Lymm Dam Orienteering Course

The Lymm Dam Orienteering Course is live
Its completely free to everyone !!!

How to take part.

 Pick a course depending on difficulty and length required 

Download and print the required map ( and correct answers)

 Name        Markers Distance Time Map Answers
 Easy A 10 1 mile 30 mins EasyA EasyA
 Medium B 15 1.25 miles 45 mins MediumA MediumA
 Hard A 20 1.75 miles 60 mins HardA HardA

We will continue to add new maps

 Go to the start position on Higher Lane (Next to the Notice board - opposite the Jubilee gate down to the dingle )

 Google Maps link

Look for the start sign

 Keep Safe

You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing

Ideally work in groups/teams/pairs

Stick to paths where possible

Be careful when running ( especially on stairs/slopes, in woodland, and around corners )

 Follow the route on the map, looking for the marker points shown on your map

Follow the recognised paths to navigate from each point to the next.

You are looking for the marker at the point shown on your map ( there are lots of marker posts around the damn but you need to only find those on your map!!)

 Write down the letters/numbers at each marker point 
 Once finished check your answers against the correct ones 
 How about rewarding yourself with a drink, meal or sweets from the many restaurants and shops in Lymm Just follow the path down the Dingle (across the road from the start/finish post)

For more advice check out the BBCs website page on Orienteering

Taking it further
Try one of the harder/longer courses
How many words can you make from the letters you have accumulated ?
If taking part in a group, you can time each member/team and turn it into a competition.
If you want to try different courses, or take part in a competition contact Deeside Orienteering

The Lymm Dam course was created by 3rd Lymm Scouts working in partnership with Lymm Round Table, Deeside Orienteering Club with advice from the WBC Rangers