schwindelanfall Vertigo 60
Warzen Warts 2720 2489 2170 2127 2008 1800 1600 1500 727 690 666 495 787
Warzen, Virus Warts (Verruca viral warts) 787
Magenschwäche, Herzbrennen Weak stomach, heartburn 20 727 787 880 5000 10000
Wirbelsäulenschaden Whiplash 20 10000
Keuchhusten Whooping cough 727 787 880 20
Würmer Worms 125 95 72 20 444 1865
Würmer Worms 60 to 125
Würmer (Parasiten) Worms (parasites) 20 800 5000 100 120
Würmer, Herz, verschiedene Heart Worms (Pin) any worm or parasites 800 120 20
Würmer, Saugwürmer Worms, Fluke 524 854
Würmer, Herzwürmer Worms, Heart 543 2322
Würmer, Ringwürmer Worms, Ring 20 727 787 880 120
Würmer, Rundwürmer Worms, Round 650
Würmer, Bandwürmer Worms, Tape 522 562 843 1223 3032 5522
Würmer, Fadenwürmer Worms, Thread 423 732 4412
Wundheilung Wound healing 880 787 727 220 190 20
Wundheilung, verzögert Wound healing delayed 40
Hefepilze Yeast 'Ultimate' 72 422 582 787 1016 2222
Hefepilze Yeast (Baker's) 775
Gelbfieber Yellow fever 10000 20 432 734
Yersenia 333
Zygomycosis 942

(überarbeitet Dr. Weisser 22.5.2013 - wer Fehler findet - bitte melden !)

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Fragen und Antworten zur Rife-Technologie
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siehe auch: Elektromedizin
Brainwave Frequency Listing
This is a listing of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way. The following sorts of frequencies are included:
Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency.
"Healing" Frequencies - These are frequencies that various parties claim could be used to heal illnesses of different kinds, or stimulate some region of the body (chakras). The medium used to do this varies - some of these parties used devices that generated EM fields which were applied to a precise part of the body, while others used vibration and sound. (I don't have any experience with using EM fields - most of my personal toying about with this stuff uses a sound medium.)
Natural Phenomena Frequencies - This includes natural frequencies that occur in nature [Schumann's Resonance, for instance], as well as sound tones calculated from the revolution/orbit of the various planets. The sources of these frequencies claimed that they could affect humans in a variety of ways.
The original page that I began building this compiled information from is

The information in green is from this original page. The information I've added is in violet. My personal comments are in light blue. Hyperlinked words have glossary definitions that you can access by clicking on them. To find the original source for any of this information [or where I got it, at least], check the letters in brackets at the end of the entry and refer to the bibliography. This is also where I'll give any indications about what medium the source for the information used (sound, light, EM fields, or vibrations). By default, assume it to be sound.

If you want to redistribute this, please include the Bibliography page as well -- the original sources deserve their reference. Also, please leave my introduction at the top as it is, along with my name, email, and URL.

Disclaimer : I wouldn't take everything you read on this list for granted. Some of it is verifiable by science -- and, there's probably a lot of new-agey crap as well. Although the mere fact some of it sounds new-agey in itself doesn't mean there isn't some truth to it. (The powers that be might have just been too imaginative naming it.)

Disclaimer #2 : Anything you do with the frequencies below is your personal risk - if you manage to burn out a couple of brain cells or harm yourself in some other way, I do not take any responsibility nor will I be held liable. (Just protecting my butt here.)

Michael Triggs


These frequencies are of all types; light, sound, electrical, etc. The two- or three-character source codes after each frequency are defined at the bottom.

0.1-1 Organ/muscle resonances [SS]

0.1-3 Delta range, according to [NEU] - deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions, hypnosis [NEU]; "Monroe focus 21" [MB2 via DW]   

0.16 - 10 - Neuralgias [AT]

0.18 - 10 - Mod. therapy [AT]

0.20 - 0.26 - Dental pain [AT]

0.20 - 10 - Post-traumatics [AT]

0.28 - 2.15 - Alcohol addiction [AT]

0.28 - 10 - Arthritis [AT]

0.30 - 0.15 - Depression [AT]

0.30 - 10 - Cervobrachial syndrome [AT]

0.37 - 2.15 - Drug addiction [AT] 

0.40 - 10 - Confusion [AT] 

0.45 - 10 - Muscle pain [AT] 

<0.5 Epsilon range, extraordinary states of consciousness, high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight, out-of-body experiences, Yogic states of suspended animation. [CNR]

0.5 very relaxing, against headache [MB], for lower back pain [AS] ; Thyroid, reproductive, excretory stimulant, whole brain toner [SS]

0.5-1.5 Pain relief [SS + CMP] ; endorphins, better hypnosis [SS]

0.5-3 Delta range, according to [RA]

0.5-4 Delta range, according to [SS,PWM+AWI]. Deep dreamless sleep, trance, suspended animation [SS]; Anti-aging. Reduces amount of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress & aging. Increases the levels of DHEA (anti-aging) & melantonin (decreases aging process.) [BAR]; Associated with unconscious mind & sleep state - in conjunction with other frequencies in a waking state, "Delta acts as a form of radar - seeking out information - reaching out to understand on the deepest unconscious level things that we can't understand through thought process." Provides intuition, empathetic attunement & instinctual insight. [AWI]; Conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being & personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, "one with the universe" experiences (samadhi), near death experience, characterized by "unknowing", merely a blissful "being" state such as deep sleep or coma. [PWM via DW]
The anti-aging info comes from a Brainwave Generator preset authored by TheMind2 - he uses binaurals at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 HZ. They all play simultaneously.
0.9 Euphoria [SS]

0.95 - 10 - Whiplash [AT]

1-3 Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep [??]; profound relaxation, restorative sleep, feelings of tranquility&peace, if one can remain aware [VUG via DW]
There's disagreement over where the delta range begins & ends - [SS,PWM+AWI] list it as 0.5 to 4.0 HZ, [NEU] 0.1 to 3.0 HZ, & [RA] considers it 0.5 to 3.0 HZ.
1.0 Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter-relationships; harmony & balance [MB]

1.05 Helps hair grow + get its color back [RA]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]

1.2 (used on) headaches [RS]

1.45 Tri-thalamic entrainment format. According to Ronald deStrulle, creates entrainment between hypothalamus, pituitary & pineal. May benefit dyslexics + people with Alzheimer's. [MP2]

1.5 Abrahams Universal Healing Rate [SS]; Sleep [NEU]; Those individuals whose ailments have manifested into the fourth stage of Chronic Fatigue, where some form of disease is apparent, experienced a release from the negative sensation of their symptoms when moved into 1.5 HZ. [NYT via NEU]

1.8 Sinus Congestion seems to clear centering around 1.8 HZ [MPT] (tested with binaural beats, primarily)

2.15 - 10 - Tendovaginatis [AT]

2.06 Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of the spinal column) [TOS]

2.30 Associated with genitals [TOS]

2.5 pain relief, relaxation [MB]; production of endogenous opiates. [EQ]; Use for sedative effect [ESP]; Sedative effect - reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, and sinusitis. [RS] Sexual stimulation? [SX]

2.57 Associated with bladder [TOS]

2.67 Associated with intestines [TOS]

3.0-5.5 "Theta1" Range. [DW]
[DW] divides the Theta Range into Theta1 & Theta2.
3.0 Increased Reaction Time [RT] [SS]; 3.0 HZ & below used to reduce muscle tension headaches, but worked less well on migraines & sinus headaches. [RED]; used to treat allergies, in conjunction with 330 HZ [RS]

3.07 Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis) [TOS]

3 - 4 Influences physical vision [SS]

3 - 6 Childhood awareness/vivid memories [SS+RA]

3 - 8 Theta Range according to [NEU]; deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus, creativity, lucid dreaming, hypnagogic state [NEU]

3.4 - Sound sleep

3.5 - Feeling of unity with everything, accelerated language retention [×]; enhancement of receptivity [MB]; Earth Resonance (?) [SS]; (a remedy for) depression & anxiety [ESR]; Wholebeing regeneration, DNA stimulation [DIV]
[MPT] I was under the impression the Earth Resonance is 7.83 HZ - unless [SS] is talking about a different earth resonance.
3.6 (a remedy for) anger & irritability [ESR]

3.84 Associated with ovaries (Effects=vitality, life at every level) [TOS]

3.9 (a remedy for) unsociable behavior [ESR]; Theta/Delta brainwave range - crystal clear meditation, lucid dreams, enhanced inner awareness, "facilitates easy access to inner resources & creates space for inner peace + self-renewal". [SED]

4-6 attitude & behavior change [MH]

4-7 Theta Range : recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness; Access to subconscious images, deep meditation, reduced blood pressure, said to cure addictions [SS]; Reset the brain's sodium potassium levels, which cuts down on mental fatigue [INT]; Increases sex drive [INT] ; Meditation, Intuitive Augmentation [NEU]; Near Sleep brainwaves, conducive to profound inner peace, "mystical truths", transforming unconsciously held limiting beliefs, physical & emotional healing, purpose of life exploration, inner wisdom, faith, meditation, some psychic abilities, & retrieving unconscious material. [PWB]; bursts of inspiration, twilight sleep learning, deep relaxation, reverie, high levels of awareness, vivid mental imagery. Hypnopompic & Hypnagogic states [NSS via DW]; Military remote viewers operate in this range [RVX]
Some disagreement over the theta range - [NEU] lists it as 3.0 to 8.0 HZ. [AWI] lists it as 4.0 to 8.0 HZ. [RA] & [PWB] both have it as 4.0 to 7.0. [DW] divides it into two ranges, Theta1 (3.0-5.5 HZ) & Theta2 (5.5-8.0 HZ).
4-8 Theta State according to [AWI]+[VUG via DW] - present in dreaming sleep, deep meditation, storehouse of creative inspiration, spiritual connection, subconscious mind [AWI]; creative insight, twilight ("sleep") learning, vivid mental imagery. Found in advanced meditators [VUG via DW]

4-12 Skeletal muscle resonances [SS]

4.0 - Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception [MB]; Astral Projection, Telepathy, "Seduction mindset" [DIV]; Catecholamines, vital for memory & learning, respond at around 4 HZ. [PSI]; Subconscious Problem Solving/Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake) [RA+CAV via DW]; Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory [TDM via DW]; "Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4 HZ these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed." [NYT via NEU]

4.11 Associated with kidneys (Effects=strength) [TOS]

4.5 Shamanic State Of Consciousness/Tibetan Buddhist Chants [MMF via DW]

4.5-6.5 Wakeful dreaming, vivid images [SS]

4.6 Associated with spleen & blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse) [TOS]

4.9 Introspection [SS]; Induce relaxation, meditation, & deeper sleep [ESR]

5.0 unusual problem solving [×] reduced sleep needed, theta sounds replacing need for extensive dreaming [INT] ; relaxed states, pain-relief (beta endorphin increases of 10-50% reported) [INT]; Alleged Sphincter Resonance (mechanical)(not good) [TB]

5.0 - 10.0 Relaxation [NEU]

5.14 Associated with stomach (Effects=Emotional Acceptance) [TOS]

5.35 Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat) [TOS]

5.5-8.0 "Theta2" frequency range : .. Consists of trains (long runs) of rhythmic frontal activity centering at 6.5 HZ with amplitudes reaching the 50-100 uV (micro-volt) range. .. Is induced in some people by the performance of a mental task such as mental arithmetic, tracing a maze, counting the number of cubes piled in a three-dimensional representation, & imaging a scene. .. More common in extroverts with low traits of neurosis & anxiety. Because Theta2 is associated with mental tasks & its influence is seen in evoked potential latencies, Mizuki (1987) believes that the appearance of Theta2 closely relates to mechanisms of attention or arousal. [DW]

5.5 Moves beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of growth needed ; "Inner Guidance" [SS]; Inner Guidance, intuition, heat generation [DIV]

5.8 (reduce) Fear, Absent-mindedness, Dizziness [ESR]

6.0 long term memory stimulation [MB] ; (reduce) unwillingness to work [ESR]

6.0 - 10.0 Creative Visualization - about 6 HZ for a while, then up to 10 HZ [NEU]

6-9.6 Somatic Responses, tingling, pressure, heat [SS]

6.15 Associated with heart (Effects=love,warmth) [TOS]

6.2-6.7 Frontal Midline Theta (Fm Theta) is a specific EEG frequency seen in those subjects actively engaged in cognitive activity, such as solving math problems & playing Tetris [TDM via DW]

6.26-6.6 Hemispheric desync, confusion, anxiety, low Reaction Time, depression insomnia [SS]

6.30 Mental & astral projection [SS seconded this]; accelerated learning & increased memory retention.[??]; (reduce) Anger + Irritability [ESR]

6.5 "Center" of Theta2 Brainwave Frequency Range [DW]; "Your frontal lobe, or brain entrainment of the two hemispheres is around 6.5 HZ." [RA]
I quoted the second entry from [RA] directly, due to its ambiguity. It probably ties into what the 5.5-8.0 HZ entry says above.
6.8 Possible use for muscle spasms [ESR]

6.88 Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability) [TOS]

7.0 - 8.0 For healing purposes, like laying of hands by a healer, or self vizualization in a healing situation [RA]; Treatment of Addictions [DW]

7.0 Mental & astral projection, bending objects, psychic surgery; Increased Reaction Time [SS]; Mass aggregate frequency (can deaggregate matter), alleged to
resonate & rupture organs at excessive intensity [TB]; Treatment of sleep disturbances [PGS via DW]

7.5 Inter-awareness of self & purpose; guided meditation; creative thought for art, invention music, etc.; contact with spirit guides for direction; entry into meditation [MB]; At 7.5 HZ subjects who before suffered from confused thinking reported an ease at finding solutions to troublesome problems after a re-evaluation was conducted. [NYT via NEU]; (?) Earth magnetic field frequency, useful theta (brain) waves frequency [TB]

7.5 - 8 For Treating Alcohol + Drug Addiction - This range of frequencies tells a person they're satisfied, which is "missing" in addictive personalities [RA]

7.69 Associated with shoulders (Effects=strength of the arms, expansion, teaching) [TOS]

7.8 Schumann Resonance (see 7.83 HZ), ESP activation [DIV]; Doyere's group (1993), found that short high frequency bursts at 7.7 HZ induced LTP in prefrontal cortex, though only for one day. [AA via DW]

7.8-8 Stimulates ESP, paranormal [SS]

7.83 Earth Resonance, grounding [×], "Schumann Resonance." [TS, ESR+HSW, MAG]; anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance [SS]; psychic healing experiments [ESR]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Earth Resonance Frequency - 'leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country.' [PWM via DW]; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning - "the earth's natural brainwave" [MAG]
[HSW] notes that overtones of the Schumann Resonance can also stimulate the pituitary in the same way that 7.83 HZ can - especially 31.32 HZ.
8-8.6 Reduced Stress/Anxiety [SS]

8.0-10.0 learning new information [MH]; Alpha - Rapid Refreshment 15 min [NEU]

8.0-12.0 Alpha range (per NEU, RA, PWM & NSS) - light relaxation, "super learning", positive thinking. [NEU]; Slower brain waves that are conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative "juice", inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. Relaxed, yet alert [PWM via DW]; Associated with calm, relaxed, unfocused (not concentrating), lucid mental states, dream sleep & pleasant drifting feelings or emotions. [NSS via DW]

8-13 Alpha range - Non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration. ; Amplifies dowsing, empty-mind states, detachment, daydreams, mind/body integration. (can cause) epilectic seizures [SS];
Note : [NEU], [RA], [PWM] & [NSS] consider the alpha range to be 8.0-12.0. [AWI] considers it 9.0-14.0. [VUG] has it as 9.0-13.0.
8-14 Qi Gong and infratonic Qi Gong machine [QG]

8.0 Past life regression [×]; More Lymphocytes, DNA repair (RAD-6) [SS]; Associated with Base/Muladhara chakra (Color=Red) (Body Parts=Adrenals, Spinal Column, Kidneys) (Effects=Physical energy, will to live)(Note=C) [OML]

8.22 Associated with mouth (Effects=speech, creativity) [TOS]

8.3 Pick up visual images of mental objects [??]; clairvoyance [SS]; "Monroe Focus 12?" [NEU]

8.6-9.8 Induces sleep, tingling sensations [SS]

9.0, 11.0, 16.0 [bad] documented calcium ion migration (brain tissue) [SS]

9.0 - 13.0 Alpha Range (according to [VUG]) - relaxed, not thinking about anything in particular, sometimes a pleasurable feeling of "floating". Often dominant in certain kinds of meditation, alpha waves have for the past twenty years been associated with calm, lucid mental states (the "alpha state"). They're also often detected during dream sleep. This pattern typically occurs in daydreaming, relaxed awareness, guided or focused imagery & smoothly rhythmic athletic activity. There's often a euphoric, effortless feeling of "flow" as the doer is absorbed in activity and subject + object are felt to be united. [VUG via DW]

9.0 - 14.0 Alpha range (according to [AWI]) - Relaxed & detached awareness, visualization, sensory imagery, light reverie. Also, gateway to meditation - provides bridge between the conscious & subconscious mind. [AWI]

9.0 Awareness of causes of body imbalance & means for balance[×] Blind person phantom touch reading (somatosensory cortex) [RA]; Associated with Sacral/Svadhisthana chakra (Color=Orange) (Body Parts=Gonads, Reproductive System) (Effects=Relationships/Sexuality) (Note=D) [OML]

9.19 Associated with upper lip (Effects=emotions, conflict resolution) [TOS]

9.4 Major frequency used for prostate problems. [ESR] - Self-explanatory. =)

9.41 Pyramid frequency (outside) (I can't find a good definition of "Pyramid Frequency". Anybody?)

9.5-10 Center of Alpha Range - The brain's scanning/idling frequency - indicating a brain standing by, waiting to "give way to beta should attention be required, or be the bridge, the gate, to Theta & Delta for drowsiness, sleep, and certain cognitive challenges. [DW]
He gives credit for the 'brain scanning' factoid to Eccles & Walter (1950). (It was their conclusion.)
9.6 Mean dominant frequency associated with earth's magnetic field [EQ]; Facial Toning [ESR] (I'm not completely sure what "facial toning" is.. Anybody?)

9.8-10.6 Alertness [SS]

10 enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial, use to try effects of other mixes [MB]. Acts as ananalgesic, safest frequency, especially for hangover & jet lag. [EQ] Meg Patterson used for nicotine withdrawal. [MB3] dominant alpha frequency, clarity, normalcy, anti-convulsant, circadian rhythm resync, activate kidneys, raise body temp, more serotonin [SS]; Good when trying to correlate information by the subconscious - Sort of a waiting frequency while the subconscious does the work at lower frequencies. [RA]; Motor impulse coordination (Motor Control cortex) [RA]; Learning a foreign language [RA+PWM via DW]; Centering, Sleep Spindles, Arousal [DIV]; Associated with Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra (Color=Yellow) (Body Parts=Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Nervous System) (Effects=Spiritual wisdom, self-healing)(Note=E) [OML]; Increased alertness (caused by an increase in norepinephrine + serotonin & a decrease in melatonin), sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins) [RED]; Adrenal Stimulant [RS]; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported (in conjunction with 18 HZ) [RUS via DW]; Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity [LUB via DW]; Treatment for closed head injury [HOF via DW]; 'Berger Rhythm' [BER via DW]; (used on) headaches [RS]

10-14 Dream/sleep spindles [SS]

10.2 Catecholamines

10.3 Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste) [TOS]

10.5 Frequency for healing of body, mind/body unity, firewalking [×]; potent stabilizer & stimulating for the immunity, valuable in convalescence. [MB] Relaxed alertness, contemplation, body healing, mind over matter [SS] Lowering Blood Pressure [RA+PWM via DW]; Associated with Heart/Anahata chakra (Color=Green) (Body Parts=Thymus, Heart, Blood, Circulatory System) (Effects=Love of Life, love of self&others) (Note=F) [OML]

10.6 Relaxed & alert 

10.7 Associated with ears (Effects=hearing, formal concepts) [TOS]

11.0 (& Below) - Stress Reduction (DW)

11-14 Focused alertness [SS]

11.0 (used to) achieve "relaxed yet alert" states. [PWM]

11.5-14.5 An implication for neurotherapy is that if increased intelligence + mental efficiency is the objective, then a frequency band with a 13 HZ center should be used. A more desirable frequency band than 12 to 15 HZ is 11.5 to 14.5 HZ. [DW]

12.0 Centering, doorway to all other frequencies [×] ; frequency of earth resonance (Hercules - a researcher); Centering, mental stability, transitional point, time seems faster [SS]; To stimulate mental clarity [ESR]; Associated with Throat/Vishuddha chakra (Color=Blue) (Body Parts=Thyroid, Lungs, Vocal Cords) (Effects=Expression/self in society)(Note=G) [OML]

12.3 Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization) [TOS]

12.0-14.0 Learning Frequency - Good for absorbing information passively, when you plan to think about it later. [RA]
[RA] distinguishes between active studying where you're processing information & passive studying where you're just trying to absorb information + plan to think about it later. For the former, he suggests 36 to 44 HZ.
12.0-15.0 Beta (low) - relaxed focus, improved attentive abilities [NEU]; Treating Hyperactivity [RA] ; Sensorimotor Rhythm (SMR) - Used in the treatment of mild autism [AUT via DW]

13-27 Beta Range (according to [NSS]) - Associated with focused attention towards external stimuli, alert mental activity, normal waking consciousness, & active thought processes. [NSS via DW]

13-30 Beta Range - Normal wakefulness, the taking in & evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses. It's present with worry, anger, fear, hunger & surprise. [×] Waking state, motivation, outer awareness, survival, problem solving, arousal, dendrite growth, combats drowsiness [SS]; Conscious Thinking, Autonomic Processes & Emotions [EH]
[NSS] considers Beta to be 13-27 HZ, [AWI] considers it 14-38 HZ, [PWM] & [RA] consider it 13-40 HZ, and [VUG] (seems to) consider it 14-30 HZ.
[NEU] breaks up Beta into ranges - Low Beta=12-15 HZ, Mid Beta=15-18 HZ, & High Beta=18.0+ HZ.
13-40 Beta Range (according to [RA] + [PWM]) - a high frequency pattern, conducive to stimulating energy + action; most of our current institutionalized education is beta geared, characterized by logical, analytical, intellectual thinking, verbal communication, etc. [PWM via DW]

13.0 Alleged sphincter resonance (mechanical)(not good) [TB]; Associated with Brow/Ajna chakra (Color=Indigo/Violet) (Body Parts=Pituitary,Lower Brain, Left Eye, Ears, Nose, Nervous System)(Effects=Visualization, Conceptualization)(Note=A) [OML]

13.8 Associated with Frontal Lobes (Effects=the seventh sense, final decision) [TOS]

14-16 Associated with sleep spindles on EEG during second stage of sleep [EQ] [note SS said 10-14]

14-15 Slows conditioned reflexes [SS]

14.0-30.0 Beta Range (?I think? according to VUG) - This pattern is optimal for intense mental activities such as calculations, linear logical analyses & other highly structured functions [VUG via DW]

14.0 Awake & alert [??]; Alert focusing, vitality, concentration on tasks [SS?]; Schumann Resonance (2nd of 7 frequencies. 7.83 HZ being the first) [TS+HSW]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Intelligence Enhancement in conjunction with 22.0 HZ (medium=audio-visual stimulation) [APE]
[APE] used audio-visual stimulation alternating between 14 & 22 HZ. Check the link under [APE]'s bibliography entry for more information.
14.1 "Earth Resonance" [SS]; Earth Harmonics - accelerated healing [DIV] (probably tied to Schumann Resonance above.)

15.0-18.0 Beta (mid) - increased mental ability, focus, alertness, IQ [NEU]

15-24 Euphoria [SS]
I will vouch for this one - I find binaurally produced tones between 18 HZ & 21 HZ have very pleasant results, in a jogger's high sort of way. This effect seems the strongest around 20 HZ. While other sources equate this frequency range with stress, I'm thinking it might be like the roar of a car engine - in small doses, it can be quite a rush, but too much of it can lead to a headache. The serotonin system is funny like that. [MPT]
15 chronic pain [MB]; Sound which bypasses the ears for sublimination (auditory cortex) [RA]; Associated with Crown/Sahasrara chakra (Color=Violet/White) (Body Parts=Pineal, Upper Brain, Right Eye)(Effects=Integration of personality & spirituality.)(Note=B) [OML]

15.4 Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence) [TOS]

16.0 bottom limit of normal hearing [MP2]; Release oxygen & calcium into cells [CC]

16.4 Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence) [TOS]

18.0-22.0 - Beta: outward awareness, sensory data [??] ; Throws brain's sodium/potassium levels out of balance, resulting in mental fatigue. [INT]; Theoretically can be used to achieve a "relaxed body/focus mind" state of consciousness [DW]
[INT] + [DW] seem to contradict each other here.
18.0 Beta (high) - fully awake, normal state of alertness, stress & anxiety [NEU]; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported (in conjunction with 10 HZ) [RUS via DW]; (used to) improve hyperactive behavior [PWM via DW]

20-30 Phospene imagery, peak luminosity in visual field [SS]

20-40 Meditation For Stress Relief/Just At The Edge Of Audible Sound/As A Musical Backround [RA]

20.0 fatigue, energize. Causes distress during labor.[EQ]; Human Hearing Threshold [SS]; Schumann Resonance (3rd frequency of 7) [TS+HSW]; Imposing subconscious commands on another (thought center) [RA]; Stimulation of pineal gland [ESR][JB] ; Helps with tinnitis (a condition that causes ear-ringing) [JB]; Pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Adrenal Stimulant, (used on) sinus disorders/sinus infection/head cold/headache [RS]; Commonly used "cure-all" Rife Frequency [CR]

20.215 LSD-25 [PSI] (he implies it could mimic the effects of)

20.3 "Earth Resonance" [SS]
Probably the same thing as the Schumann Resonance at 20 HZ.
22.0 Used in conjunction with 14 HZ for intelligence enhancement (medium=audio-visual stimulation)[APE]; Used in conjunction with 40 HZ for 'out of body' travel [EWI via DW]; Also used with 40 HZ for psychic healing. [FAH via DW]
[APE] used audio-visual stimulation alternating between 14 and 22 HZ. Check the link under [APE]'s bibliography entry for more information.
22.027 Serotonin [PSI] (he's unclear what he means by this)

25.0 Bypassing the eyes for images imprinting (visual cortex) [RA]; Tested clinically with patients who complain of anxiety [PGS via DW]

26.0 Schumann Resonance (4th frequency of 7) [TS+HSW]; Pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]

26.4 "Earth Resonance" [SS]

27 - 44 Frequency range that cats purr at - said to have restorative effects on the body, particularly the 'healing and strengthening of bones' [BON]

27.5 lowest note on a piano [MP2] 

30 Meg Patterson used for marijuana. [MB3]

30 - 60 Gamma Range - little known but includes decision making in a fear situation, muscle tension, [EH]
[INT] considers Gamma to start at 40 HZ.
30 - 190 Lumbago [AT]

30-500 High Beta: Not associated currently with any state of mind. Some effects have been observed, but currently not enough research has been done in this area, to prove, or disprove, anything.; a few people able to replicate at will (?? - not sure what that last point means)
Starting at 30 HZ, sources begin to seriously disagree over what the names of each range are.
[EH] considers 30 to be the beginning of the Gamma range, which it believes run to 60. It then considers 60 to 120 to be the Lambda range.
Incidentally, [INT] believes that 40 is where Beta ends & Gamma begins.
31.32 Schumann Resonance (5th frequency of 7) - pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]

[HSW] is a bit off from the other sources on the exact value of this overtone of the Schumann Resonance.
32 Desensitizer; enhanced vigour & alertness [MB]

33 Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside) ; Schumann Resonance (5th frequency of 7) [TS]
Funky coincidence it lines up with the Christ Consciousness & Pyramid frequency, eh? I've had some interesting results with this one -- particularly when I overlap waves at 9.0 HZ (pyramid outside frequency). The mind tends to wander in funny ways.
35 - 150 Fractures [AT]

35 - 193 Arthralgy [AT]

35 Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras

36 - 44 Learning Frequencies, When [Actively] Studying Or Thinking. Helps To Maintain Alertness. Waking Operating State [RA]; Frequencies of the olfactory bulb, prepiriform cortex & amygdala [DSH via DW]

38 Endorphin release [WL]

39.0 Schumann Resonance [6th frequency of 7] [TS]

40-60 anxiolytic effects & stimulates release of beta-endorphines [MB]

43 - 193 Carcinomatosis [AT]

40.0 dominant when problem solving in fearful situations. [EQ] ; Gamma - associated with information-rich task processing & high-level information processing [NEU]; "'For scientists who study the human brain, even its simplest act of perception is an event of astonishing intricacy. 40 HZ brain activity may be a kind of binding mechanism', said Dr. Rodolfo Llinas a professor of neuroscience at New York University. Llinas believes that the 40-cycle-per-second wave serves to connect structures in the cortex where advanced information processing occurs, and the thalamus, a lower brain region where complex relay & integrative functions are carried out." [NME via NEU]; Used in conjunction with 22 HZ for 'out of body' travel [EWI via DW]; Also used with 22 HZ for psychic healing. [FAH via DW]; "40--HZ activity varies from 38.8 to 40.1 HZ, regardless of the electrode site. The average frequency is in the ~39.5 HZ range. In summary, when the body is profoundly relaxed & the mind is in a state of high focus and concentration, 20 & 40 HZ brain activity can be seen in the raw and quantitative EEG of some subjects. It is possible that 18 to 22 HZ Beta & possibly 40 HZ neurofeedback training may help create a "relaxed body/focused mind" state of consciousness." [DW]; Activity in the ectosylvian & lateral cortex, medial geniculate, reticular formation, center median thalamus & hippocampus [ROW via DW]; Confirming Sheer et al.'s work,compared the EEG of middle- & high-I.Q. subjects during mental multiplication activity. A 40 HZ rhythm occurred just prior to the subject's answering the question. Forty--HZ pulses are thought to lead to synchronization + coordination of neurons assigned to the processing of incoming sensory stimulation. Put in "computerese," 40 HZ may be the brain's "operating system" frequency [GIA via DW]
Considered the dividing point between beta waves + gamma waves, although there's some disagreement about this. [INT]
45.0 Schumann Resonance (7th frequency of 7)[TS]

46.98 Useful for "weird effects" (use with 62.64 HZ and 70.47 HZ) [TB]
[TB] gets the award for most ambiguous description. Although, I'm including it since it's a very specific frequency. I'll research it further and try to dig up some additional information.
50-60 Documented negative effects too numerous to mention There is no correlation given with signal strength or modality used, i.e. audio-visual, EMF, magnetic, electrostatic, gravitic. Also, most ELF research is now Govt classified, particularly since the mid-1960's when Hamer discovered behavioral effects as the result of applied sinusoidal field gradients as low as 4 volts. [SS via DW]

50.0 dominant frequency of polyphasic muscle activity, mains electrical in U.K. [EQ]; Slower cerebral rhythms [??]

55.0 Tantric yoga; stimulates the kundalini. [×]

60 - 120 Lambda Range - Little known but includes central nervous system activity [EH]

60 electric power lines

62.64 Useful for "weird effects". (use with 46.98 HZ and 70.47 HZ) [TB]

63 Astral projection [×] 

65.8 Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of the spinal column) (higher octave of 2.06 HZ) [TOS]

70-9,000 Voice spectrum [MP1]

70 Mental & astral projection ; Endorphin production/used with electroanalgesia. [VPL]

70.47 Useful for "weird effects". (use with 46.98 HZ and 62.64 HZ) [TB]

72 Emotional spectrum [??]; Used on sinusitis/sinus infection/head cold [RS]

73.6 Associated with genitals (higher octave of 2.30 HZ) [TOS]

80 Awareness & control of right direction. Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 160 HZ. Combine with 2.5 HZ. [EQ]

82.3 Associated with bladder (higher octave of 2.57 HZ) [TOS]

83 Third eye opening for some people

85.5 Associated with intestines (higher octave of 2.67 HZ) [TOS]

90.0 - 111.0 Pleasure-producing beta-endorphins rise between these frequencies. [PSI]
In the MIDI scale, the notes that would fall in this range begin with F#3 and go up to A3. ["A3" being the fourth octave up -- since there's an A0, and A1, A2 lower than it.] Playing the F#3 and the A3 as a chord seems to function as a good painkiller. An additional undertone in the alpha range of frequencies sometimes helps too. [Try adding a tone around 12.5 HZ].
90.0 Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing [??]

95.0-125.0 Acoustical Resonances of Assorted Ancient Structures [ACS via DW]

95.0 Use for pain along with 3040 HZ [ESR]

98.4 Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis) (higher octave of 3.07 HZ) [TOS]

100 Can help with pain [used with electrical stimulation] [CMP]
The site specifically mentions it can be good for pain initially, but then recommends using 0.5 or 1.5 to treat pain.
105 Overall view of complete situation

108 Total knowing

110.0 Frequency associated with stomach. [Note=A] [BH1][BH4]; Associated with ovaries (Effects=vitality, life at very level) (higher octave of 3.84 HZ) [TOS]

111 Beta endorphins [MB2]. cell regeneration [??]

117.3 Frequency associated with Pancreas [Note=C#] [BH1][BH4]

120 - 500 P.S.I., moving of objects, changing matter, transmutation, psychokinesis

120 Helps with fatigue (Medium=pad)[JB]; (used on) sinus disorders/sinus infection/head cold [RS]

125 Graham potentializer; Stimulation [MH]; (used on) sinusitis [RS]

126.22 Sun, 32nd octave of Earth year [HC]; The Frequency Of The Sun (Note=C) (Color=Green) (Tempo=118.3 BPM) (Chakra=Manipura, also called Hara {associated with Navel & 3rd lumbar vertebrae}) (Effects=advances the feeling of centering of magic & of the transcendental) [HC/Planetware website]
There seems to be a little disagreement between [HC] & [HC/Planetware] over what exactly this is the frequency of - [HC] ties this into the period it takes the earth to revolve around the sun, while [HC/Planetware] says this is the frequency it would take an imaginary planet to orbit the outside edge of the sun. My money is on the second, since there is another frequency that is given for the Earth year. (136.1 HZ)
This is tricky to paraphrase, so here it is as it appeared on the Planetware website:
"Meditation carried out to this tone will lead to state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest an being and not-being. It leads to a state where being has no name, to a state where the all-one and the all encompassing are no longer separate entities but are reunited at their one common origin, the origin that is also you."
132.0 Associated with kidneys (Effects=strength) (higher octave of 4.11 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of the spinal column) (higher octave of 2.06 HZ) [TOS]

136.1 Sun: light, warmth, joy, animus [RV]; Resonates with the earth year (Note=C#) (Color=Turqouise Green) (Effects=calming, meditative, relaxing, centering) [PSI]; Period it takes earth to revolve around sun (Tempo=63.8*127.6) (Chakra=Anahate/Heart chakra)(Effects=relaxing, soothing, balancing, harmony with the cosmos, associated with the soul {"frequency of the soul}) (Medicinal=Sedative) (Other=significant tone in Indian music {called it the "sadja" or "father to others" - it was a keynote} - corresponds to "OM" & the Christian "AMEN") [HC/Planetware website]
Note : [PSI] seems to disagree a bit with the original source on the list. [PSI] says this one calms/centers, while the original source seems to associate it with happiness. Also some disagreement between [RV] and [HC/Planetware], once associating this with the sun, and the other associating this with the frequency with the earth year. I suppose you could associate the earth year with the sun, since it's the time it takes the earth to go around the sun, but 126.22 HZ uses "frequency of the sun" in a little different context. See the comments with that frequency for more.
140.25 Pluto: power, crisis & changes [??]; Frequency associated with the orbit of Pluto; (Note=C#) (Color=blue-green) (Tempo=65.7 * 131.4 BPM) (Effects = support the magic group dynamic principle and is said to be responsible for integration into certain structures of society) [HC/Planetware website]

141.27 Mercury: intellectuality, mobility [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Mercury (Note=C# or D) (Color=blue-green or blue) (Tempo=66.2) (Chakra=Vishudda/Throat chakra) (Effects=Supports speech center and communicative-intellectual principle, associated with communication and cleverness) [HC/Planetware]
[HC/Planetware] says the frequencies of planets revolving around the sun are less important than those of the moon, sun, and Earth.
Again, I'm not sure how [HC/planetware] is associating these frequencies with these chakras. {shrugs}
A discrepancy in the note and color - they're both given twice - once as C# and blue-green, the second time as D and blue.
[HC/Planetware] and [BH] seem to associate different frequencies with the revolutions of each planet - these frequencies are determined by HC/Planetware by taking higher octaves of the actual period - octaves that are in the audible range. [BH] might use even higher octaves than [HC/Planetware] does, or some other method completely.
144.0 (helps with) headaches (Medium=pad)[JB]

144.72 Mars: activity, energy, freedom, humor [??] ; Frequency associated with the orbit of Mars (Note=D) (Color=blue) (Tempo=67.8 * 135.6 BPM) (Effect : Supports strength of will and focused energy, ability for achievement) [HC/Planetware]

146.0 (used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]

147.0 Associated with the spleen/blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse) (higher octave of 4.6 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with genitals (higher octave of 2.30 HZ) [TOS]

147.85 Saturn: separation, sorrow, death [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Saturn (Note=D) (Color=Blue) (Tempo=69.3 * 138.6 BPM) (Effects=enhances concentration and the process of becoming conscious + shows very clearly karmic connections, brings structure and order - is considered to be a cosmic controller) [HC/Planetware]
I'm not completely sure what the dual tempo means. I'll have to research that further.
160.0 Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 80 HZ. [EQ]; Use for rapid relief from headaches [ESR]; used on sinus infection/head cold [RS]

164.3 Frequency associated with Gall Bladder [Note=E] [BH1][BH4]

165.0 Associated with stomach (Effects=Emotional Acceptance) (higher octave of 5.14 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with bladder (higher octave of 2.57 HZ) [TOS]

171.0 Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat) (higher octave of 5.35 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with intestines (higher octave of 2.67 HZ) [TOS]

172.06 - Resonates with the Platonic year {about 26,000 years} (Note=F) (Color=purple-violet) (Effects=joyful, cheerful, spiritual effect) [PSI]; The Frequency Of The Platonic Year (Color=red-violet {purple}) (Tempo=80.6 BPM) (Chakra=Sahasrar/Crown chakra) (Effects=cheerfulness, clarity of spirit, cosmic unity on highest levels) (Medicinal=antidepressive) (Other=F is considered the tone of the spirit, and had a lot of significance to the Chinese)
Other sources [PM] disagree about the tone F being associated with the Crown chakra, which is how HC/Planetware connects this frequency to the crown chakra. [PM] considers the crown chakra to be associated with the B note, and not F.
176.0 Frequency associated with the colon. [Note=F or F#] [BH1][BH4]

183.58 Jupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality [??] ; Frequency associated with the orbit of Jupiter (Note=F#) (Color=Red) (Tempo=86.05 * 172.1 BPM) (Effects : supports creative power and continuous construction) (Associated with Jupiter : Generosity, Continuity, Magnanimity, Joviality) [HC/planetware website]

185.0 (used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]

187.61 frequency of "moon culmination" ; [HC/planetware website]

194.18 frequency of Synodic "Earth" Day {the "day tone"} (Note=G) (Color=Orange Red) (Tempo=91.0 BPM) (Chakra=Muladhar/Base chakra) (Effects = dynamic, vitalizing)(Medicinal="tonifies") (Other="weather determining" spheric frequency, influences proteins, brings one into harmony with nature") [HC/planetware website]
Note : By "weather determining", [HC/planetware] seems to imply that somebody tuned into this frequency may be able to predict the weather in the short-term future. I'm just a little, little bit skeptical of this one, but if anybody has any luck with it, let me know.
I'm not sure how [HC/planetware] is associating these chakras to these frequencies. It doesn't seem to be based on the note, since G isn't the note typically associated with the base chakra [per PM]. The associations might tie in with something astrological instead. {shrugs}.
194.71 Earth: stability, grounding [??]; Key Of G resonates with frequency of earth day, the color orange-red, & has a dynamic, stimulating, and energizing effect on the body-mind. [PSI]
There seems to be some disagreement between [PSI] and the original source for this list. [PSI] associates this frequency with energizing, while the original source associates it with stability/grounding.
I think this one, and the one right below it [197.71 HZ] might be based on the same thing. One source might have done a typo, and then other sources based their information from that.
197.0 Associated with heart (Effects=love,warmth) (higher octave of 6.15) [TOS]; Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis) (higher octave of 3.07 HZ) [TOS]

197.71 frequency of Sideric Day ; [HC/planetware website]

207.36 Uranus: spontaneity, independence, originality [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Uranus {insert one of dozens of bad jokes here} (Note=G#) (Color=Orange) (Tempo = 97.2 BMP) (Effects = supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power) [HC/planetware website]

210.42 frequency of Synodic Moon (Note=G#) (Color=orange) (Tempo=98.6 BPM) (Chakra=Svadisthan {2nd Chakra}) (Effects=stimulates sexual energy, supports erotic communication) (Medicinal=regulation of menstruation, disturbances in the gland and lymph system) [HC/planetware website]

211.44 Neptune: the unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love [??]; frequency associated with orbit of Neptune (Note=G#) (Color=orange) (Tempo=99.1 BPM) (Effects = supports intuition, the unconsciousness, and enhances the dream experience) [HC/planetware website]

220.0 Frequency associated with lungs. [Note = A] [BH1][BH4] Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability) (higher octave of 6.88 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with ovaries (Effects=vitality, life at very level) (higher octave of 3.84 HZ) [TOS]

221.23 Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony [??]; Frequency associated with the orbit of Venus (Note=A) (Color=yellow-orange) (Tempo=103.7 BPM) (Chakra=Ajna/Third Eye) (Effects=supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony) [HC/planetware website]

227.43 frequency of Sideric Moon ; [HC/planetware website]

229.22 frequency of Metonic Cycle [related to moon] ; [HC/planetware website]

234.16 frequency of Moon knot ; [HC/planetware website]

241.56 frequency of Saros periode ; [related to moon] ; [HC/planetware website]

246.04 frequency of Apsidis rotation ; [related to moon] ; [HC/planetware website]

250.0 Elevate and revitalize 

254.57 Frequency associated with orbit of Icarus (asteroid) [MPT]

256.0 Root Chakra (1:1) (Note=C) [BH3]

263.0 Associated with mouth (Effects=speech, creativity) (higher octave of 8.22 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with kidneys (Effects=strength) (higher octave of 4.11 HZ) [TOS]

264.0 Related to Personality somehow. (Note=C+) [BH4]

272 33rd octave of Earth year [HC] 

272.0 Frequency associated with Selenium (mineral nutrient) (Note=C#) [BH]

272.2 Frequency associated with orbit of Earth (Note=C#) [BH2]

273.0 Transpersonal Chakra (1:15) [Note=C#] (Earth Orbit 272) [BH3]

280.5 Frequency associated with orbit of Pluto [Note=C#] [BH2]

281.0 Frequency associated with Intestines [Note=C#] [BH1]

281.6 Frequency associated with Small Intestine [Note=C#] [BH4]

282.4 Frequency associated with orbit of Mercury. [Note=D] [BH2]

288.0 Polarity Chakra (9:1) [Note=D] (Mars Orbit 289) [BH3]

289.4 Frequency associated with orbit of Mars. [Note=D] [BH2]

293.0 "unknown" Chakra (1:14) (Note=D+) (Saturn Orbit 296) [BH3]
I take it by D+, she means a note somewhere between D and D#. A quarter note, perhaps. [MPT]
294.0 Associated with the upper lip (Effects=emotions, conflict resolution) (higher octave of 9.19 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with the spleen/blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse) (higher octave of 4.6 HZ) [TOS]

295.7 Frequency associated with orbit of Saturn (Note=D#) [BH2]

295.8 Frequency associated with Fat Cells (Note=C#) [BH1][BH4]

296.07 Frequency associated with orbit of Toutatis (asteroid) [MPT]

304.0 Useful on headaches (medium=pad); sedation and pain relief (medium=tube) [JB+KFL] ; (useful for) blood pressure, (and with) stiff muscles (KFL); Frequency associated with Potassium (mineral nutrient) (Note=D#) [BH]

310.7 Frequency associated with spin of Neptune (Note=Eb) [BH2]

315.0 Diaphragm Chakra (10:1) (Note=Eb) [BH3]

315.8 Frequency associated with Brain (Note=Eb) [BH1]

317.83 Frequency associated with Liver (Note=Eb) [BH1][BH4]

319.88 Frequency associated with Kidney (Note=Eb) [BH1][BH4]

320.0 Solar Plexus Chakra (10:1) (Note=Eb) [BH3]; Frequency associated with Calcium (mineral nutrient) (Note=E or Eb) [BH]

321.9 Frequency associated with blood. (Note=E or Eb) [BH1][BH4]

324.0 Frequency associated with muscles. (Note=E) [BH1][BH4]

329.0 Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste) (higher octave of 10.3 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with stomach (Effects=Emotional Acceptance) (higher octave of 5.14 HZ) [TOS]

330.0 Used to treat allergies in conjunction with 3 HZ [RS]

333.0 (used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]

332.8 Frequency associated with orbit of Sun (Note=E) [BH2]
When [BH2] says the "orbit of the sun", I believe she means how long it would take an imaginary planet to orbit around the sun's outer boundary [circumfrence]. This is how [HC/planetware] made this calculation - the period is then lowered a few octaves to get it into the audible sound range. That's how [HC/planetware] does most of its calculations, and probably how [BH] does it as well. [HC/planetware], when lowering [or in the case of planets raising] the octave, seems to gun for lower tones than [BH] does. The [HC/planetware] tones would be a little "bassier". Which is probably why the frequencies of all these astronomical phenomena that [HC/planetware] gives doesn't line up with the frequencies that [BH] gives.
336.0 Frequency associated with Molybdenum (mineral nutrient) [BH]

341.0 Heart Chakra (1:12) (Note=F) [BH3]

342.0 Associated with ears (Effects=hearing, formal concepts) (higher octave of 13.8 HZ) [TOS]; Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat) (higher octave of 5.35 HZ) [TOS]

352.0 Frequency associated with bladder. (Note=F) [BH1][BH4]; Thymus Chakra (11:1) (Note=F#) [BH3]
There seems to be a discrepancy here as to which note this frequency is. [BH] cites both F and F#. [MPT]
367.0 (used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]

367.2 Frequency associated with orbit of Jupiter (Note=F#) [BH2]

368.09 Frequency associated with orbit of Apollo (asteroid) [MPT]

372.0 "unknown" Chakra (1:11) (Note=G#) (Earth Spin 378) [BH3]

375.70 Frequency associated with the orbit of Eros (asteroid) [MPT]

378.5 Frequency associated with spin of Earth. (Note=F#) [BH2]

380.96 Frequency associated with orbit of Ida (asteroid) [MPT]

384.0 "Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra. Sixth harmonic of six, center of the brainwave spectrum." [RP]; Throat Chakra (12:1) (Note=G) [BH3]; Frequency associated with Chromium (mineral nutrient) (Note=G?) [BH]

389.4 Frequency associated with spin of Mars. (Note=G) [BH2]

393.0 Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization) (higher octave of 12.3) [TOS]; Associated with heart (Effects=love,warmth) (higher octave of 6.15) [TOS]

393.34 Frequency associated with orbit of Pallas (asteroid) [MPT]

394.76 Frequency associated with orbit of Ceres (asteroid) [MPT]

396 G (musical note) [PL]

400 Seems to decongest [KFL]; Frequency associated with Manganese (mineral nutrient) (Note=G or G#) [BH]

405 Violet [PL]

408.7 Frequency associated with orbit of Juno (asteroid) [MPT]

409.1 Frequency associated with spin of Venus (Note=G#) [BH2]

410.0 "unknown" Chakra (1:10) (Note=Ab) (Venus Spin 409) [BH3]

414.7 Frequency associated with orbit of Uranus (Note=G#) [BH2]

416.0 Psychic Center Chakra (13:1) (Note=Ab) (Uranus Orbit 415) [BH3]; Frequency associated with Iron (mineral nutrient) (Note=Ab) [BH]

418.3 Frequency associated with bones (Note=Ab) [BH1][BH4]

420.82 Moon: love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity, anima

421.3 Frequency associated with orbit of moon (Note=Ab) [BH2]; Also associated with spin of Mercury, but here, she lists the Note as "A" [BH2].

422.8 Frequency associated with orbit of Neptune (Note=Ab) [BH2]

424.0 (used on) Fatigue (medium=pad) [JB]; Frequency associated with Iodine (mineral nutrient) (Note=Ab) [BH]

430.8 Frequency associated with spin of Uranus (Note=Ab) [BH2]

438 Indigo

440 A (musical note) ; Associated with Frontal Lobes (Effects=the seventh sense, final decision) (higher octave of 13.8) [TOS]; Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability) (higher octave of 6.88 HZ) [TOS]

442.0 Frequency associated with orbit of Venus. (Note=A) [BH2]

448.0 Third Eye Chakra (14:1) (Note=A) [BH3]

445.0 ["unknown"] Chakra (1:9) (Note=Bb) (Venus Orbit 442) [BH3]
That's what [BH] put. "unknown" [MPT]
455.4 - Frequency associated with spin of Saturn (Note=A#) [BH2]

456.0 - (used on) sinusitis/sinus infection/head cold [RS]

461.67 Frequency associated with orbit of Vesta (asteroid) [MPT]

464.0 Frequency associated with Copper (mineral nutrient) (Note=Bb) [BH]; (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728 HZ,784 HZ & 880 HZ [RS]

473 Blue

473.9 Frequency associated with spin of Jupiter (Note=Bb) [BH2]

486.2 Frequency associated with spin of Pluto (Note=B) [BH2]

480 Crown Chakra (15 : 1) (Note=B) [BH3]; Frequency associated with Phosphorous & Zinc (mineral nutrients) (Note=B) [BH]

492.0 Frequency associated with Spleen (Note=B) [BH4]; Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence) (higher octave of 15.4 HZ) [TOS]

492.8 Frequency associated with Adrenals (Note=B) [BH1]; Associated with Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroid [BH4]

493.00 Frequency associated with the orbit of Gaspra (asteroid) [MPT]

495 B (musical note)

495.25 Frequency associated with orbit of Castalia (asteroid) [MPT]

497.1 Frequency associated with spin of Sun. (Note=B) [BH2]

500.0 (used to treat) Anthrax (medium=tube) [JB]
Disclaimer!! - If you legitly think you have anthrax, do NOT rely on my stupid frequency chart. Go see a doctor. However, if you do want to tinker around, this frequency was used as an EM field, not a sound. I'm not sure if it would work as a sound. Use at your own risk. (That goes for the other anthrax/smallpox frequencies too.)
520.0 (used on) Headaches (medium=pad) [JB]

522.0 (used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]

526 Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence) (higher octave of 16.4 HZ) [TOS] ; Associated with mouth (Effects=speech, creativity) (higher octave of 8.22 HZ) [TOS]

527 Green

528 C (musical note)

542 Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]

569 Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]

580 Yellow

586.0 Associated with Circulation & Sex (Note=C#) [BH4]

588.0 Associated with the upper lip (Effects=emotions, conflict resolution) (higher octave of 9.19 HZ)[TOS]

594 D (musical note)

597 Orange

620 Keely Frequency (use with 630 and 12000) [TB]

630 Keely Frequency (use with 620 & 12000) [TB]

633 Bio-energetic frequency for Anthracinum (i.e. anthrax vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ before even playing with this. [RS]

658 Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste) (higher octave of 10.3 HZ) [TOS]

660 E (musical note)

664 (used for) Fatigue (medium=pad) [JB]

685 Associated with ears (Effects=hearing, formal concepts) (higher octave of 13.8 HZ) [TOS]

700 Red

704 F (musical note)

727 (used on) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used "cure-all" Rife frequency [CR]

728 (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 784 HZ, 880 HZ & 464 HZ. [RS]

784 (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728 HZ, 880 HZ & 464 HZ. [RS]

787 Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization) (higher octave of 12.3) [TOS]; (used to treat) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used "cure-all" Rife frequency [CR]

800 Commonly used "cure-all" Rife Frequency [CR]

802 (used on) sinusitis with 1550 HZ; (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]

820 (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]

832 Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]

880 Associated with Frontal Lobes (Effects=the seventh sense, final decision) (higher octave of 13.8) [TOS]; (used on) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728 HZ, 784 HZ & 464 HZ. [RS]; Commonly used "cure-all" Rife Frequency [CR]

952 (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]

965 Relaxes muscles, especially those of the neck [KFL]

984 Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence) (higher octave of 15.4) [TOS]

1000 Cerebral neurons

1052 Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence) (higher octave of 16.4 HZ) [TOS]

1500 (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]

1550 (used on) sinusitis with 802 HZ, (used on) sinus infections/head colds [RS];

1552 (used on) eye disorders [KFL]

1600 (used on) eye disorders [ESR]

2025 Proton Precession/Water Resonance [TB]

2675 "The Crystal Resonator". A subharmonic of the frequency of quartz crystal. "extremely effective for charging and clearing quartz crystals .. useful for clearing and balancing of their own energies.  Some claim it energize crystals in the brain.  Others say that it activates aspects of the auric field. " (medium=sound/tuning fork) [JG]

3222 Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]

3040 Use for pain along with 95 HZ [ESR]

4186 highest note on a piano [MP2]

4400 (used on) sinus infections/head colds - try scanning between 4384 & 4416 by intervals of 8 HZ. [RS]

5000-8000 recharge "brain batteries" most rapidly. Fastest recharge at 8000 HZ. "The anxiety-easing, memory-expanding 60-beat tempo creates easy communication with the subconscious mind." [PSI]

5000 Commonly used "cure-all" Rife frequency [TB+CR]; (used on) allergies, sinus infections/head colds - short use only -- long exposures destroy red blood cells. [RS/KFL]

9999 General vitality & energy [KFL]

10,000 Commonly used "cure-all" Rife frequency [TB+CR]; (used to treat) alcoholism, allergies, headaches [RS]

12,000 Keely Frequency (use with 620 HZ & 630 HZ) [TB]

16,000 - 20,000 Upper range for normal hearing [MP2]

23,000 up Hypersonic Sounds [above human hearing]

38000 - 40000 Magic Window [EX via MM+TB]

42800 Aetheric dissociation/water resonance (water -> aetheric
force) [TB]

------- Note - down from this point are KHZ [kilohertz] values, not HZ values

150-160 KHZ - Magic Window [EX via MM+TB]

180 KHZ - Ferromagnetism [TB]

------- Note - down from this point are MHZ [megahertz?] values, not HZ values

1.1-1.3 MHZ - Magic Window [EX via MM+TB]

388 MHZ - Alleged to cause damage/disruption to humans [TB]

------- Note - down from this point are GHZ [gigahertz?] values, not HZ values

1.057 GHZ - Magic Window [EX via MM+TB]

------- Note - down from this point are PHZ [Petahertz] values, not HZ values (1 PHZ = 1,000,000,000,000,000 HZ.)

10 PHZ - Magic Window in the near ultra-violet range [EX via MM+TB]; "life energy" frequency [EX via MM]

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Frequenzen - Gehirn, Heilung, Entzug, Planeten..
Frequenzen - Zusammenhänge
Frequenzen finden Doug
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Frequenzen aus Massen berechnen
Bruce Stenulson nützliche Frequenzen
interessante, nützliche, verrückte Frequenzen
Gehirn-Frequenzen Glossar
DNA-Frequenzen Böhm
Frequenz-Liste CAFL 2007 englisch
Frequenz-Liste AFCAFL 2016 englisch
Frequenz-Liste ETDFL 2014 englisch
Rife-Frequenz-Liste deutsch
Rife-Frequenz-Liste 1 Ken Adachi
Rife-Frequenz-Liste 2 Ken Adachi
Rife Tube Codes Bill Cheb
Fragen und Antworten zur Rife-Technologie
Tongenerator-Software NCH
siehe auch: Elektromedizin
Brainwave Frequency Research Findings

List 1 | List 2

If you compare many listings, they are all more or less, the same. Both lists here complement each other.
List 1

Delta: 0.1 to 3 Hz.
The Delta level is normally associated with a deep dreamless sleep, trance state, and non-REM type of sleep.

Theta: 3 to 7 Hz.
The Theta level is normally associated with recall,  fantasy, imagery, creativity, inspiration, future planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, and drowsiness.

Alpha: 7 to 13 Hz.
The Alpha level is associated with a non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration.

Beta: 13 to 30 Hz.
The Beta level is associated with outward awareness, the taking in and evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses; it is present with worry, anger, fear, hunger, and surprise.

High Beta: 30 to 500 Hz.
The High Beta level is not associated currently with any state of mind. Some effects have been observed, but currently not enough research has been done in this area, to prove, or disprove, anything.

Delta 1.00 Hz
Feeling of well-being; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter-relationships.

Theta 3.50 Hz
Feeling of one with everything; accelerated language retention.

5.50 Hz
Moves beyond knowledge to knowing; shows visions of growth needed.

6.30 Hz
Mental and astral projection; accelerated learning and increased memory retention.

Alpha 7.00 Hz
Mental and astral projections; bending objects; psychic surgery.

7.50 Hz
Inter-awareness of self and purpose; guided meditation; creative thought for art, invention, music, etc.; contact with spirit guides for direction.

7.83 Hz
Earth resonance (Beck).

8.00 Hz
Level for past life regression.

8.30 Hz
Pickup visual imagery of mental objects.

9.00 Hz
Awareness of causes of body imbalances and means for balance.

10.50 Hz
Frequency to go for healing of the body; mind/body connection; firewalking.

12.00 Hz
Centering; frequency of earth resonance (Hercules - a researcher).

Beta From 13.00 Hz
This is the NORMAL awakened, to 30.00 Hz daily functioning state.

High 35.00 Hz
Awakening of mid-chakras; balance of chakras.

Beta 55.00 Hz
Tantric yoga; stimulates the kundalini.

63.00 Hz
Astral projection.

70.00 Hz
Mental and astral projection.

80.00 Hz
Awareness and control of right direction.

83.00 Hz
Third eye opening for some people.

90.00 Hz
Good feelings; security, well being, balancing.

105.00 Hz
Overall view of complete situation.

108.00 Hz
Total knowing.

120.00 Hz to 500.00 Hz
P.S.I.; moving of objects, changing matter; transmutation.

List 1 | List 2

List 2

This one lists some references at the end.


These frequencies are of all types; light, sound, electrical, etc. The two- or three-character source codes after each frequency are defined at the bottom.

0.16 - 10

0.18 - 10
Mod. therapyAT

0.20 - 0.26
Dental painAT

0.20 - 10

0.28 - 2.15
Alcohol addictionAT

0.28 - 10

0.30 - 0.15

0.30 - 10
Cervobrachial syndromeAT

0.37 - 2.15
Drug addictionAT

0.40 - 10

0.45 - 10
Muscle painAT

very relaxing, against headache MG, for lower back painAS

0.95 - 10

Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep

Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter-relationships; harmony andbalanceMG

Tri-thalamic entrainment format. According to Ronald deStrulle, creates entrainment between hypothalamus, pituitaryand pineal. May benefit dyslexics and people with Alzheimer's.MP2

2.15 - 10

pain relief, relaxationMG. Production of endogenous opiates.EQ

Sound sleep

Feeling of unity with everything, accelerated language retention×; enhancement of receptivityMG

attitude and behavior changeMH

Theta: recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness.

Enkephalins; Extrasensory perceptionMG

Theta brain wave

unusual problem solving×

Moves beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of growth needed

long term memory stimulationMG

Mental and astral projection, psychic surgery

Inter-awareness of self and purpose, guided meditation, creativity, contact with spirit guides; entry into meditationMG

Earth Resonance, grounding×, "Schumann Resonance."

learning new informationMH

Alpha: relaxed, tranquil and non-drowsy, inward awareness, bodymind

Qi Gong and infratonic Qi Gong machineQG

Past life regression×

Pick up visual images of mental objects

Awareness of causes of body imbalance and means for balance×

Pyramid frequency (outside)

Mean dominant frequency associated with the earth's magnetic fieldEQ

enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator, universally beneficial, use to try effects of other mixesMG. Acts as ananalgesic, safest frequency, especially for hangover and jet lag.EQ Meg Patterson used for nicotine withdrawal.MB3


Healing of body, mind/body unity, firewalking×; potent stabilizer and stimulating for the immunity, valuable inconvalescence.MG

Relaxed and alert

Centering, doorway to all other frequencies×

Normal wakefulness×

associated with sleep spindles on EEG during second stage of sleep"EQ

Awake and alert

chronic painMG

bottom limit of normal hearingMP2

Beta: outward awareness, sensory data

fatigue, energize. Causes distress during labor.EQ

lowest note an a pianoMP2

Meg Patterson used for marijuana.MB3

30 - 190

High Beta: a few people able to replicate at will

Desensitizer; enhanced vigour and alertnessMG

Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)

35 - 150

35 - 193

Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras

Endorphin releaseWL

dominant when problem solving in fearful situations.EQ

anxiolytic effects and stimulates release of beta-endorphinesMG

43 - 193

dominant frequency of polyphasic muscle activity, mains electrical in U.K.EQ

Slower cerebral rhythms

Tantra, kundalini×

electric power lines

Astral projection×

Voice spectrumMP1

Mental and astral projection

Emotional spectrum

Awareness and control of right direction. Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 160Hz. Combine with 2.5 Hz.EQ

Third eye opening for some people

Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing

Overall view of complete situation

Total knowing

Beta endorphinsMR. cell regeneration

PSI, transmutation, psychokinesis

Graham potentializer; StimulationMH

Sun, 32nd octave of Earth yearHC

Sun: light, warmth, joy, animusRV

Pluto: power, crisis & changes

Mercury: intellectuality, mobility

Mars: activity, energy, freedom, humor

Saturn: separation, sorrow, death

Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 80 Hz.EQ

Jupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality

Earth: stability, grounding

Uranus: spontaneity, independence, originality

Neptune: the unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love

Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony

Elevate and revitalize

33rd octave of Earth yearHC

"Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra. Sixth harmonic of six, center of the brainwave spectrum."RP

G (musical note)PL


Moon: love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity, anima


A (musical note)


B (musical note)


C (musical note)


D (musical note)


E (musical note)


F (musical note)

Cerebral neurons

highest note on a pianoMP2

16,000 - 20,000
Upper range for normal hearingMP2
× Michael Hercules' Nustar

Zen Player and B. Giles personal notes

AS AlphaStim (research survey)

AT Auriculotherapy device information from Bentek Corp. Earlobe type electrodes are specified for some conditions, TENSor ECG type electrodes for others. Device has two channels, indicated for each ailment.

CA Compleat Astrologer, Derek & Julia Parker for slower physiological rhythms.

EQ Octaves and windows, Equinox, April 88

MG Megabrain Germany

MB3 Megabrain Report #3, p. 19

MH Mind Expanding Machines: Can the GP Do for the Brain What Nautilus Does for the Body?, by Michael Hutchison, New Age Journal July/Aug 87 Graham potentializer not in production.

MR Megabrain Report Vol 1 #2

MP1 Chant: The Healing Power of Voice and Ear, an interview with Alfred Tomatis, M.D., by Tim Wilson, in Music: Physician for Times to Come, an anthology by Don Campbell

MP2 Sonic Entrainment, by Jonathan S. Goldman, in Music: Physician for Times to Come, an anthology by Don Campbell

PL Power of Limits (see Accords chart) for colors and notes.

QG China Healthways Inst.

RP Astral Travel with Orgone Energy Machine, Ray A. Proper, Fry's Incredible Inquiry

RV Primordial Tones: Meditation on the Archetypal Energies of Celestial Bodies, Joachim-Ernst Berendt, ReVision, Summer 1987 for planets.

WL Wolfgang Ludwig

HC Hans Custo, Cosmic Octave, Life Rhythm

Mortal oscillatory frequencies of Rife radio instrument, see Super Science.

Radionic frequencies chart may be obtained from L'ORD Industries.

Electrical wave forms

One of the benefits of working with electrical stimulation is the ability to generate precise and complex waveforms. It is likely that specific waveforms have specific functions. Brain stimulation, frequencies and waveforms are a vast and promising field of experimentation for alchemists.

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Gehirn-Frequenzen Glossar
DNA-Frequenzen Böhm
Frequenz-Liste CAFL 2007 englisch
Frequenz-Liste AFCAFL 2016 englisch
Frequenz-Liste ETDFL 2014 englisch
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Beneficial, 'Normalizing', and Stimulating Frequencies
The following frequencies fall generally into the category of "Bio-Energetic or Bio-Resonance Nutrition / Balancing", rather than the "Rifeing" approach of 'blasting apart pathogens'. These experimental frequencies are offered as 'balancing' or 'normalizing' or 'stimulating' to body system functions.

This fits with the view and understanding of the body as an energetic system, rather than as a biochemical 'machine'. Resonance Energy is then theoretically received by the body as "Energetic Information".

Books by Dr. James L. Oschman, MD: "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" and Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. "Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves", will provide further background for this viewpoint for those interested in researching this subject further.

The potential power of the 'intentionality' involved in using these frequencies for these specific purposes should also not be overlooked or underestimated. Much remains to be learned and written. Feedback on the research application of these frequencies and results will be welcomed.

+ Normalize Adrenal Function 1335 Hz
+ Normalize Pituitary Function 635 Hz (Hirnanhangdrüse)
+ Stimulate Increased HGH Production [Pituitary] 645 Hz
+ Stimulate Normal Pineal Function 662 Hz
+ Normalize Endocrine System Function 537 Hz
+ Stimulate / Normalize Immune System Function 835 Hz (Immunsystem)
+ Stimulate Normal Colon Function 635 Hz (Dickdarm)
+ Stimulate Normal Thyroid Function 763 Hz (Schilddrüse)
+ Stimulate Normal Pancreas Function 654 Hz (Pankreas)
+ Stimulate Normal Liver Function 751 Hz (Leber)
+ Stimulate Normal Kidney Function 625 Hz (Niere)
+ Stimulate Normal Heart Function 696 Hz (Herz)
+ Normalize Blood Pressure 15 Hz (Blutdruck)
+ Stimulate Normal Nervous System Function 764 Hz (Nervensystem)
+ Stimulate Normal Lymph System Function 676 Hz (Lymphsystem)
+ Stimulate Increased Lymph System Circulation 15 Hz (Lymphfluß)
+ Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation 337 Hz (Blutkreislauf)
+ Stimulate Increased Blood Flow / Circulation 17 Hz (Blutfluß)
+ Normalize Red Blood Cell Production 1524 Hz (rote Blutzellproduktion)
+ Normalize White Blood Cell Production 1434 Hz (weiße Blutzellproduktion)
+ Stimulate the Reinforcement of DNA Integrity 528 Hz
+ Stimulate the Reinforcement of RNA Integrity 637 Hz
+ Stimulate Clarity of Thought / Mental Function 35 Hz (Klarheit des Denkens)
+ Stimulate the Stabilization Of Emotional States 15 Hz (Emotionen)
+ Stimulate The Clearing of Emotional Trauma / Energy Blocks 15 Hz (psychische Blockaden)
+ Stimulate The Balancing Of Spiritual Well-Being 1565 Hz
+ Reduce Chemical Sensitivity 440 Hz (chemische Empfindlichkeit)
+ Reduce Electrical Sensitivity 657 Hz (elektrische Empfindlichkeit)
+ Stimulate the Normalization of Calcium Metabolism 328 Hz
+ Stimulate the Healing Of Nerves 2.0 Hz
+ Stimulate The Healing Of Bones 7.0 Hz
+ Stimulate the Healing Of Ligaments 9.7 Hz
+ Stimulate The Healing Of Muscles 13.5 Hz (Muskeln)
+ Stimulate the healing of Capillaries 15.2 Hz (Kapillargefäße)
+ Reduce Swelling of Herneated Disc 25.4 Hz; 324 Hz, 15 Hz
+ Reduce Excess Fluid Retention in Joints & Tissues 24.3 Hz
+ Reduce General Back Pain (Fibromyalgia) 326 Hz

More will be added as they become available. Most dramatic results have been reported with some of these frequencies when used with the EM+ systems, using direct contact of the plasma tube with the selected target area desired to be affected, while also using a stainless steel grounding plate, sometimes directly opposite the area to be affected. 

Using two plasma tubes simultaneously may also be approproate research technique in some instances. 

Use of these frequencies with Contact Pad application systems as well as with Pulsed Monochromatic Light Systems may also be suitable research approaches. 

WARNING: Direct contact with the plasma tubes should not be used with RF Carrier based radiant Plasma systems such as the Rife/Bare design based systems, due to the likelyhood of producing severe RF burns. They were not designed for this mode of resonant frequency induction. Oschman's book, as well as Robert Becker's book, "Cross Currents" should be referenced for further information on possible "stress effects" and adverse reactions to exposures to RF fields.

Disclaimer: This material is being offered as theoretical research / experimental information only. No guarantees are offered or implied as to their safety or efficacy in any or all cases. If and How you might choose to use this material in your own research is up to you. For medical advice in dealing with health challenges, please consult with your health care professional of choice.

PREVIEW: THE SYSTEM 6C EM+, Available Early December 2000
ZAPPERS: Effective Contact Induction Resonant Frequency Generating Devices: THE ZAPPER LTS+, HFA-4AV & HFA4-AVR, and "ZAP-A-PET" Models

DISCLAIMER: The material presented here is offered for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice, or as a basis for diagnosis ; for that, please consult with your professional health practitioner.

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