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Purex Triton Pool Filter Parts

purex triton pool filter parts
    pool filter
  • (POOL FILTERS) May filter dirt from the water at the cartridge surface or allow penetration of smaller suspended particles into internal interstices.
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  • (Greek mythology) a sea god; son of Poseidon
  • the largest moon of Neptune
  • tropical marine gastropods having beautifully colored spiral shells
  • Purex is the brand name of a popular laundry detergent in the United States, Canada and other countries. It is manufactured by the US-based Dial Corporation division of Germany's Henkel Corporation. Purex is one of the most widely used laundry detergents in North America.
  • An older technology for separating used nuclear fuel into components that produce both pure plutonium and uranium, all else is waste.  The separation uses a water-based acid dissolution of the used nuclear fuel.  Contrast with UREX+.
  • PUREX is an acronym standing for Plutonium - URanium EXtraction — de facto standard aqueous nuclear reprocessing method for the recovery of uranium and plutonium from used nuclear fuel. It is based on liquid-liquid extraction ion-exchange. For other methods of reprocessing, see nuclear reprocessing.
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purex triton pool filter parts - Pentair CC150
Pentair CC150 Clean & Clear 150sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter
Pentair CC150 Clean & Clear 150sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter
The highly efficient Clean & Clear cartridge filter is a high performance filter that is rugged, efficient and simple to operate keeping your pool clean, clear and inviting , with minimum care!

The Clean & Clear cartridge filters feature an easily accessible, removable filter cartridge that provides quick, convenient cleaning. A rugged fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank and a unique High Flow manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to eliminate air accumulation and help maintain optimum filtration efficiency.

Complete with filter tank, base and pressure gauge

1-Year Warranty

77% (12)
Photo: 27 Aug 2001; Portsmouth Built by Vosper Thornycroft for the Navy for evaluation of the hull form for Future Surface Combatant. The vessel is operated for the Navy by QinetiO (Formerly DERA) and is a two third scale size demonstrator The Triton Trimaran Research Ship was a technology demonstrator ship for the Royal Navy's Future Surface Combatant (FSC) frigate requirement, due to enter service from 2013 and replace the Type 23 frigates. Triton is the world's largest motor powered trimaran (triple-hulled) vessel, with a length of 90m and beam of 22m. QinetiQ (formerly DERA, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency) funded the design and manufacture of the vessel, to be used to quantify the structural and sea keeping performance of the trimaran. In August 1998, the UK Ministry of Defence awarded a contract to Vosper Thornycroft to construct the Trimaran, called RV (Research Vessel) Triton. The vessel was launched in May 2000 and delivered in August 2000. Triton then began a two-year risk reduction trials programme for the UK MOD and the US Department of Defence. Following completion of the trials programme, Triton has been used as a trials platform for other QinetiQ technologies including the composite propeller. In January 2005, Triton was sold to Gardline Marine Sciences, a UK company based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Triton will be used for hydrographical survey work for the Civil Hydrography Programme (CHP) on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). The vessel is being fitted with a sensor suite which includes the Kongsberg Simrad EM1002 multi-beam echo-sounder, a GPS attitude / heading system, surface navigation and ultra-short baseline sub-surface acoustic tracking system, Gardline Voyager5 integrated survey system and Caris post-processing system.
The Triton is a Triumph engined Norton framed custom motorcycle of the 60s to 70s. The pink reflection on the tank is from the show entry paper pung on the hnadlebar

purex triton pool filter parts
purex triton pool filter parts
Triton MOF001C 2-1/4-Horsepower Precision Router Kit
The Triton MOF001C 2-1/4-Horsepower Precision Router Kit boasts a push button mode changer that lets you switch from free to winder plunge with a 2 5/16-inch plunge depth, an automatic collet lock system allows single wrench bit changes from below the base (or above the table), full range micro-adjustment, integrated dust control and a fail-safe switch lockout system for added safety. Includes - a winding handle, an extended base plate with edge guide and circle cutter, 1/2-inch straight bit, 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch collets . The powerful 13 amp motor offers variable speed (8,000-21,000 RPM), soft start and electronic speed maintenance.

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